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'How could I have been so stupid?' Allen asked himself as he looked up at a small vampire who had just drained his energy. He lay on the alley floor, unable to move due to lack of blood. 'I should have listened to Cross and stayed in the hotel room!' The vampire above him smiled, flashing her fangs before placing a lacy shoe on Allen's ribs.

"Aw, poor little," She began but stopped, realizing she didn't know who he was. "Um…what's your name?" She added. Allen spat at her, showing that he hadn't been beaten yet. The girl didn't like that. She pushed her shoe down, sending a cracking noise echoing through the alley and making Allen scream in pain. "What," She began again, "Is your name."

"Bitch." Allen replied hoarsely, followed by another crack as a second rib was broken. Allen screamed in pain again but gave in. "All- Allen Walker." He said between raged pants.

"See that wasn't so hard. Now, what were you doing with Cross?" She asked. Footsteps sounded at the opening of the alley, grabbing both Allen and the little vampire's attention.

"Road, what on earth are you doing? Playing with you food agai-" The man stopped when he saw Allen and the boy gasped as he realized it was his tutor, Tyki Mikk. Allen couldn't take his eyes off of the man. He looked different. His usual dark and unruly hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail, his large glasses removed, and his clothes were much more proper, like a nobleman's. But the thing that stuck out the most was his golden eyes and dark skin. This was not the Tyki Allen remembered. "Oh my god, Allen?" Tyki asked, rushing over to pull Road away from the boy. He knelt down, lifting Allen's head and inspecting the bite marks Road had caused. He bared his teeth, flashing his sharp, vampire like fangs and Allen's eyes widened. His teacher was one of them and he had never known? "You didn't have to break his ribs." Tyki yelled at Road, causing the vampire to flinch.

"Well it's not my fault he was stubborn…he wouldn't answer my questions.

"Does it really matter!" Tyki yelled at her. "Why did you do this to him anyway?" He asked.

"Well, I saw him in town with Cross and I wanted to interrogate him, but then I tasted him and I think he is a carrier of the Noah gene." Road said. "How do you know him?" She then asked.

"I'm his tutor. Remember when Lord Millennium appointed me the mission of getting close to Cross? Well that's exactly what I did. Allen is Cross's apprentice. And what do you mean you think he carries the Noah gene? That's impossible! And even if he did, do you know how close you were to killing him?"

Roads eye widened as she realized the mistake she had made. "Taste him to make sure!" She yelled, suddenly panicked. Tyki sighed and moved his attention back to Allen.

"No…please don't." Allen said, tears forming in his eyes. Tyki looked at him apologetically.

"I'm sorry." He said, leaning forward and placing his fangs in Road's bite marks. Allen gripped his sleeve, his body growing numb from so much blood loss. He could barley keep his eyes open when Tyki pulled back. "Your right." Tyki said. "He is a carrier." Tyki quickly put his wrist up to his mouth, biting into it and making blood drip to the floor.

"You're going to change him here?" Road asked.

"I don't have a choice, Tyki said, pushing his wrist up to Allen's mouth. "He has lost too much blood." Allen turned his head away trying to keep the blood out to his mouth. "Damn it boy." Tyki roughly grabbed the boy's hair, pulling his head back and forcing a mouth full of blood past Allen's teeth. The boy tried to resist, coughing up some of the blood but Tyki only pressed his wrist harder against his mouth. He swallowed, the blood running like liquid fire down his throat and on the third mouth full Tyki pulled his wrist away. Allen took a breath, grinding his teeth, then screamed out as his heart began to burn with pain.

"We should have taken him to the Noah house, he is attracting too much attention." Road whispered. Tyki ignored her, gripping Allen's hand as he bucked his body, the pain becoming too much. He knew what was happening, he was turning into a vampire, and his heart was stopping. Allen's world began turning black, the vampire blood spreading throughout his body and causing him such great pain. Suddenly the pain was gone, Allen's body hitting the alley floor and the boy looked up to see Tyki's sad face one more time before giving way to the darkness.

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