Jinchuriki Stay/Night

Author's Notes: please excuse the huge time gap, I will fix it later (the travel between Suna and Konoha, the lemon kinda helps explain the gap… hope you liked it.

Chapter 20: Legendary Hero vs the Legendary traitor

"I don't hold back, not even for women or child" Sasori of the Sand said with an emotionless tone.

Medea acted fast with a few words she set a boundary field that served to strengthening her physical defenses trough magic, another to protect the 2 women behind her, and another to analyze any and all movements around the barrier and freeze the speed of the opponent in order to be able to escape.

Sasori then used his puppets to attack, they were many a number, they came on all shapes and sizes… she then threw something that looked like seeds.

"Arise my warriors!" she yelled as many a horde of skeletal warriors rose from the ground.

They were equal or more in numbers than Sasori's puppets. Sasori controlled his puppets with efficiency, however Caster's soldiers moved with smooth, mechanical movements as they attacked the puppets, they were strong, but Sasori could control their movements better and assess the fight and change tactics faster than Caster could.

However quality vs numbers, numbers are also a kind of quality… while her warriors were destroyed fast, she could make more of them near instantly, something Sasori could not but he only had a set amount of puppets on him.

"I see, you are very resourceful, it seems it would be a waste to use this on you, let's see you fight against this then" Sasori said as he saw his puppets where being destroyed, he did not like that at all.

"Let's see how you fare against him" Sasori said as a new puppet appeared.

It was of a young man with black hair and yellow eyes.

"To think you would even do that" Chiyo said in disgust. "

The puppet, was the old sandaime kazekage.

"Ten years ago suddenly disappeared from the village" Chiyo said.

"For a lady with a foot on the grave you are sharp" Sasori said.

"And for a young man you are quiet insolent… she is your grandmother after all, besides… you should be more weary of me" she said as she launched an attack of white lightning.

The puppet generated a black cloud and formed stakes as they shot out to Medea.

"Such insolence" Medea sighed

She erected a barrier stopping the attack, the attack was fierce and powerful, but it was stopped.

He sighed, the attacks then became even more fierce, Medea narrowed her eyes, the attacks became even stronger, and then suddenly.


Her shield was shattered. She was shocked, it took most of Archer's attacks, while it was downright broken by Gilgamesh, but that is to be expected, however… for a human to do this…

"Even if you have a good shield, it can only take so much damage at once" Sasori said.

Sakura however took the chance to attack him but she was pulled back by Chiyo, where she was standing, there was a couple stakes coming from the ground.

"Careful, those must also be poisoned as well" Chiyo said as she controlled Sakura by using chakra threads.

"HAA!" Medea attacked as Sasori.

"I see… you preserve the power and techniques of the corpses by keeping part of their real bodies inside, to generate what you call chakra and be able to use their abilities" Medea said.

"You are also sharp woman… but being sharp will not save you from me" Sasori said as he attacked even more strongly.

Medea reinforced her defenses by making a triple layered defensive barrier

"Sakura, I will need to use you as well for a while" Medea said.

Sakura walked next to her to hear her plan.

Sakura had a real scary smile on her face after hearing Medea's plan. It was crazy, last ditch, something probably Naruto would have jumped at the gun.

A faint purple glow appeared on her body and then it died… Chiyo put on the threads on Sakura's body.

She shot out even faster than before, she was but a blur, Sasori was shocked the sudden increase of her speed but used the iron sand to defend.

He gasped; he would have a shocked face if he were human again, but due to the reinforcement spell Medea used on Sakura her strength that was around 'Tsunade level' became titan's level, shattering the iron sand wall.

"no way" he said in a shocked.

"You see, this is the result of your hubris, underestimating us, and the results of your horrible machinations with your own leaders and family, not even respecting the dead" Medea said.

"Now… is time for you to vanish youngling… from this world" Medea rose her staff as a circle of magic appeared under Sasori.

