A Letter to Gourry

Part One, The Unsent Letter

By Relm

My Dearest Gourry,

I'm not sure if I should be writing this letter to you, but I can't hold in these thoughts and feelings anymore. I know from seeing you those few brief times that your heart belongs to Miss Lina. Whether you're aware of it or not, I know you have feelings for her. I know that Miss Lina also has feelings for you, even though she rebels against them. It doesn't seem fair that you care so much for her and she doesn't want to return those feelings. But I know she has your heart so I'm not going to dwell on that. My reason for this letter is to tell you how you feel. Ever since I met you Gourry Gaberieve I've been in love with you. I never wanted to fall this hard for anyone and it hurts to watch you with her. I've tried to forget you, tried to let go of my feelings. But I can't. You have a hold on my heart that I cannot free myself from. I don't know why I'm telling you this; you've made it clear that Miss Lina is the one you want to be with. But I just have to tell you. I cannot keep this inside anymore. I love you Gourry Gaberieve and I always will.

Love always,


Sylphiel looked down at the letter she just wrote. She wasn't sure why she wrote it, it wasn't as if she was actually going to send it to Gourry. A part of her felt a need to write out how she felt. The last chance meeting with Gourry had been too brief; they had been trying to help Tarforashia. Even though she barely got a chance to talk to him those old feelings she tried so hard to push down swelled up.

So that's why she ended up writing the letter. She knew she couldn't come out and say how she felt to Gourry but at least she could write it out. Perhaps give her some courage to come out and say what she had been afraid to do all this time. But even as she looked at the letter Sylphiel immediately folded up the paper and hid it in her desk. 'I can't let Gourry-dear read that letter.' She decided.


Many months later Lina and Gourry found themselves attacking some bandits near Sailune. It had been a large group that had put up quite a fight. But Lina was triumphant in the end as she usually did. And since her and Gourry were so close to Sailune they just had to stop in for a visit.

"Man if feels like forever since we've been here last." Lina said while stretching as she and Gourry walked the busy streets of Sailune.

"Yeah last time we were here Zanifar destroyed half the kingdom and they were rebuilding it. Looks like they did a pretty good job." Gourry mused looking around at the recently fixed buildings.

Going into the castle the bandit beating pair wasn't surprised by the warm welcome they received. As usual Prince Philonel was more than happy to see Lina and Gourry.

"Miss Lina, Mister Gourry! What a pleasant surprise! What brings the two of you to Sailune?" Prince Phil asked as he escorted them to the Sailune dining hall. It was near lunch after all and it was Gourry and Lina. So naturally Phil was going to feed them.

"We beat up some bandits near Sailune and thought we'd come by for a... visit." Lina grinned mischievously.

"I thought we were going so we could get a free lunch." Gourry scratched his head in confusion. Had he forgotten why they were here?

Lina smacked Gourry on the head. "You jellyfish you weren't supposed to say that!"

"Hohohohoho! It's quite alright Miss Lina! I have every intension to feed you two. My kitchen staff is making lunch right now as we speak. We'll be eating shortly." Phil motioned them to follow him into the dining hall and to take a seat.

Both Lina and Gourry drooled at the thought of the food that was coming.

"Where's Amelia?" Lina asked once she was seated.

"She's doing good deeds of justice for the lesser fortunate people of our kingdom." Phil explained. "But she'll be here soon to join us. I know she'll be thrilled to see both of you."

"What about Sylphiel? Is she going to join us too?" Lina mused.

'That's right Sylphiel had been living in Sailune.' Gourry remembered. A warm smile spread across his face as he thought about the emerald eyed shrine maiden.

"I'm sorry Miss Sylphiel left on a trip back home for a few days. Her aunt isn't feeling well." Phil apologized.

"Oh." Gourry's smile faded. Though he had initially forgotten Sylphiel was in Sailune he was disappointed that he wasn't going to see her. "Is it serious?"

"According to the messenger pigeons Miss Sylphiel it's just a cold. Her aunt is doing much better and she'll be coming back to Sailune soon. I'm sure she'll be back in a few days. If you stay you'll get a chance to see her."

Lina grinned. "As long as you keep the food coming we'll stay a long time." She cackled evilly.

"Now Miss Lina try not to eat us out of house and home." Phil sweatdropped.

"I'll try not to but I make no promises!"

