Title: Delicious!

Pairing(s): Various couples, might be major or minor.

Warning: OOC, fluffy, randomness.

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Chapter 5: Pocky – Rimahiko

"Come on, Rima-chan," Nagihiko pleaded, his voice desperate, "I just need you to come by for a minute to say hi and then we can leave."

"No! I am not interested in going to your stupid family reunion! I don't want to watch you dress up like a girl and then dance in front of everyone." She crossed her arms across her chest, frowning.

"Please..." He continued, "I promise to get you as many of those snacks that looks like sticks that you love so much."

"Pocky? Really?" She asked, now reconsidering his offer. "As many as I want?"

"As many as you want." He nodded, "Do we have a deal?"

"Hmmm... All right then."

Right after the reunion was finished, Nagihiko kept his promise to Rima and they both went to the convenience store to buy her pockys.

"What flavor would you like, Rima?" He asked, looking at all the available flavors.

"Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla." She answered.

"Okay. Let's go."

"Wait... you didn't think that one of each is enough, do you?" The blonde's eyes narrowed, and she stared at him.

"Errr... I kind of do..."

"Well, it's not! I want four of each."

"Four?" The boy's eyes widened, "Can you even eat that much?" He muttered, looking over her tiny frame.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean!" She shouted, offended.

"Nothing! I'll get four for you. Now let's go."

They left the store not long after that. They didn't go their separate ways, though. Nagihiko always stopped by Rima's house and since her parents are rarely home, they always have the house all to themselves.

"So, Rima-chan," The Fujisaki boy said, looking at his girlfriend who's opening her first pocky – chocolate. "The reunion isn't that bad, was it?"

"You're kidding, right?" Rima questioned back.

"Um, no. Why? Was it that bad?"

"Yes. Yes it was."

"How come?"

"First of all, when you arrive at the house, you immediately went into your room and change into girl clothes." She swallowed her first pocky. "Second, you told me to not move an inch and just sit down on the couch." Swallowed another one.


"And then you appeared from behind the curtain and started dancing." Third pocky, gone. "But worst of all, after you finished the performance you didn't change into your normal clothes and introduced me as your girlfriend to the whole family when you're looking like a girl! God." The small girl ate the rest of the pocky in the box fast, and reached for her second flavor – vanilla.

"Okay. Maybe that last one wasn't so great." He winced despite himself.

"You think?"

Silence followed her last retort. None of them said anything, and Nagihiko just watched Rima as she devoured the vanilla pocky in a very fast pace.

"Rima-chan, eat slower." The boy told her, surprised at her quick pace. She might choke!


"Yes. Eat slower. You might choke." He reminded her, "And plus, you don't want to finish all those today, do you?"

"I do. I want to finish all of this by tonight. Why?"

"No reason. But if you eat too much, you might not be able to curl up into your little ball anymore..."

He was teasing her and she knew that. She only curled up into a small ball to make her best friend, Amu, freak out (because when she does that the pink-haired girl will immediately feel guilty no matter what) and treat her to something good.

"Shut up..." She looked up and her hazel eyes met his, "Nagi?"


"Even if I pig out, became fat and not so cute anymore you will still love me, right?" She asked, her voice so small and so soft he had to smile.

"Of course," He replied without wasting one second.

"So why should I care? You'll stay with me anyway." And she smiled back, reaching into the box of vanilla pocky and fed the last one to him.


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