Prologue which the meeting doesn't really proceed

"No," Norway said emphatically.

"Oh, came on," America insisted. "It's not like we destroy anything, hey."

"I won' let ya guys mess aroun' with my coastline."

America sighed looking clearly disappointed. "Why do you Nordics have to be so stubborn... say something to him, England." He made desperate look to his right.

The older nation shook his head. "If Norway says no, then 'no' it is, and then we'll have to come up with another idea." He gave a cold look back to the blue eyes, that clearly said: stop being stubborn and get your brains working for once.

However, it was impossible for America to get such a delicate message. "Oh Norway, please?"

"Are ya goin' to get me killed or what?" Norway responded monotonously. "I said no an' that's my final answer."

"Norway…" Russia interrupted the conversation. "... Are you really going to say no? I don't particularly like that word..."

"This doesn't actually concern you, Russia."

"That's right," Korea said, leaning over the table to catch a fly with his sleeves, "don't push your nose in where it doesn't belong!"

"Well you are one to talk," China huffed at the irony and took the young Asian's teacup before it fell over on his papers. "And while we are at it, this does not concern you either."

Korea straightened up quickly and looked to the ageless nation, seeming almost offended. "Of course it does. I..."

At the other end of the table Germany heaved a heavy sigh at the whole conversation. Why did it always have to be so damn restless in these conferences? The timetable for the meeting was there in front of him on the table with eight important and six secondary subjects. Now, after one and a half hours of (mostly meaningless) conversation, they had just proceeded to subject number four (the first subject had been 'greeting everyone in a proper way', which they had pretty much skipped). At the moment it seemed that the fourth subject was about to escalate into a battle of the words 'yes' and 'no' between America and Norway.

Germany sighed in resignation and cast a look over the rest of the conference table.

Greece was already sleeping. Actually, he had been awake only for the first eight and half minutes if the disciplinary nation had counted correctly. Egypt hadn't made a single move after tasting his coffee thirty-eight minutes ago (by that time he had decided it wasn't worth drinking). The only reason Turkey wasn't sleeping was because he obviously didn't want to do something Greece did.

At the Asians' part of the table, Korea was giving China very detailed information of what he had to do with the current topic. The main reason seemed to be "I invented the whole idea" with a small sidetracks. Taiwan and Japan were listening to this conversation, the former more eagerly, but Hong Kong looked too bored to pay attention.

And the Nordics...

"Germanyyyy, whatcha doing?"

The blond nation turned his focus on smiling brunette beside him. "Observing," he said simply.

Veneziano reached to cling on to his hand. "Why? It's boring so let's do something more fun. Like..."

"Stop–... clinging onto that bastard already!"

And here we go again...

"You're just jealous, Romano," a Spanish accent stated cheerily over the table. "Would you like it if I came over there so you could cling onto someone also~?"

Romano obviously didn't like the idea. "Don't you dare to cross that table, you fucking freak! If you do, I'll make sure you'll regret it you little..."

"Brother, that's rude," Northern Italy broke in on the conversation. He didn't seem to realise that his argument was obvious. "You musn't be so rude," he then repeated innocently, "that's rude."

Romano opened his mouth to say "shut up", but someone else made it first.

"Shut up!"

It was England. "Both of you!"

France tried to look shocked. "But mon chér, what I said was all perfectly true."

"That doesn't change the fact that you should shut up."

America made an irritated sound which said he was annoyed with England, and also irritated about the fact he was losing his verbal battle with the Nordic, who didn't budge an inch. "Say, let's skip this, I'm tired. The next topic doesn't really need me, right?" He rose from his chair. The whole table, except for ever sleeping Greece, stared at him in absolute surprise. America didn't want to stand in the spotlight? Now this was something new to the conference. "I just go over there and take a nap, okay? But wake me up when you're done with the fifth one, right?"

England looked like he had just heard about the nuclear war. "B-But... America, you... don't..."

"Good night," the self-centred nation continued his walk away from the table without listening what he 'didn't'. "Try not to be too loud, would you," he added while sliding onto the window sill; though America should have known that the last request was nearly impossible. He moved to a comfortable position and closed his eyes.

For a moment, it was more silent than ever in that usually rambunctious room.

"God..." England whispered breathily. "Is this a joke?"

"Hmm," Russia replied looking to America with a spark of interest in his eyes. "It's a new one, alright. Interesting."

"We shouldn't blame America, he must be tired with all his work."

"Japan, you're agreeing with him again."

"This could be your chance, brother," Belarus purred from her seat.

Russia began to smile widely, but Germany saved the world from the possible third World War by reminding everyone that the fifth topic. Really. Didn't. Directly concern America, so Russia wouldn't gain anything but more paperwork.