"Wh… what is this, I can't move!" he said in shock, though his facial expression remained the same, the magical circle glowed eerily purple.

"Before that Medea-san, Sasori… where is Orochimaru and Sasuke" Sakura asked, she stared at his soulless eyes and he chuckled.

"Uhmm… I got nothing to hide, you defeated me… I am pathetic person who couldn't become a puppet… or am I a puppet who couldn't become a human? Who knows… but I can tell you this, think of it as a reward for defeating me… go to the Tenchi Bridge in the Grass Village, at noon, ten days from now… I have… a spy in Orochimaru's subordinates… I am supposed to meet with him there" Sasori said.

He looked at Medea "Oi, woman, I am ready" He said in a calm voice.

"I will give you this, at least you go out with modicum… many would yell and scream before their end" Medea said as she rose her staff and the circle begun to cackle with power the cave's roof got split in two as a powerful white lightning rushed down towards Sasori… completely destroying his puppet body and leaving not even ash, just the burnt pattern of where the body was.

"You seem to like being through when you eliminate someone uh?" Chiyo said.

"You can hardly blame me… that youngling was rather dangerous to let live after all" Medea said as she levitated down.

"Anyways, we need to check on Naruto and Kakashi-sensei" Sakura said.

"Here, hold the hem of my outfit" Medea said to both Chiyo and Sakura. With no words of preparations they were swallowed by a dark mist.

Present time

"And that's what happened" Medea said with a smile as she rose her index finger with one eye closed in a rather seductive way.

"What about Gaara?" Chiyo asked

"He…" Kakashi said as he looked down.

Naruto gripped his blades tightly… Sakura took his pulse and checked and double checked…

She was crestfallen.

Gaara, newly appointed Kazekage… Naruto's best friend… dead.

Naruto's tears flowed as he shivered in both rage AND outrage, Medea put her arms around him, giving him the comfort he so desperately needed, she had lots of magic, but none to bring the dead back to life as the lost 3rd magic "Heaven's feel".

"Why… was Gaara… allways Gaara… to die like this" Naruto shivered as he remembered the words of one of the most hated individuals he meet, he was both a teacher, and the worst bastard of an enemy he could ever find."he's the Kazekage!"

"Yes, I saw it over and over... Meaningless massacres. Meaningless suffering. Meaningless happiness! I was forced to watch it all. Even when I refused to look, it surrounded me. That isn't what I wished for! I didn't become a Guardian for this!" Archer had once said.

"He didn't just become the Kazekage…."

"Relax… Uzumaki Naruto" Chiyo said

"DON'T YOU DARE… SO SHUT UP!" Naruto roared in anger, tears trailed down his face and etches in his face, his fury unmatched, even Medea was afraid, not of him, but for him.

"Know that the only people you can save like that are the ones that survive."

"If you shinobi of the sand had not stuck that monster in Gaara, then none of this would have happen!" Naruto yelled "DID ANY OF YOU EVEN TRY TO ASK GAARA HOW HE FELT?! WHAT IS THIS 'JINCHURIKI' ANYWAY?! YOU JUST MADE THAT WORD UP, ARROGANTLY, TO CATALOGE US AS CREATURES OR WEAPONS… HOW COTEMPTIBLE!" Naruto roared at Chiyo's face.

Caster looked away; she could feel the anger and sorrow of her love.

"I couldn't save Sasuke… and I couldn't save Gaara… for years… I trained desperately… but nothing's changed since many years ago… has it?" Naruto said as he shivered in indignation, rage and sorrow.

"An ideal is only an ideal after all. As long as you embrace that ideal, the friction with reality will continue to increase. So you will someday face reality and will have to pay the price for your compromises."

Naruto curled his fists… blood drew from, the wounds he inflicted himself when he dug his nails deep into his skin, but he couldn't feel it, the pain of losing someone so close to be called a brother, a brother in pain… a brother in loneliness… this physical pain was but a joke, as much as he hated Archer… his truths where bitter medicine, poisonous words needed to cement into the reality of his mind, however… regardless of it all… he still was afraid, to end up a wretch like him.

