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I had no help with Cagney and Lacey standing on the side line story, the surprise visitor comes to the recue story, booking the well deserved holiday story, the well deserved holiday story, the engagement story, The false wedding plans story ,On the wild side story or Animal Business. story

I'm writing this story solely with out any help.

Title Playing detactives.

Alex Hall H Newt Lisa Penny and Joe Hope are still helping doctor Coco out.

It has been eight moths since they started running Fury Friends farm.

Mark and H have stopped drinking and still need support from their family and friends.

Kit Conner is rcovering well after her attack.

Friday the 1st of October 2013 the time is 4pm.


(Who was waiting near the gate to the farm she shouted to H.)

"Yaw ready hun."


(Who was locking the gate behind her.)

"Hi Alice I'm ready."


(Pulling her coat coller up around her neck and she was smiling.)

"I so proud of yaw."

"Yaw know for giving up the drink."


(Who was getting in the passnger's door of the golf buggy.)

"Thanks love but I had a drink last night."

"How is Kit Conner Alice?"


(Who was getting to the drivers side.)

"Oh H yaw should of rang me."

"Kit she doing ok."


"Sorry Alice I didn't ring you ."

"I'm pleased Kit ok."


"Yaw know yaw got me and mom."

"Pap and Chris too."

Both young woman sat in silance all the way home.

H was having tea with her family.

All the animals are fed and watered for the night.

Rocky Stone and his sister Rachel Stone was still on the Scene.

Rachel was still making mistchif and coursing truble every were she goes.