Belarus gave him poisonous look and hissed. "Don't you come between the world and my brother~" With the last two words her voice rose and started to resemble a birdsong. She also made the taller nation quickly escape her deadly hugging attempt. Unfortunately, Russia managed to spill his coffee on Lithuania's hand while he was at it. The Baltic yelped and quickly pulled his hand away, backing away from the table to make sure no more coffee would be spilled on him. Belarus and Russia stopped their play of tag to give him a simultaneous – and sadistic – "whoops".

At this point Canada sighed but no one seemed to notice.

"Russia!" Poland objected and stood behind his dearest neighbour, taking a firm hold of his shoulders before sending his best glare at Russia. "You're being totally rash again. Watch out with what you're doing to my Liet!"

Lithuania gave a little "eh" when the blond valley-boy took his wrist and started to drag him out of the room muttering something that sounded like "honestly".

When door closed behind them Belarus turned to his brother again smiling like nothing had happened. "Don't worry about them, brother. You have me."

Russia wasn't listening but lifted a coffee stained piece of paper from the table. "I wonder if this was important," he muttered. Behind him, Ukraine was begging her sister to stop jumping on their brother and causing more ruckus.

"That might have been Lithuania's memo for this meeting," Estonia answered, shaking his head.

"Oh," Russia investigated the paper for he while before reaching a conclusion. "So it's not important, da." That wasn't a question.

"Actually, Russia, it is."

"No, it's not," the Russian backtalked, his smile turning quite dangerous again. Estonia was about to say something, but decided not to because the air between them was starting to look slightly poisonous. After a while Russia repeated; "… It's not."

Estonia sighed deeply and sent a desperate look at his friend. "Finland, help me, you know how to make him listen to what other people have to say, don't you?"

To his surprise the Nordic didn't answer; he just looked at Iceland with a worried expression. The Icelandic personification was leaning on the table, and he looked like he wasn't feeling so well.

Sweden looked bewildered and raised his hand to touch the island nation's shoulder. "Ice? 'S s'meth'n' wron'?"

When his hand touched Iceland's shoulder, it created a reaction no one anticipated. It was starting to look like there really was something new in this meeting. The smaller nation slumped down from his chair and collapsed heavily on the floor before the Netherlands, who was sitting beside him, managed to catch him. He had tried, but shock had halted his quick reflexes.

"Ice?" Two out of the four remaining Nordics, Sweden and Denmark, quickly reacted to help the now unconscious nation. Norway also stood up but didn't move more after that; he just stared at how the two tallest of the Nordics both held Iceland to investigate what was wrong. Finland didn't move, but he watched the scene, alert and ready to help.

"What's wrong?" Germany asked, sounding slightly worried.

"No idea," Denmark answered, holding Iceland's wrist in his hand and carefully supporting his head slightly above the floor. "It seems like he's unconscious... Or sleepin' rather, but he's not wakin' up."

Sweden had leaned closer to the island nation and was trying to speak to him, letting his hands wander around Iceland's face in an attempt to elicit a reaction. He shook his head after a moment, when Iceland didn't react at all no matter how he tried.

"Kinda... Scary," said Finland, clutching at his elbows. "Now it's starting to feel like it's almost… Dangerous to be this sleepy. I've been so tired for a while."

"Maybe you just have a low blood pressure, comrade," Russia suggested.

Estonia glared at him, trying to make the Russian realise his comment was slightly inappropriate. "You should know the best that Finland wouldn't care much for something like that."

Russia smiled at him. "What might you be implying, my dear Estonia?"

"Your what? And you know quite well what I'm talking about. You..."

Estonia fell silent when Russia swiftly moved himself to hover in front of Baltic's nose, having shifted over two chairs and a violently quivering Latvia. Russia was still smiling his cracked, twisted grin. "I won that war you know."

Before Russia could make mincemeat out of Estonia, the door behind them opened loudly and a panicked voice cried out for all the nations.

"Guys!" Poland shouted drawing everyone's attention to himself, halting any other conversations in the room.

A sharp gasp of surprise sounded in the conference room, every nation's eyes wide with surprise. Poland was dragging Lithuania, whose head hung down over other's shoulder.

"I seriously can't wake him up," Poland explained, sounding very worried. "He like... just suddenly collapsed. Totally blacked out and– eh?"

His words stopped like they had hit an invisible wall, when Russia unexpectedly moved. Poland and all the other nations looked even more startled as Russia fell to his knees, and then finished his impromptu trip down to the floor, hitting his shoulder on the conference table on the way. His eyes were closed and he looked completely relaxed. That was a huge difference to everyone else, who were inwardly panicking and terrified. The room was unnaturally silent again. Every gaze was wandering between Iceland, Lithuania and Russia, eyes showing confusion, worry and wariness. Veneziano was the only one who moved; he gripped Germany's hand and squeezed it tightly. Except for this little movement, nobody moved a muscle.

Then, suddenly, England started to move, hurriedly standing up. First he made only few little steps backwards and then he turned around quickly and made his way to the window.

