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I have been watching too much Hetalia lately... to the point where I now (vaguely) know everyone else's countries history while I don't know a thing about what's going on now. Not much difference than usual, other than the fact that I actually know about other countries (And I know actually know about Prussia, the Baltic states, and...the nations that were here before I was born). Might I add... they depicted America rather acurately. You have to admit that peoples. Take it away, Spain-nii!

Spain: Pequeñita Bri does not own Hetalia. She does, however, own some OOC-ness in this fic.


China was still in bed. It was barely sunrise, and already he heard someone bugging him.

"Aniki!" For some reason, the voice was high-pitched and childish.

"Let me sleep, aru..."

"But Aniki, it's sorta important!" China felt something push against his shoulder.

"Go away, Korea, aru!" And swatted away whatever was by his shoulder.

"It's hopeless! Someone else wake him up!"

"I'm not doing it. I've actually seen what he's like when he's mad."

"No way am I doing it."

"Screw it, then!"

POW! China felt something hard hit him in the gut. China sat up on bed, to see... well, something that should only be in dreams. It was Spain and America and... a bunch of midgets. A bunch of chibis that looked like the Allies, the Axis, and for some reason, Korea, Greece, and Romano. Romano, being the thing that probably broke a rib or something.

So China asked what was happening in a calm and sensible manner like all rational countries.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, ARU?" (Making Antonio-kun jump from fright.)

America picked up a blond thick-eyebrowed chibi, who immediatly started kicking. America pointed at the chibi and said "Well, somebody, tried an 'age-reveresing' spell to get back into his glory days and this happened." America gestured to the chibis at his feet.

"Well of all the spells you failed at, this is by far, the worst." France sighed.

"No, his spell to improve his cooking centuries ago." America objected. "That was the biggest fail."

"Why are they here, then, aru?"

America and Spain looked at each other nervously.

"We need help baby-sitting them." Spain sighed.

"Why me?" China asked.

"Well we'd asked Austria, but he said something about 'not wanting to raise anymore kids.' Prussia is out of the question. Swiss didn't want to waste money on more mouths to feed. Greece wouldn't let us ask Turkey. And Poland is sick at the moment. Besides, you have experience with this!"

"Why not raise them at your own houses, aru?"

Spain shuddered. "As cute as they are, that's a bad idea."

China could somewhat see why. Spain was nearly broke after raising Romano and America couldn't raise kids because he still was a kid.

"What about Finland, aru? He seems good with kids."

"Uh... That was our first choice, but then we remembered about Sweden..."

Several of the chibis twitched and started shivering. "S-so scary..." several of them mumbled.

"Guess we're stuck with them, aru..."

"Stop talking as if it's a punishment!" Chibi-Iggy yelled from America's grip.

"We should split the job first." America stated. "First-"

"DIBS ON ITA-CHAN AND ROMANO~!" Spain exclaimed as he glomped said chibis.

"O...k... Spain gets Italy, Romano, and Germany."

"YAY~!" Spain ran off with the Italians... completely forgetting Chibi-Germany.

Someone coughed something along the lines of 'Your pedophile is showing.'

France facepalmed. "Make sure he doesn't... you know." And Germany ran off to protect Italy.

"I'll make sure France, England, and Russia don't argue." America proclaimed.

"Don't worry," Russia said with a cutesy smile. "We won't argue, right? Kolkolkol..."

France and England started trembling. "O-Of course we won't..."

"That leaves you with..." America nudged the tiny Asians (and Greece) towards China.

China looked down at Chibihon with an evil grin. "Hey, Japan. Remember when you attacked me with that sword of yours?"


China took the now-toothpick-sized katana and broke it in half. "I'm not letting you do that again, aru..."

"That was my last sword!" Japan pouted.

"What happened to your other ones, aru?"

Japan glared at Korea and America, both of which asked "What?"

First chappie for my first new fic in... months. And I don't even think I got some countries right...

Italy: It's ok, Bri-chan. ^^ At least you got some of us right.

China: Review, aru.