Summary: Set in fluffy AU where the Doctor and Donna have two young sons.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Doctor Who, only the people I've given them to love.

A/N: This was written whilst riding on the North Yorkshire Steam Railway to keep myself company. All that being jolted about does nothing for your handwriting.

The Doctor woke and turned over in bed to be greeted by a pair of concerned little eyes peering over the edge of the bed at him.

"Daddy, I don't want to go and live with Nanny!" the owner of the eyes wailed.

"And I don't want you to go and live with Nanny either, Jamie. Why would you do that?" asked the Doctor.

"Teddie said that if I don't eat all my fish I'll have to go and live with Nanny," young Jamie stated.

At that moment, Teddie appeared in the bedroom doorway. The Doctor pinned him with a look. "Did you say that to your brother?"

Teddie looked incredibly sheepish. "Yeah, I did but I had a good reason."

"Which was?"

He sighed. "I wanted to finish programming my new interspatial terminal 'cos I thought I'll try out that component we picked up from Stivugonia… that's where we… anyway, last night Mum said I can't do that until we finish dinner, which can't finish until Jamie eats all of his food, and he won't eat all his fish!"

It had been a good fledgling piece of babble, and the Doctor was impressed with his son. "Are you sure the threat of Nanny was the right way to go though? Mummy might not approve."

To underline this fact there was a loud "Edward Geoffrey Noble! Come here!" from the region of the en suite bathroom.

Teddie looked at his dad and noticed the missing Jamie. "He's squealed on me, hasn't he?"

"Yep! It looks like it. He's taken his grievances to a higher court," the Doctor chuckled.

"But I thought you were the highest authority in the universe, Dad?" Teddie looked puzzled.

"Ah, that was before I met your mother!" the Doctor grinned.

Teddie couldn't think of a suitable comeback to that.