Chiyo then knelt to Gaara and put her hands, chakra flowed into Gaara.

"What are you… that is not chakra" Naruto said as he saw the power.

"is she…." Sakura thought.

"She is bringing Gaara back" Sakura said.

Medea rose an eye at this "Is this a bastardised version of the Heaven's Feel?" Medea thought.

Her chakra was weak, due to exhaustion and old age,

"Damn… not enough chakra" she cursed.

Naruto walked up to her "Then please… use my chakra, can you do it?"

"Put your hands on top of mine" she said.

Naruto concentrated as he pushed his chakra through her

Chiyo smiled, "I am glad someone like you appeared, in this world shinobi that w old people created… in the past… everything I did was mistaken…but… at the very end, it seems I am able to do the right thing… sand and Konoha their futures are differing from our past…. What Kakashi said… your mysterious power… that power may change the future… become a Hokage unlike any before… and Sakura, don't risk your life for an old hag next time… save that which is important to you… you are a lot like me, there are not many women with chivalrous spirit matching those of men… you may become a kunoichi surpassing your own master" Chiyo said.

Tears trailed down her face

"Naruto… a request from an old hag… you are the only who can know Gaara's pain… Gaara also know your pain… help Gaara out…" Chiyo said.

Dream realm

Naruto was in his childhood form once more, but he was surrounded by his friends and teachers, however he felt something in the air, he turned about and rushed towards that feeling of hopelessness he could feel in the air.

In the ground was a young boy with a shock of red hair, he was crying due the loneliness.

It was painful… to be alone, to be hated… to be feared for something you had no control over.

A hand appeared on his shoulder, he turned around to see Naruto's face as a young kid… and then both of them turned back to teens.

Gaara woke up, he was surrounded by his people… his friends.

"Everyone came running… to save you"Naruto said with a smile. "You bastard… you put us through the ringer…" Naruto said jokingly.

Gaara was in shock at seeing all the people out for him, then out of noehre a couple of girls pushed Naruto out of the way. Looking out for Gaara and squeeling in delight, seems he gotten a fangirl base.

"Don't feel bad… women are always weak at the knees for the elite cool types" Kanguro said with a smirk.

"Yeah… but I don't mind, after all I got 4 lovely women waiting for me, much better than any girl here out obsessing for Gaara" Naruto said with a smirk, Kankuro was speechless.

"You… are a god!" Kankuro said as he kneeled as Naruto chuckled at his antics.

Buth of them chuckled as Temari rolled her eyes, and then remembered what happened on the little hotel and blushed something fierce.

"Thank you, Naruto" Kankuro said.

"You should be saying that to the old lady, not me… she saved Gaara with her amazing medical ninjutsu" Naruto said.

Naruto then stopped… he couldn't feel Chiyo's life energy.

"Medea-chan… she is…" Naruto said.

"is as you suspect darling…" Medea said as she looked sad.

A couple days later

It was the funeral for Chiyo, and Naruto and Medea had another prana exchange session, much to Sakura's chagrin, Medea was VERY loud, regardless of magic used to dampen the sound, Temari even told Kankuro about it and made him blush.

Sakura put her pinkie finger on the grave, making a silent promise to her.

"See ya" Kankuro said, unable to look at Medea in the eye, nor Naruto "Y…yeah… I guess this is normally the part where you shake hands and part ways… but I am bad at that kind of thing! So…" Naruto said.

Gaara raised his hand up to Naruto's waist, a trail of sand forced Naruto to do the same.

After all farewells where done Medea used her magic to transport them all back to Konoha, Sakura was irritated at the prana exchange ritual of them (Naruto shaking with Medea).

Once they arrived to Konoha Naruto was greeted by Rider who was hanging around with Anko, as so she was the first to meet up with the group.

