Scene 3

Romeo is discussing his strategies with his father for their next attack. He wants to set a new course while his father wants him to stay with the old tactics.

Romeo: Father I think if we move on we will have a better chance of getting a head of the filthy Britanoe's.

Captain Charlienco: That's just your concussion talking. You know that we must defend and attack the Britanoe family at all costs.

Romeo rubs his head.

Captain Charlienco: You need some rest go to your cabin.

Romeo: I shall not go to my cabin until you giveme a proper reason why must continue on this battle.

Captain Charlienco: then it is off to the brig. I shall not tolerate any second guesses of my commands.

With that Captain Charlienco had Romeo bound and thrown into the brig.

Captain Charlienco: Let this be lesson for you boy. You shall not when if you mess with me.

Romeo: You are so cruel throwing your eldest son in the brig. What kind of a father are you?

Romeo cries out with anguish just not to be heard from his father. The crew men that threw Romeo in the brig were very surprised to see That Romeo the captain's son would even be thrown into the brig for disobeying orders. Some thought that this was too harsh and others thought it was the right thing to do. What do you think?