"Urgh" I signed into my pillow. I rolled over and banged my hand on the alarm clock until it finally stopped beeping. I looked at the alarm clock. It read 9:00 A.M. I signed again. Wasn't the point of college to be able to sleep until twelve, go to class until four, party until two in the morning, and then repeat the next day? God, those movies had it all wrong. Or maybe freshmen just had horrible luck when it came to scheduling. Either way it still sucked being up at nine in the morning. I sat up in my bed and was greeted to the lovely image of myself reflected by the floor to ceiling mirrors that doubled as my closet doors.

"Damn I look rough." I said to myself. My usually long, wavy brown hair was sticking out in all directions and my make-up was smeared all over my face. I coughed into my hand and grimaced at what I smelled. A mix of morning breath, vodka, and beer. Mmmmm…..very aromatic. Just as I was getting out of bed I was greeted to a tiny knock that I recognized all too well. Alice was up.

"Yes?" I replied hoarsely. Great, I sounded like someone had rubbed my throat raw with steel wool.

"Bella, are you up?" she asked. I rolled my eyes to myself. What a stupid question.

"Obviously I'm up Alice. I did just answer you."

"Oh, sorry, stupid question. May I come in?"

"Of course. Come join the hangover club." I said.

She opened the door and I was met with a smaller version of what I looked liked. Obviously the night had the same effect on us.

"You too, huh?" she asked after looking me over.

"Yeah, me too. At least you have short hair." I said, pointing to her short, cropped black hair. "This," I pointed to my own hair, "however, will take me years to sort out."

She came over to examine the damage to my hair. After a minute or two of her pulling and "tsking" at it she came face to face with me.

"It really isn't that bad Bella. I'll let you borrow my conditioner this morning and you should be fine afterwards." she said.

"Thanks Alice. Do you want to shower first or shall I?"

"Oh you can go first." she said, smiling. Oh God, I knew what that meant.

"Is that because my hair is so horrible I'm going to need the hour and a half that we have before class to sort it out….or because you want me to cook you breakfast?"I questioned, raising my eyebrows at the last part.

"Both!" she replied, and with that she left my room.

After she left I began going through my closet for my first day of college outfit. It didn't take me long to find the perfect outfit: Black shirt, skinny jeans, my black Converse, and my purple hoodie. I had just gotten done laying it out on my bed when Alice came back in.

"Here you go Bella." she said, handing me a bottle of what I assumed was conditioner. I couldn't read a single thing on the bottle.

"Alice, where did you get this?" I questioned.

"Oh, my mom brought it back for me from Italy. It's what all the women over there use."

"It looks expensive." I mumbled, but of course Alice caught what I said. Sonar hearing, that one.

"It really wasn't that expensive." She mumbled back. I knew what that reaction meant. I had known Alice for years. All the Brandons in fact. I guess they were what you call "family friends". Her mom, Esme Brandon, was an interior designer. She was always traveling around the world, redecorating houses for royals and celebrities. Alice also had an older brother, Emmett Brandon, who was pretty much the picture of perfection. He was tall, muscular, brown hair, blue eyes, and the star of the football team. Growing up, I always viewed him as an older brother. He was always watching out for Alice and I, keeping us away from douchebags and making sure we stayed out of trouble. Go figure Alice and I both ended up going to The University of Washington. Alice decided to go here because of Emmett. Charlie, my dad, basically told me I had to go here. I wasn't complaining though. I wouldn't have dreamed of going anywhere without Alice.

"Alice, I can't use this. It's too expensive and you only have- I began to say, before she cut me off.

"Bella, are you seriously planning on wearing that?" she said, gesturing to my outfit on the bed,


"Oh no. No No No No No….I will not allow you to wear that on your first day of college. Nope, it's not happening!" She then began to scoop up clothes from the bed. I quickly moved to stop her, but she was too damn fast. Like The Flash, but in pixie form.

"HEY! Alice give me clothes back!" I yelled, trying to grab them from her.

"Nope! I will not allow you to be seen in public with this on!" She replied, dancing out of my way.

"Alice, give me clothes back or I'll…"

"Or you'll what, Swan? Tell your daddy on me?" She then stuck her tongue out at me. Seriously? How very three-year-oldish.

"Alice please give me my clothes back!" I said, pouting my lip out.

"How about a deal, Swan." She said, squinting her eyes and smiling."

