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Mario vs. Master Chief

"Let's a go!" yelled Mario as he jumped onto a grunt, who was an alien named Eric. He stands on two legs, is blue, and is very short. He looks like a turtle with a breathing apparatus. Eric screamed, "I want my mommy" when he was blasted back. Mario looked at Luigi, who was running away from a brute, another alien. This alien was hulking, muscular, gigantic, and had a bad attitude. Mario remembered how this all started… A few days ago Mario was walking, when out of nowhere a portal appeared and 20 grunts and 4 brutes fell out. Mario tried to fight but he was outnumbered and got blasted away in the direction of his house. Meanwhile Luigi was watching T.V when Mario, loudly fell through the roof.

"Mario," cried Luigi, "what happened?" Mario told his story to Luigi and when he was done Luigi was hiding quietly, under the red, plaid couch. Suddenly, a news report came on, "We interrupt this program to say, WE ARE ALL DOOMED! Mysterious portals have been sighted all over the Mushroom Kingdom and… Wait! This just in. the castle has been captured by strange people led by a person in green armor! If you can hear this Mario Bros, HELP! That is all," announced the broad caster. Mario and Luigi's eyes were wide open. Instantly, they were outside leaving a trail of dust and headed to Peach's castle with its tall towers and giant stained glass window.

"Attack!" thundered a voice, and out of nowhere needles shot and almost hit them. The enemies came out of hiding, it was a jackal, a skinny alien with a shield and had a beak like mouth. Suddenly, the scene changed "huh?" murmured the jackal "this is not how we fight." A grunt replied, "this must be one of those RPG worlds, where we take turns to attack, but we can take them."

A few minutes later, after a lot of jumping and shooting the covenant aliens, who wanted to destroy all of mankind, were defeated and the Mario Bros moved on. Soon they reached Toad Town and a toad, a miniature human with a mushroom top hat that has polka dots, ran up to greet them.

"Mario, Luigi!" cried the toad, " we have been so worried…"

Suddenly a voice came from behind the Toad, "Greetings Master Mario and Master Luigi." It was Stuffwell, a creation of Professor E. Gadd, which was a suitcase, who could walk and talk. "The professor sent me to help you." Mario nodded and the group continued walking to the castle.

Meanwhile, in the castle, Master Chief was making last minute preparations for battle. With him was another Spartan called Ross, who was a great fighter.

"Someone is coming," called a marine.

"It's Mario," called a high voice (it was peach), "he'll save us Toadsworth."

Master Chief ordered guards to Princess Peaches' bedroom and murmured, "We'll see about that."

Mario and Luigi walked up to the castle and knocked. Instantly, a hail of bullets shot towards them. Mario and Luigi started to dodge the bullets and attack the door. Master Chief growled and picked up a Spartan laser. Luigi was doing well when he saw a red dot. He poked Mario and pointed to the dot. All of a sudden, a red laser shot down and blasted the Mario Bros away.