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Chapter 2

I could not believe my eyes, the one person that I thought was my friend seemed now to be my enemy. "Or at least that was how it appeared, as a friends do not kidnap you and hold you captive in a cold, wet dingy cellar or dungeon and then invite you for afternoon tea. There was something seriously eerie going on here but I was not in much of a position to investigate what it was at this stage. At this point in time the only thing I could do was wonder.

The man before me calmly picked up the beautiful china teapot and proceeded to pour the hot amber liquid into the delicate china cups.

As he lifted the red and gold painted china cups in his strong, tanned hands, the hot tea sloshed over the edge onto the saucer.

I could not help noticing as I watched his actions how the dainty crockery looked miniscule in his large hands, it was almost as if it were a giant playing with a child's tea set, it was a strange sight indeed.

He spoke again, "Sugar and cream?"

"Um, cream please" I whispered. The man looked just then as though he was going to force me to take the tea, so in defiance I folded my arms and leaned forward and said "Look, I would prefer not to take part in this sham of being social, I would rather you tell me why you are holding me here." I was trying to come across as strong and brave but I was shaking inside, I was terrified

My captor looked at me as though I have not spoken. He then leaned towards me with an almost evil look on his face and said "Drink your tea my dear for you never know when you will get another….."

I took the tea from him gingerly and realised that my hands were shaking. I was terrified but somewhere in my gut I felt safe, I was sure that this person would not hurt me, at least he had never done so before now.

The cup shook in my hand and the tea spilled over the rim of the cup onto the saucer. I tried with some effort to still my shaking but it was difficult. As I said, it was not every day that a girl found herself tied and bound in a dungeon of sorts then blindfolded and then dragged to a fancy parlour for afternoon tea and no doubt cucumber sandwiches.

My captor sat down in front of me in a luxurious armchair, and it was then I realised that he was smoking a cheroot. How dare he, I thought, sit there so nonchalantly as if he owned the world!

I found my voice again, "What do you want with me, what have I done to deserve this, is it because I don't love you?"

"No you silly girl, I don't need your love! I could have you if I wanted you, it would be really easy. You are here now are you not and there is not a soul outside these four walls that knows it, or at least they will not know for some time to come".

"Of course there is, there is my family, they will be looking for me and then there is Lord Cullen, he will most certainly be looking for me" I said with false bravado.

He laughed at me then and said, "Oh, how naïve you are my dear, your family think that you have gone on a long trip, I made sure that they were given information which explained that you had decided to go and visit an elderly relative in Italy and would not return for some months. By the time they realise that you have not arrived in Rome you and I will be wed and there is nothing either you or they can do about it!"

"I will not marry you," I fumed, "I am betrothed to Lord Cullen and I know he will be looking for me! You cannot force me to wed you against my will, it is barbaric!"

"Hmmm, Lord Cullen, yes he is your betrothed. Well, my dear, I have dealt with him too, do you doubt me?"

"What have you done to him?" I said aghast, I hope he had not hurt him, I could not live with that.

"Do not worry on that score my dear, I have done nothing to him, he is safe and well, as far as I am aware. He is, however, very unhappy I think, as he thinks you have betrayed him. I have led him to believe that you have eloped with me, so I think he will be broken hearted at the news"

"Oh my god, please, no, please do not do this to me, please, I beg of you. If it is money you want, my family are rich and so is Lord Cullen, please, I beg you?"

"I don't need your money or Lord Cullen's, I am rich in my own right you, stupid girl. I don't even want you, all I want to do is make him suffer, he deserves to suffer, and he made me suffer for years, so now let's see how he copes with defeat and pain. I will take my revenge where I see it and this is my first step to breaking him. Let us see how strong and noble your Lord is now, eh? He is no longer your knight in shining armour coming to save you from danger and peril!"

I had not realised that my grip had loosened on the china saucer and without realising it both the cup and the saucer had crashed to the floor, the hot tea spilling over onto my already soiled gown.

I did not care, however, as my life was in ruins, I had lost my love and my family and there seemed only doom and gloom in front of me now.

"Oh spare me the dramatics and grow up, you honestly did not think you could marry him did you? Why on earth would he want a chit of a girl like you? Did you really think he loved you?"

"Yes, he does, I know he does, he told me, he promised me; he said he would never leave me and he wanted to wed me! Why are you being so cruel?"

"It seems you will never learn my dear Lady Isabella Swan, you are not now, nor ever going to be Lady Isabella Cullen, Marquiness of Hertfordshire, instead you will be Lady Isabella Black, governess of all she purveys! We will be travelling at first light to Gretna Green where we shall be wed and then we will continue on to our new abode in the Highlands of Scotland. I wonder how you will adjust to being a farmer's wife!"


I could had sobbed then but I refused to let him see my tears so I kept them at bay. My mind was flooding with thoughts of how I could escape from this nightmare, for that was what it was.

I must have sat there for quite some time, my mind wandering, my thoughts confused and my heart broken into a million little pieces.

