Hello readers!

Welcome to my new story. This is a story based on a kidnap, Lady Isabella Swan has been kidnapped by someone unknown and is being held hostage. No one has noticed that she has gone missing yet. Who has kidnapped her and who will save her from this situation, will be it be Sir Jacob Black or his rival Lord Edward Cullen.

I would like to make this particular story, which I might add is set in the early 1900's, an interactive one and would like to ask you the readers for your input. Who would YOU like to be her captive and who would YOU like to have save her and what do YOU think the reason should be for her being kidnapped in the first place.

I am also open to any ideas to put into the story although I do have some ideas myself but would appreciate some input.

Here we go with Chapter 1.…..

Chapter 1

I am lying here in the darkness, it is so quiet and the only sound I can hear is my own breathing. I know that I am alone and there is no-one to help me.

At least I think I am alone, although I cannot see or hear anyone. I have always been afraid of the dark where shadows turn into ghouls and ghosts and where even smallest creek sounds louder than it should be. Maybe if there was an intruder it would be a good thing, they could help me but then who would want to intrude into this place of death and desolation. My thoughts are driving me mad and they are making me feel worse, especially as I really do not know where I am or how I managed to get here. I am alone and scared and know I am not making sense. As I said, I don't know how I got here, I don't know where "here" is and I certainly don't know how or when I am going to get out of here, if I ever managed to get out alive that is!

I steel myself to think of lighter thoughts but my mind wont let me, all I can think of is what I should do next, how should I try and get out of here. I need to think positive but it is so hard.

I try and remember my last thoughts and actions and all I remember is getting in the carriage outside my aunt and uncles mansion. The coachman helped me into the carriage and then made sure I was settled, but that's is, that's all I can remember. Its as though someone erased my memories because there is nothing there to remember now, the next thing I recall is waking up here.

I try to sit up and as I do so I wince and put my hand to my head, "Ouch!" My head hurts so much. All I can feel is a wetness and I know it is blood, even though I cant see it, I can smell it. I have always hated the smell of blood, it smells like rust and makes me feel sick. Then as if on queue my stomach rolls and I feel quite sick, my head is spinning and my stomach is churning so I try and take a deep breath but it is hard to do because the stench of the blood and my surroundings is disgusting to say the least.

I try and move, I need to see if anything else hurts but I feel so stiff and sore. I move my legs but as I do, I realise that my left leg is caught and that is when I realise that I am tied to something, but what and more to the point why? It's some sort of manacle around my ankle, preventing me from moving far. I put my hand out to feel it, it seems to be made of some heavy duty metal, possibly iron, and I realise that I am chained to a pipe. At least I think it is a pipe! How macabre is this? I squint my eyes in an effort to focus but the room that I am in, if it is a room, is too dark, there is not even a candle lit and I cannot seem to focus at all. Maybe the bump I got on the head has affected my vision but then it is so dark in here I really do not know.

I think to myself at least my hands are not bound, but I cannot understand why I am here in this place or who brought me here.

My dress I know is torn and probably irreparable but little do I care. I am scared, frightened and desperately alone.

I always thought I was reasonably well liked. I never caused anyone any harm, or so I thought anyway. There was obviously someone out there who hated me and wanted to hurt me or punish me, but for what I could not imagine.

I went about my daily routine as usual, not that it was much of a routine. There were not a lot of things that a young girl could do alone without a Chaperone. I live at home with my parents, they are quite wealthy, have people in high places, reasonably liked and not many enemies. My father is the Duke of Chiswell and my mother Lady Chiswell. I am heir to their fortune which is quite a considerable amount.

We live in a large mansion in the country and my father controls a lot of land around the country. He is a very well liked individual and my mother attends various charity and social events.

I am approaching my eighteenth birthday and I am due to have my "coming out" party soon. I had been staying at my elderly aunts for the weekend and we had been discussing plans for my party with my cousins.

My cousin Jessica has recently been betrothed and is very excited about her coming nuptials. She will be marrying the Marquis of Chesterfield, who is very rich indeed. It is a very good catch for her and it is very convenient that they are each very fond of one another

I hope that I am as lucky as she when it comes to my turn to be wed.