"Hey there Naruto-kun, glad to see you back from the mission, Ilyasviel has been getting hit on a lot by your little follower" Rider said with a smirk "I think his name is Konohamaru?"

Naruto groaned, "I guess this is the perils of having a cute loli for a sister… I will talk to him later" Naruto said shaking his head. To be honest I think Ilya might be the one playing with him.

Naruto went to his new home, Saber was sitting down in seisa, "Saber, I am home" Naruto said

"Welcome home, Naruto" she said.

"Oh? You are back already?" Rin said as she was walking about with some dangos.

"you seem to be enjoying yourself, I missed you all girls" Naruto said.

"Somewhat, Sakura is a bit troubled, there seems to be someone sending a lot of evil intent towards us" Rin said.

"AH! Naruto-oniichan!" Ilya said as she rushed towards him, he reinforced his body and took the tackle of the glomp. Kakashi was behind him as he smirked, he was glad at seeing Naruto happy and with such family who loved and wanted him.

For now, all was normal.

Naruto needed to change clothes… he decided to look on his closet and found a strange treasure chest.

He stared at it… for some reason it felt… familiar.

He opened the chest to find his clothes, only more colored to his tastes.

"No way" Naruto said in shock, he found a small note that feel from the clothes.

"Naruto-kun, this is Kischtur Zeltrech, I hope this small gift would be to your liking, from what I been able to learn through Kaleidoscope, you seem to be doing fine, keep the good work… by the way, Arcueid has been asking for you, thought I should pass that message, anyways this outfit is identical to EMIYA's but I managed to get it on your favorite color, it should be more durable than your regular clothes, anyways, enjoy this gift and tell Rin to keep on her studies, I will go and check her when she least expects it" the note read.

Naruto smirked as he crumbled the letter and tore it… just a little something to look forward.

Hokage Tower, next day

"Can we trust it? What if it is a trap? With Orochimaru as bait, Akatsuki could be lying in wait for you at the Tenchi Bridge" Tsunade said.

Sakura couldn't say anything, for it might as well be true, they had no information other than what Sasorti had deemed right to give out.

"if it's a trap, then we'll just have to fight." Sakura said.

"You say you will fight, but Kakashi will be in that state for at least a week, and the is only six days… I guess I'll have to form a new team" Tsunade said.

"Tsunade-sama…!" Shizune.

"What?" Tsunade asked.

"in that case, you should send a different team to investigate… even if you send Sakura like you said… you must leave Naruto-kun out" Shizune said

Tsunade looked away, Shizune's request was a valid one, Naruto as a jinchuriki is a high priority target for Akatsuki, and even bigger asset that Konoha must protect, however, with what he heard of his… wives, and his new skills.

"Shizune, Sakura is like you, one of the few Shinobi I can trust in. I am definitely sending Sakura's team, Team Kakashi, on this mission" Tsunade said.

"Then, wouldn't it be the same if my team went?" Shizune asked

"It's not the same… those strong feelings they have will bring the mission to succeed… in that regard, you and Sakura are different" Tsunade explained.

"Understood… but for this mission, Naruto-kun…" Shizune began.

"Well, now that you've heard all of it, what do you have to say, Naruto?" Tsunade said looking up.

Shizune then turned around to look, it was Naruto, besides him was Rider, sitting rather seductively, much to the annoyance of Sakura.

"I'll go looking or members right away!" Naruto said as he jumped and passed Tsunade "Ossu!" Rider followed diligently after him.

Naruto landed on the ground and walked about with Rider, Saber was training on the dojo and Rin was injecting jewels with her blood to use as her mystic codes.

"It's been a while… Naruto" a voice said

"uh?" Naruto turned around, it was a person wearing dark googles and his face was masked on the bottom half, hits speech pattern was familiar…

"Wait… Shino?! Man, you changed, I almost didn't recognize you, then again you barely show your face or eyes for that matter" Naruto chuckled.

