Disclaimer: All characters belong to Rachel Caine. I do not own them.

Author's Note: This is Shane's thoughts as he lies in the hospital after being stabbed by Jason.

Time: Midnight Alley

Rating: PG

Date Finished: August 21, 2010

So helpless. I can't move without pain, can't move without hurting. I can't do anything without help. Without the others, I would have been a dead man.

This isn't okay. I don't care what the others say. It's not okay to give into it. It's not okay to be hurt. Nothing okay. My world is coming to an end.

I can't help them. All I can do is lay here and watch. I can't even sit and watch.

He tried to kill me. He would have if it wasn't for the others. They saved my life. They're always here with me. They haven't left me. I'm not alone.

But I am alone. I'm alone in my misery. I'm alone in my suffering. I'm alone. I'm going through this alone.

I can't wait to get out. I can't wait to escape this hurt. I want it all to end. I want to be free again.

I have to help them stop this. I have get even with him. I don't care if he is her brother. Right now, I doubt she cares. I want him to suffer as I did. I want him to suffer through all the hurt.

He's just a murder, right? He takes other people's lives. Well, he's not going to end mine. I'm going to turn him in. Maybe I'll just let him suffer. The vampires aren't going to put up with his crap forever. After a few weeks they'll get tired of him. They'll rip him apart and leave him for the birds to pick at.

After all, this is Morganville. The vampires can do as they please. I hope they do as they please with him. He doesn't deserve to live. He doesn't even deserve to die. Dying would be a mercy for him. It would a mercy he doesn't deserve.

Oh, the hurt. It's getting to me. I can't pass out now. My plan is almost complete.

I can't.

I can't.

I can't think right now.

I must not give in to the urge. Hey, that sounds like what Eve says about my video games.

I can't keep my eyes open.

I can't do it.

Good night or is it good day. I don't know and I don't care.