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A/N: this part is happening when the mermaids where newly created and they are picking what ocean them and there people will inhabit…

Narrator's POV

They all sat in a circle each of them facing each other tails flicking nervously awaiting Aqua Reginas. Then they began to discuss which place each of them would volunteer to live in, Marianna spoke up first, her black tail gleaming while the one white scale near the end of it sparkled especially bright,

"I know that you my dear friends do not enjoy living in the deep sea where it is darker, while I do not mind it as much, soo I will tell Aqua Reginas that I will go and live in the deepest part of the sea" the first pink princess spoke to her saying:

"thank you my good friend I will choose to live in the area nearest there."

"Thank you Pacifica, I will remember that." replied Marianna with a nod. "I will take the ocean in between the two continents." Declared Atlantica, everyone else agreed with the blue princess.

Soon the other spots were all taken, Indiana chose the place below/between a continent, Southia chose an ocean near Indiana because they where close friends. Alica chose the ocean waters near Atlantica, (at lest I think that the seas are: Pacific, Atlantic, south atlantic, Indian, southern, aritc, antartic… I'm I right?) soon the only oceans left were the uppermost ocean, and the lowermost ocean, the two purple tailed twins were the only ones left without claim to any ocean, they faced each other,

"Dear sister, it seems we must part…" said Artia

"Yes, it seems so, but do not worry, I shall visit you, or you to me." Replied antarta

"Hmm." They nodded to each other, in a sad agreement.

Aqua Reginas came to them,

"My dear mermaids, it is time for you to each go your own countries, have you all chosen where you'd like to go?"

"Yes, Aqua Reginas" Marianna said

"Good, good, what are they?"

Each pointed out the ocean all had agreed for them to go to.

"Each of these oceans have no names, therefore they shall be named after you, the Pacific, Atlantic, south Atlantic, Indian, southern, the Marianas trench, and… my dear twins, separated from each other by waters and land, but certainly not by heart, your oceans shall be the Artic and the Antarctic."

The princess' felt warm, the oceans were named after themselves!

"Now that you each have a country to rule, go there and care for your oceans and people." She commanded

The agreed but before they separated Aqua Reginas gave them each a pearl, that matched the colour of their tails, telling them that the pearl was no ordinary one but a special one that would help them defeat enemies and bring joy to friends.

"Guard them carefully. They are the most powerful and important possession that you will ever have."

They promised that they would, putting the pearl in the necklace they wore… inside the clam shell. Then they swam to get to their oceans.

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