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Chapter 3

Meanwhile, Master Chief was interrogating Peach but he had no luck. "Are you sure you tried everything?" pestered Ross.

"Yes!" exclaimed Master Chief, "Everything."

"Have you tried this?" grunted Ross as he picked up a Spartan laser.

"Yes!" Master Chief sighed, "she just grabbed it away and started to hit me with it. Then she started to do a kung fu scream, pulled the trigger and blasted me out of her room!" Ross and Master Chief sat deep in thought, trying to find out a way to get Peach to talk.

"Almost there," called a paratroopa scout, one of Bowser's henchmen. They do all of Bowser's biding. Bowser's army and the Mario Bros were nearing Peaches castle so they discussed a strategy. First, Bower suggested that they do a full on attack, but when he heard what happened to the Mario Bros, he thought otherwise.

Everyone was arguing when Stuffwell appeared and yelled, "QUIET!" Everyone fell silent. Stuffwell opened up and a hologram came out. "This is the pipe maze," explained Stuffwell, "it runs all over Mushroom Kingdom, even under Peaches castle. If we can get in, we can find a way inside the castle without being detected. Everyone agreed and they soon found a warp pipe.

After a half an hour of searching, they finally found a pipe inside Peaches's castle. Inside everyone saw a bunch of marines who looked ready for battle. Luigi looked out a window and saw a whole army of aliens heading towards them. There were grunts, jackals, elites, wraiths, banshees that are flying machines and even one scarab, which a giant machine on four heavily armored legs.

Bowser ran towards the warp pipe yelling, "Come on army! Let's take care of those guys outside!" He looked at Mario and Luigi, "Save the princess and defeat these guys," he added. Mario and Luigi started to run. The marines were fast buy Mario and Luigi were faster.

Just as they barged into Peaches room, a voice called, "Nobody move!" It was Ross with an assault rifle in his hand. Master Chief was holding Peach and a Spartan laser. Mario jumped,
Ross shot and time slowed down for Peach. Mario fell to the ground unmoving. Ross grunted and Peach felt anger swelling inside of her.

Suddenly she yelled, "NO ONE HURTS MY MARIO!" She grabbed the Spartan laser from Master Chief and threw him into some marines. She aimed at Ross and fired. Ross was blasted through the wall and fell into the battle below. He landed on a hunter, who wasn't very happy about it. Peach leaned over Mario and started to cry.

Stuffwell appeared and muttered, "Where is it? It is in here somewhere…AHA." A 1-up mushroom came out of him and landed in Mario's mouth.

Instantly, Mario jumped up and yelled, "Let's a go!"

Everyone was cheering when Stuffwell interrupted by saying, "I think I have found a way to send these people back to where they came from." With that he opened up and a swirling vortex cam out and all the marines, including Master Chief were sucked in. The vortex grew and came out of the hole in the tower. All the brutes, grunts and jackals lifted off the ground and sucked them in. It was so powerful and big that the scarab was sucked in 5 seconds flat.

Ross screamed, "You haven't seen the last of me!" Then he disappeared into the black swirling vortex.

Stuffwell closed and exclaimed, "Phew, that was tough."

Peach shouted, "Let's have a party!" Everyone, including Bowser cheered and they all headed to the ballroom.

Meanwhile, Master Chief found Ross building something and muttering to himself, "They think that they won. Well, once I finish this dimension gate I can take my revenge…"

The End. or is it…