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"Ve~! Hollywood was so fun! I even got an autograph!"

"Calm down. We're going try the spell again."

Norway and England were flipping through their spell-books, when Norway started frowning at his book. Well, he always frowns, but he actually had a reason this time.

"England. There's a page missing."

"What?" England stared at the book. There was a tiny space between the two pages that were open, enough to show the spine of the book, and a tiny bit of ripped paper that could've easily been ignored. "Well no wonder the spell never worked."

"It must have the proper instructions on it, aru."

Now the problem was simple. Where the missing paper was.



That house got flipped. Every bed in the house get dismantled. Every dresser, cabinet, and library shelves were suddenly empty. America dived head-first into the couches. England and Japan searched through the books. France checked everyone's pants pockets. China squeezed into the tiny places. Everyone was freaking out to find that paper. All while Italy made pasta.

"Did you find it?" England asked, with bits of paper in his hair.

"Non." France responded. "All I found were a couple of hundred dollars worth in money, a pound of lint, and a platinum credit card." He held up said credit card. "I'm not sure who it belongs to though."

"Maybe Singapore's."

Suddenly Kumajiro came out of nowhere and snatched back his credit card. Everyone stared blankly at the polar bear.

"Where'd the bear come from?" France asked.

"What I want to know is, how the hell it got a platinum card. I can't even get a platinum card!" America whined.

"What did you find, America?"

The lint-covered chibi held up a hand full of quarters. "My first allowance in 300 years."

"We'll never find it at this rate!"

Then England heard something familiar. The spell! Someone was singing it! Wait... singing it? "Is that my spell?"

England popped his head into the kitchen, as did everyone else afterward. There was Chibitalia. Cooking a glowing pasta. Singing in a language that sounded like Olden English.

"ITA- *ahem* I mean, Italy, where did you learn that... song?"

Italy looked at the dumbfounded nations and smiled. "I found a piece of paper on the floor after China told us to clean up." Cue the facepalm. "The words were weird sounding, but it sounds sorta pretty with a melody. Now, does anyone want pasta?" The chibi held up several plates of glowing pasta.


"O-Of course Italy-kun..."

France hissed into England's ear. "Are you sure it's a good idea to eat glowing pasta with your magic in it, Angleterre?"

"Remember that kid has the Mafia, Germany, and Leonardo Di Vinci, I'd hate to see what any of them would do if we made Italy cry."

So all the chibis were eating Italy's magic glowing pasta. As usual, Italy's pasta tasted like heaven on a plate. And the chibis started glowing.




The glowing stopped. Everyone looked around to see who got chibi-fied this time. Only... everyone was their regular age again. Even Sealand and Liechtenstein.

"Aw... I liked being all grown up..."

"Who cares, Sealand? We're back to normal!"



America grinned widely and looked at England. England scowled.

"Don't. You. Dare. Say. It."

"Italy is better at cooking and at magic than you, Ig-" BLAM. "Ow! Don't hit me!"


All the other nations looked at each other for a moment before getting into a group huddle. England, being left out, wondered what the bloody hell they could be whispering about. The nations broke up the group huddle presented England a piece of paper.

"... What is it?"

"A contract saying you will never try another age-related spell ever again until 3010."

"Can't I just-"


"Fine... I'll sign the bloody contract..."


China shut the door as the last nation walked out. He dropped to the floor and sighed with relief.

"They're finally gone, aru!"

China was finally alone in his house again. Except with his floors were messy, there were empty bottles; cups; and glasses everywhere, and several priceless Ming vases were missing.


At least after he was done, maybe he could finish that sleep Korea interuptted.


England: Maybe because you made Ita-

Me: Nah, that's not it. I planned Ita-chan to fix this since, like, Chapter 7.

England: Maybe because you had no plot.

Me: Nah... It was still fun while it lasted. Ok... All together now:

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