There is indeed a fine line between being alone and being lonely. Living in a large tank in the library of the late Professor Broom, I am Alone. Feeling the painful longing for companionship, I am Lonely. Though I have never been one to feel very strong urges , you could say, I will myself not to think about women, but there is only so long you can avoid the want for some form of contact. Looking like I do, scaly blue skin striped with black, ghastly large eyes, complete with gills and fins, I am not exactly attractive to the opposite sex.

Sex. The word reverberates through my head. Pleasure. I shuttered. I needed release. I would wait till the late hours of the night, I could not bear any interruptions. My hands touched between my thighs, teasing the hardening member within my shorts. The water around me thick with anticipation. But I cannot rush it. One hand makes it way up to gently caress my hypersensitive gills. My other hand makes its way from my chest down moving slowly, absorbing the sensation.

I unzip my shorts and pull them off in a graceful fluid motion. I am exposed. Now if anyone were to, for some reason, walk in to the library, I would be in plain sight. A slim chance but still a chance, and I couldn t help but think I liked the risk.

A beautiful girl walks in, see s me, but isn t frightened. She tells me to come to her, I oblige. Coming out of my tank and into the library completely unclothed.

I wrap my hand around my hard member, flushed a lovely dark blue.

She smiles. Make love to me Abraham She whispers, as she unbuttons her shirt and carelessly discards it. I step closer and undo her pants, they fall around her ankles, she kicks them off. Both naked I press myself into her, my cock harder than it s ever been pushing into her stomach.

My moments become faster, but I have to draw it out or I would be left with the restless desire for more too soon. I rub my thumb over the head, I gasp at the feeling, inhaling the cool water around me.

We lay down on the floor, I on top of her. I m ready, Abraham . She moans. I oblige. I smoothly push my length into her. She writhes slightly beneath me and breathes in sharp. ..yes . I thrust slowly at first, allowing her to get used to my size within her.

I tighten the grip on my member, I move my hand up and down faster, biting my lip.

Faster now. She whimpers and moans, growing louder and louder with every thrust. I can feel it coming, I m on the borderline of the edge ready to plunge over it. She is to, I can feel it, and I love it. Abe . She half screams, tightening around my cock, she climaxes. I, however, have not crossed over yet.

I feel my body shaking, my hand pumping faster with each second. I grunt in frustration the pressure building to the point of pain.

I come. Releasing myself into the water where it floats, suspended around me.

I look down and the woman, her white blonde hair splayed out around her, a smile playing on her lips, gold eyes bright with love. Nuala I whisper. She reaches to touch my face, but fades away before she can touch me.

I sank to the bottom of my tank, feeling more pain then pleasure. A void filled my chest where my heart once beat. Nuala .