This is a story of two families' one noble and the other pirate. The story opens with Romeo the son of Captain Charlienco on the ground; he was just struck down by Tybolt the only son of the Master Britanoe. These two are just players in the family strife. One of them takes the fight to heart the other can care less. When will this feud end? Everyone in the town hopes soon because they are tired of the disturbances on the street. Everyone wants the Charlienco's out of town and Romeo wants to leave. He is tired of this fight for supremacy but his father will not back down. Who will win? Who will fall?

Scene 1

Tybolt: Take that you son of slime.

Romeo jumps up

Romeo: I may be a son of slime but you are the world's biggest village idiot I have ever seen.

Tybolt: Well you most definitely not fit to sail your father's boat because you cannot even make an insult. (He laughs)

Romeo raises his sword and is about to strike when the Prince of Edinburghen interferes.

Prince Carcanous: The next one who strikes a blow will be banished forever.

And with that he leaves.

Romeo: We will finish this some other time.

Tybolt: Just name the place and I will be there ready to strike you down.

Romeo: No you will be the one on your knees when this is over and I will end this feud once and for all. You are the reason why this feud started you had to tell your father about us pirates.

Romeo goes off madder than ever to his father's ship where he will begin to think up his battle plans. Tybolt goes to see his sister who was secretly watching the whole ordeal. On his way he trips and injures his leg.