The doors to the dining hall opened and Amelia came bursting in like a gust of wind. "Miss Lina! Mister Gourry! I heard you were both here!" She squealed in happiness and she went to hug them. "You're not here to cause trouble are you?" She narrowed her eyes at Lina.

"We were in the neighbourhood." Lina insisted.

"And we wanted free food." Gourry added.

And again Gourry got a smack to his head for his trouble.


After a long day of eating and reminiscing Lina and Gourry headed off to what would be their rooms for the time they would stay in Sailune.

With the directions they received Lina found her room quite quickly but Gourry got a little turned around. When he finally found what he thought would be his room he was greeted by a sight of a bedroom decorated in hues of pink and purple.

"Whoops! Wrong room." Gourry sweatdropped. He was about to turn around and head out when he noticed a little stuffed bear sitting n the bed. Upon further inspection Gourry recognized the little stuffed animal. The bear was one he had given Sylphiel for Summer Solstice one year.

"This is Sylphiel's room." Gourry realized in awe. Going into a girl's inn room was one thing but to be in their actually bedroom seemed wrong. With Sylphiel not there Gourry felt like he was trespassing. It was her room he shouldn't be there. Though he knew it was wrong he felt compelled to stay. The last time he had seen her was too brief of a time that Gourry missed the soft spoken shrine maiden. So he was hesitant to leave the room.

He looked around examining what he saw before him. The room was sparsely decorated with few personal touches. If it had not been for the bear he wouldn't have realized whose room it was. 'She doesn't have much stuff.' He realized gloomily. 'Because she lost everything when Siaraag was destroyed.'

The room had a bed, closet, vanity with a dresser and a desk with a chair. The desk was the only point of interest as it had been left open with papers littering the desk surface. It looked like Sylphiel had been working on something and had to leave suddenly.

The papers on the desk surface appeared to be a letter made out to Sylphiel. 'This is probably the letter Sylphiel got from her uncle about her aunt's health. She must have read it and left in a hurry.' He surmised. Sylphiel was usually a neat and tidy person. It would take a lot for her to leave anything in disarray.

Gourry tried not to read what he saw. It wasn't his letters so he shouldn't be reading them. But then he caught sight of a slightly folded piece of paper in the open drawer. It was Sylphiel's handwriting. But what caught his eye was the fact that he saw his name on part of the paper.

Feeling rotten even thinking about reading the paper Gourry reached into the drawer and plucked the paper up. He knew it was wrong but went to read it. He felt better when he realized it was a letter addressed to him. 'Sylphiel wrote me a letter...? I wonder why she never sent it.' He sat down in the chair and started to read.

He read it slowly and carefully. And then he had to read it again because he didn't believe what he was reading.

"She loves me?" Gourry said it out loud not even able to believe the sound of his own voice. But saying it loud didn't make it seem more real. He just couldn't wrap his head around it. He had always thought Sylphiel was a kind and sweet girl but he had never though in a million years that she felt that way about him of all people. The dummy that always forgot everything and couldn't follow an intelligent conversation for the life of him.

'All this time... Sylphiel loved me?' He thought back to all the times he'd been around Sylphiel. How she spoke and acted towards him. It was as if Gourry had been living in a haze and was now seeing clearly for the first time. He felt like a fool. How could he have missed it? 'Because you're a big stupid dummy Gourry.' Gourry berated himself. 'You have a beautiful wonderful woman that loves you and what do you do? You chase after the girl who doesn't want to love you.'

Yes Gourry was aware of Lina's reluctant feelings. It only mildly bothered him that every time he took a step forward in their 'relationship' Lina would backup three steps. He had been okay with it before because he was her guardian after all. But he hadn't known how Sylphiel felt before.

Now Gourry didn't know what he was going to do. He didn't know how he felt about Sylphiel. He had never thought about Sylphiel in that way before. Yes he thought she was beautiful, sweet, kind, wonderful cook, a dream girl for any guy. But never thought that she could be his dream girl. Gourry knew his shortcomings. He may be strong and brave, but he wasn't smart, dashing or romantic. He wasn't he kind of guy that would sweep a woman off their feet with romantic letters or gestures. Woman and how to 'woo' them were always mysteries to him. Growing up any girl he tried to impress and ask out usually just laughed at him and turned him down.

A guy like him never got a girl like Sylphiel. So that's why he never entertained that thought before.

Before Gourry had thought Lina was his only option for companionship. Now that he knew the truth what was he going to do?