"America." He grabbed onto the other nation's collar. "Wake up. Wake up, idiot!" When the other didn't answer his call, England raised his free hand and struck America with his palm to a cheek. The other still didn't react. He was the same as Iceland. England tightened his hold on America's shirt and clenched his teeth, letting his other hand slowly fall down to America's upper arm. "Wake up, you bloody git..."

All of the nations were now moving around restlessly, not wanting to be next. Egypt was holding the sleeping Greece against his chest, and Turkey was standing beside them, pressing his fingers on the back of Greece's chair. Belarus was kneeling beside her brother holding his scarf tightly in her hand, Ukraine just standing helplessly beside them. Poland hugged Lithuania against his chest and Denmark and Sweden were still holding Iceland.

"What?" said France, summarizing everyone's feelings in that one, single word.

Romano didn't bother to summarize. He hit his fists on the table in front of him. "What the fuck is this? Huh? Is this some kind of a new joke too? 'Cause I'm not following! What... is..." he didn't have time to finish the last sentence. Veneziano made a scared noise and clung very tightly to Germany's arm hiding his face behind his shoulder. His brother fell – quite literally – victim to this strange problem next.

"Romano," Spain gasped quickly and reached his hand over the table. For a moment he had a really surprised look on his face and then it fell with him as Spain closed his eyes as well, slumping on the tabletop. Cuba had stepped in to catch the falling Italian, but both Spain and South Italy were already peacefully sleeping by the time he had could take a proper hold of Romano.

"Is this why..." a voice asked cautiously.

Japan turned his eyes on the small nation holding his arm. The other one rested against him.

"...why I've been so tired today?"

China turned quickly to the nation. "Hong Kong–"

But like the others, the small Asian nation was already sleeping.

.*** *** ***.

"Okay!" Denmark hit his axe's helve on the floor. "Ready for action!"

"What good can that do?" England asked raising his eyebrow. "That's not going to help you stay awake, you know."

"It's mental support," the Nordic explained and stepped in the room. He turned his attention to his fellow Nordics. "Sve, ye've a guest."

Sweden raised his head in surprise. "Wha'?"

"Papa!" Sealand ran past Denmark and hurried to his adoptive parent.

Sweden hugged him tight. "Wha're ya doin' 'ere, Sealan'? Where's Hanatamago?"

"His playing with that polar bear, you see," Sealand answered. At the table Canada raised his head and looked relieved to hear about his friend. Sealand started to look around curiously. "Papa, what is going on? What's wrong with mama? Is he sick?"

Sweden tried to come up with an explanation but it wasn't necessary because the child suddenly drooped against his chest in deep sleep. Sweden placed him down beside the sleeping Finland, his frown darkening.

England sighed and put his book down on the table. "I can't figure it out. I have absolutely no idea what's happening. I'm sorry."

"I can't either," Norway said coming in from one of the smaller doors of the room.

Germany turned to him. "I've called my boss but he knows nothing either; nor does the staff in this building. But we have to think of something. There is absolutely no way we can let this just go by."

Austria shook his head. "That's obvious, because we are not trying to do this merely for those already sleeping." He put his hand on Hungary's hair. The woman was sleeping with her head in Austria's lap. The man continued, "… We are also doing this for ourselves. We might be next in line anytime."

Liechtenstein pulled her knees against her chest. Switzerland was sleeping on the floor in front of her. "Is it going to be okay?" she asked quietly.

England closed his eyes and sighed a little. "I'm afraid I can't really promise that. We have to find out exactly what is–"

A sudden loud sound startled everyone and they turned their focus towards the sleeping Italian brothers. Germany had fallen and was lying limb on the floor, like so many others already were.

Egypt raised a hand to cover his eyes. He was now sitting on the floor on his knees, Turkey and Greece sleeping on either of his sides. The ones still awake now were England, Egypt, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Liechtenstein, Canada and Ukraine.

In total, only nine countries.

.*** *** ***.

England leaned on his palms. He took a deep breath and then raised his eyes to Norway. "What do we do now?"

Norway shook his head without making eye contact. He didn't know.

Neither did England.

The other nations were silently sleeping all around them as they sat opposite each other by the conference table. They were now the only ones awake.

.*** *** ***.

England buried his fingers in his hair and bit his lip roughly. "What do I do now...?"

Norway was resting his head on his arms on his side of the table, eyes peacefully closed.

The last conscious nation pressed his fingers hard against his head trying desperately to think something out. He could feel the strange sensation of this sleep creep around the corner, but he refused to give in.

England cursed under his breath, so quietly that even if someone had been there to hear him they probably would not have heard a sound. "What the fuck I'm supposed to do now? Shit... I'm not a hero god dammit..."

And when the sun showed up from behind the clouds, illuminating the room through the large windows, England had finally given in and closed his eyes.



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