The man before me stood up and looked out of the large window at the south side of the room. I was not in much of a position to take in my surroundings but I knew that this was a beautiful room. Gold ornate drapes hung on the windows, and I could see from where I was that it was now late afternoon, the sun was going down and I wondered how long I had been here. I wanted to know but I was not going to ask, I did not want to enter into any conversation with this horrid person. I could not believe that he had turned into such an evil monster, I had known him for years, almost since I had been I a babe in arms.

He broke into my thoughts then and said "I think it is about time that you retired for the night, you have a long journey ahead of you tomorrow so you should try and get some rest"

I looked up at him with a startled expression on my face. Did he just say I needed to rest? Honestly, after being dumped in a cold wet and dark room he now wanted me to go and rest, was he mad but then I realised that he probably was.

I managed to find my voice again, "What, you want me to rest? Seriously? Where would I rest, in that disgusting place? I don't think so" I said with a bravado I certainly did not feel.

"No you silly girl, I have already had my housekeeper prepare a room for you and she has also drawn a bath for you. So, as I said I would urge you to retire for the evening and relax, gather your strength for our journey and the festivities ahead of us" he said with an eerie smile.

"Festivities, I don't think so" I replied

"You have no choice my dear. Now I am going to ring for Mrs Blake to take you upstairs" as he turned and rang the bell pull at the side of the tall fireplace.

I was not happy, not in the slightest but at least I would be able to have a bath and rest for a while in a bed! I would use the time to think of how to get away from him, I would make every effort possible to get away from him as I was not under any circumstances going to marry him, not now and not ever.

The door opened and a small plumpish lady entered the room, she looked quite pleasant and of the motherly type, her hair was grey but impeccably styled and she wore a kindly smile.

She entered into the room and said "Yes sir?"

The main replied "Oh thank you Mrs Blake, Could you please escort our visitor to her room please and ensure that she has everything she needs?"

"Why of course Sir" she nodded and smiled. She then turned to me and smiled once again, "Good evening my dear, would you like to come with me now and we will get you settled for the night?"

I stood up nervously and smiled. "Er, yes thank you" and followed her out of the room. I did not turn to look at the man again as I had spent enough time looking at his handsome face, a face I would hate for the rest of my life.

As I left the room I heard a voice speak "Goodnight my dear Lady Isabella, sweet dreams"

I could feel the tears threaten then but I would once again refuse to let him see how upset I was.

I followed Mrs Blake up the winding staircase, as I climbed the stairs I looked at the portraits that hung on the walls. They were obviously family portraits painted over the year and all were very probably very valuable too. We reached the top of the stairs and Mrs Blake indicated that we were turning to our right, we walked along a long corridor, again the walls were lined with paintings, this time the paintings were mostly scenic but each was more beautiful than the last. We eventually reached a room at the far end of the corridor, Mrs Blake turned the handle of a door and pushed it open. We both entered the room and I was absolutely astounded at the beauty of the room before me.

It was decorated in varying shades of ivory and gold, the drapes were silk and ivory satin, the bed was a huge golden four poster bed with the most beautiful gold bed linen. The furniture was also of gold and ivory. The beauty of the room almost took my breath away.

Mrs Blake must have seen the look of pleasure on my face and spoke softly then.

"I can see you like this room my dear, Sir had this decorated especially for you, he thought that you would enjoy sleeping here. Look, there is a connecting door to his quarters too!"

"A connecting door, why?" I asked stupidly.

"Now now my dear, you are about to be a married lady, you will be needing that door on occasion but not until you are wed".

Over my dead body I thought, I would never be using that door if I could help it and I was not going to marry that monster of a man if I could prevent it, I would do everything in my power to prevent it.

I blushed scarlet at her comments and she must have realised that she had said a little too much. She then walked towards another door and swung it open saying "Here is your closet, it is full of dresses that sir has arranged to be brought here for you, he has already had your luggage packed with your trousseau for your honeymoon. I have left a nightdress on the bed for you and a negligee and have drawn a warm bath for you to relax in. Now your bathroom is through here" she said indicating yet another doorway.

Mrs Blake opened the door to the bathroom and I realised then that it was as opulent as the bedroom. I could not fault the beauty of the room and his generosity but this was not what I wanted. All the same I would have a bath and try and sleep but I would still plan my escape.

"Oh thank you Mrs Blake, I would like to be left alone now if you don't mind" I said

"Okay my dear, if you need anything just ring?" said Mrs Blake with a smile.

"Yes, thank you I will" I replied.

Mrs Blake took her leave and before long I was left alone. I stood in the middle of the room wondering how on earth my life had managed to take this turn, what happened to cause this, why was this happening to me. I wish I could get in contact with Edward, I was so alone and scared.

I could feel the tears threaten to engulf me only this time I did not fight them, this time I gave into them and threw myself on the luxurious bed and sobbed until there was nothing left in me.

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