"Name your price and we can talk" I replied, mimicking her expression.

"I'll let you wear your jeans if you let me pick out your top and shoes."

"No way! You'll make me wear some seriously high heels or something!"

"Okay…no heels."

"And I get my hoodie."

"How about I let you borrow my Juicy Couture jacket?"

Damn….she knew how much I loved that jacket.

"Urgh!" I groaned again.

"Is that a yes, Swan?"

"If you stop calling me Swan, then yes it's a yes."I replied, defeated.

"Yay! Oh Bella you're going to look so cute! I gotta go pick your outfit out! Now go get in the shower!"

"Yes mamn!" I replied, mock saluting her. She rolled her eyes at me, stuck her tongue out again, and left my room taking my shoes, shirt, and hoodie with her.

"God, she is so fucking annoying." I said to myself. Yes I talk to myself. My mom always said it was okay to talk to yourself as long as you didn't answer yourself. That was a sign of being schizophrenic. I signed sadly to myself and looked over at the pictures on my desk. My eyes quickly caught a photo of my mother and I. I was about five and we were on the beach in La Push. Charlie had taken the photos of the two of us. I smiled to myself, remembering that day. It was one of the happier days towards the end of their marriage.

Suddenly, Alice poked her head back into my room.

"Bella, why aren't you in the shower yet?" she asked. I torn my eyes away from the photo just as two large tears ran down my cheeks. I wiped them away quickly, but of course Alice saw them.

" You miss her too, huh?" she asked, quietly. I nodded slowly, afraid that if I talked I would start bawling.

" I miss her too." Alice said, catching my eyes. She then walked over to me and hugged me. I hugged her back immediately. This is why Alice is my best friend. She just knew when I needed simple things like a hug. We stood there for a few minutes before she spoke.

"Now let's not have a moment. This is suppose to be a happy day for the both of us." She sniffed and I could tell that she had been crying as well. I handed her a tissue to wipe her face with as I wiped mine.

"Thank you Bella. Now get in the shower. Oh and P.S., I want my eggs scrambled please and thank you!" And with that she kissed my cheek and left my room. I signed to myself again and gathered my things so I could go shower. The last thing I did was blow a kissto the photo of my mother and I and say "I love you mommy." Then I promptly walked over to my desk and placed the photo face down like I did every morning.

I was just plating up Alice's food when she came walking into the kitchen. I was still in my robe and fuzzy slippers and had my hair wrapped up, turban style. Alice was right though, the conditioner really helped my hair. It felt and looked better than it did before the party last night. Not to mention it smelled like fresh strawberries and I love strawberries.

"Here you go Alice." I said, handing her a plate of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and toast. I liked to call it Waffle House: Bella Swan style.

"Mmmm…thank you so much Bella." She said, digging in. I smiled at her before I turned to wash the dishes. I wasn't really a breakfast person, even though I loved to cook it. And dammit, I was good at it.

After cleaning the dishes and putting everything away I went into my room and started working on my hair. I was just straightening the last bit when Alice came in.

" See, I told you that stuff worked wonders." She grinned.

'Yeah, it really did. Thanks again." I then noticed she had her hands full. In the right were a pair of black flats, in the left was a white peasant top. I signed again as I rolled my eyes. I hated it when Alice tried to make me girly. I was not girly. Hell, in high school my wardrobe was largely built around Charlie's plaid shirts.

"Whoo-hoo…Earth to Bella." Alice said, snapping me out of my fantasies with plaid flannel clothing. I took the shirt and shoes from her. If you can't beat them, join them.

"Atta girl. Now get dressed and I'll go get beautiful." She quickly turned and left me room. I took my robe off and hung it on the back of my door. I then threw on the outfit she picked out for me. Afterwards I looked in the mirror to examine the damage. Hmm…not that bad actually.

I stepped out of my room just as Alice stepped out of hers. I quickly took in what she was wearing. A flowery dress the ended right above her knees, black leggings, and littleblack flats. Not only did she act like a fairy, she dressed like one as well.

'Wow Bella you look fantastic!"

"Thanks. Of course I was dressed by you, so I could never look bad."

"So true. So you ready for our first day of college?" She asked, slinging her bag over her shoulder.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I replied, mimicking her movement. She then linked her arm through mine, and out the door we went for our first day of college.