Monday the 8th of November 2013 the time is 4pm.

Mary Beth her family and Christine Cagney H's best friend Lisa Penny.

Mary Beth.

(Who had let herself into H's flat to see if H was in.)

"H are yaw in?"

"How yaw doing kid."


(Who was sitting at the brackfast bar on one of the stool and she had the base ball bat in her hand.)

"Oh Mary Beth its you."

Mary Beth moved to where H was sitting and tuck the bat form H and wrapped her arms around H. H started to cry

Mary Beth.

" com'on let all out girl."


(Who walked inside to see what was happening.)

"Hay Mary Beth."

Mary Beth.

(Who still had her arms around H.)

"Chris can yaw pull that stool out."

"For me please."


(Pulling the stool out for her friend.)

"There yaw go."

"Is there any thing I can do?"

Harvey Alice Lisa had joined Mary Beth and Christine in the flat.

Mary Beth.

(Who now was sitting on the stool and still had hold of H.)

"No my friend."

"I'll stay with her."


(Who taped Alice and Lisa on the shoulder.)

"Com'on kids let go and grave something to eat."

"I think Mary Beth and Chris got things covered here."

Alice her papa Harvey Lacey Lisa Penny left their friend H Newt's flat.

H who had stopped crying but had fallen a sleep Chris was making drinks for her and Mary Beth.

The end.

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