Title: Delicious!

Pairing(s): Various couples, might be major or minor.

Warning: OOC, fluffy, randomness.

Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara.

A/N: I don't know why, but I've been in a writing mood lately. So, yeah. Here, enjoy this random idea of mine x3.

Chapter 1: Parfait - Rimahiko

"Welcome to the Parfait Palace! I'm Kiyoka and what would you like today?" A waitress, wearing a pink and white frilly outfit, asked the two teenagers sitting in front of each other at the corner booth at a parfait place.

"What would you like, Rima-chan?" Nagihiko asked, turning his gaze from the menu to the girl in front of him.

"I'm not sure.." The blonde answered, her eyes shifting from left to right, looking at all the available frozen treats the shop has to offer.

"What would you recommend?" The boy questioned the waitress standing right next to him.

"Well, we have a special offer for the day!" She said in a cheery voice, "Would you like to make your own parfait? A costum-made one just for you!"

"Yeah, sure, I'll take that. Rima-chan, what flavour do you want to choose?"

"I want vanilla. Do you mind, Nagi?"

"No, it's fine." The boy in question smiled at her in reassurance, "I'll take green tea and wild berry, please." (yes, a weird combination indeed.)

"Coming right up!"

"Enjoy your parfait! If you have anything you want to add, just call me!" And she left Nagi and Rima with a mega-sized parfait between the two.

"Um..." Rima observed the treat before them, "How are we supposed to finish this?"

The Fujisaki boy sweatdropped, "Let's just get started on them and see if we can finish it."

"Good idea." It was not until a few scoops that Rima gave up, "Nagi..."


"I can't eat anymore..." The curly-haired girl moaned, sinking back to her chair, "you finish the whole thing."

"Wha-" He opened his mouth in shock, resembling a fish in need of water, "but-"

"Do it." The petite girl glared at him with the Rima'sDeathGlare®.



And the purple-haired teen started to scoop huge amounts of parfait inside his mouth as the other smiled in contentment.


It was not until a few minutes that Nagihiko feels his stomach getting fuller and sicker by the second.

"I can't eat anymore..." He complained, glaring daggers at the haven't-reduced-in-size 3-colored parfait.

Rima sighed, grabbing her own spoon and scooped a tiny bit. "I can eat just... a little more."

"Okay." The boy nodded.

"In one condition."

"Which would be..."

"You have to eat some more too."

Hazel eyes widen in shock once again, staring unbelieveingly at the girl, "Seriously?"

Rima nodded, placing the spoon filled with the vanilla-flavoured frozen treat in her mouth, and said, "Your turn."

Nagihiko sighed and eat a bit more. Rima snapped at him, saying that it's not enough. So he scooped some more. And he didn't realize that Rima hasn't been eating anymore.

The waitress, Kiyoka, walked over to them to check if they need anything. But instead, she saw Rima yelling at the poor boy for not eating enough. She giggled, and mumbled, "He's so whipped."


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