I turn my thoughts back to my current position. The darkness is really horrible and I am getting colder by the minute. I think I am in some sort of cellar or even dungeon and I honestly have no idea of how long I have been here for. It could be hours or days even.

If only I could have a sip of water to quench my thirst, if only there was someone I could speak to but then again, if there was someone they may want to harm me.

I decided that I needed to know where I was and if there was indeed anyone here, I shouted in a very weak voice, "Hello, is there anybody there? Hello?"

Not a sound.

I shouted again, "Hello, can anyone hear me, helloooo?"


"Look is there anyone there, please I need a drink , can someone help me, its dark in here and I am cold and hungry, please help me!"

Suddenly I heard a grating noise and then a shuffle of what I thought were feet.

"God I thought, maybe I have been kidnapped by some crazy murderer or something and now I have gotten his attention and he is going to kill me, all for a sip of water"

I noticed a dim light flicker under the doorway and realised that someone was right outside the door. I heard a clunking noise then a key being turned is a somewhat rusty sounding lock. The door opened slowly with a creaking noise which all but pierced my ears.

Someone shuffled into the dark room, the light came from a candle that the person carried. It was a woman and she was wearing a long black dress, her face was in shadow so I could not see who she was. A bowl was almost thrown onto the concrete floor in front of me and the words "drink that" were uttered in a grating and evil sounding voice.

"Please who are you, why am I here?" I asked in desperation.

"Drink it, I said" the voice demanded.

"I….I will, but….wh…o are you? Wha…what am I doing here? What do you want with me?"

"Shut up you stupid little girl, drink the damn water, hurry up, I've got better things to do than stand here talking to a chit of a girl like you" said the voice.

I picked up the bowl, it was a metal bowl with water, at least the water was fresh. I drank the water as though my life depended on it. I tasted like nectar. As soon as I finished the water I placed the bowl back on the floor, the person grabbed the bowl.

I tried to speak again. "Who are you, where am I, please tell me, what are you going to do to me? Why am I here?"

I tried to look up to see if I could see the woman's face but it was still in shadow and before I knew what was happening a blindfold was put over my eyes.

"Wha…..what are you d…doing?"

"Shurrup" the voice said

God, help me please, I thought

"All I wa….want is t…to know wh….where I am and wh…at y..you w…want with me?"

"Can you not do as you are told girlie, you were told to shut up so be a good girl now and do as you are told, we are going for a little walk now"

The woman leaned down and unlocked the manacle at my ankle. It felt good to have it removed but whilst I was thinking that she pulled me up to my feet. I was quite unsteady. She dragged me forward, as far as I could understand I was being pulled through the door of my "prison" and down a corridor, I was then pushed down a flight of stairs and I stumbled the entire way until I reached the bottom. I was then pulled forward again and then I heard a door creak open, I was pushed into the room and made to sit in a large, soft and comfortable chair! How strange this was!

The woman grabbed the blindfold from my eyes and I was then confronted with a dimly lit room. The woman then disappeared and I never got to see her face as she left.

I squinted my eyes in an effort to focus and as I took in the sight before me I realised that I was in some sort of library. There was a blazing log fire to my right and a small round table to my left set with a china teaset, it looked like tea for two!

At the far end of the room there was a huge bay window and I could see a silhouette of what I thought was a man. He was standing with his back to me and I did not know who he was.

I decided to speak then. "Er, who are you, why am I here?"

"Why my dear, you are here as my guest of course"

"I am?"

"Yes indeed you are my dear. Is your room to your satisfaction?"

"My room? Seriously? I do have a room, I was in some sort of cellar or dungeon, and no it is not to my satisfaction at all. I am being held here against my will"

"No my dear, you are not, you are a guest. Now, would you like me to pour" as he walked forward to reach for the china teapot.

This was ridiculous, this man was under some sort of illusion that I was here staying at my "leisure" when infact I was not, I was here as his "prisoner".

I decided to challenge him about this.

"Look, I don't know….."

Just as I started to speak, he moved into the light and the sight that met my eyes I could not believe. This is the face I have waited for so long to see but why now and why here, like this.