"SHINO! YOU ARE EARLY!" a voice yelled

Rider and Naruto looked up as the sun got blocked, a big object landed.

"Ki…Kiba?" Naruto said in shock.

"oh?! That scent! Naruto?" Kiba said in shock

"WOOF!" the giant dog barked

"And that dog… Akamaru? Wow you grown" Naruto said as he scratched his ears affectionately.

"Seems you gotten taller man" Kiba said.

"you should be one to talk, Akamaru's gotten huge" Naruto said

"Really? I am allways with him, so I guess I didn't notice, 'sides that who is that lady next to you? Seems very close to ya"

"Her name is Rider, she is my wife one of them anyways" Naruto dropped the bomb.

"Ah… is that so… I see… I see…" Kiba said as he nodded.


"WHAT!?" He yelled.

"GAH!" a voice yelped

Naruto turned around and saw the empty streets.

Empty street around the corner

Hinata was nearly hyperventilating, her chest rising and lowering, her heart beating fast.

"Na… Naruto-kun…?! I heard he was back, but… what do I do… I haven't seen him in 3 years… what do I say… I…" she thought

Then Naruto appeared.

"Oh? Hinata? What are you doing hiding over here?" Naruto asked as his face was almost touching hers.

Hinata turned red… her eyes begun to swim… then… she fainted on her feet.

"Wha!? Hey Hinata! Why're you falling over?!" Naruto yelled in fright

"Why you always faint when you see Naruto?!" Kiba asked

"This always happens every time" Shino said.

Rider chuckled at this, back on Kuuyuki Naruto was serious most of the time, never seen this side of him, she liked it.


"Man what a pain, in the end they couldn't join us…." Naruto said as he sighed.

"it should be understandable… by the way, that girl… you know her?" Rider asked

"Who? Hinata? Somewhat, she is a nice girl, a bit weird tough, she always faints around me" Naruto said.

Rider grinned, Naruto was still naïve when it came to girls it seems.

"There is someone else I wanna ask… I hope he can, but probably not" Naruto sighed.

"Why? Is he busy?" Rider asked

"Maybe, but mostly because he is lazy" Naruto said.

Chuunin exam preparatory committee

"Bah… like I said it's troublesome, but I have to sort out the entrants for the chuunin exam, I know we have some kind of friendship thing… and I'd like to help you out… but there's no way I can do what I want eiter. It's… that godaime… you'd think I get enough nagging from my mother" Shikamaru said.

Rider was shocked, everything about this guy screamed lazy to her.

"if that's the case, how about I help out" A voice said.

Naruto turned around, "Oh! Chouji, how are you? Nice armor" Naruto said.

"thanks, Shikamaru, your mother asked me to give you your lunch" Chouji said.

"Hey Naruto who is the woman?" Shikamaru asked.

"Oh? Right, she is Rider, she is one of my wives" Naruto said.

Shikamaru put a hand on his shoulder "Life is going to be a pain from now on… I wish you the best of luck" Shikamaru said

"Oi oi… I don't' like the way you are saying things" Naruto said as he glared at Shikamaru.

Then, his alarm bells went off in his head "Stand back!" Rider yelled as she threw her chain and nail at the creatures that jumped to attack.

Naruto twisted himself in mid-air "trace…on!" Kanshou and Bakuya formed themselves in his hands; he twisted himself and cut the one going besides Chouji in a flash.

"Rider, can you find the one who is sending these ink monsters?" Naruto said.

"Yes, at 4o clock" Rider said

"Give me a lift" Naruto said as he ran back.

Rider then laid on the floor, Naruto jumped over her and Rider used her 'monster strength' and kicked Naruto upwards towards the assailant.

The person had a plastic smile on him, like a fake, a mask one would say.

He then created more ink based creatures, but Naruto and Rider tore through them. Naruto went in for the kill.

Naruto's blade collided against his; the unknown assailant was pushed to his limits due to naruto's strength bolstered by self-reinforcement magic, the stranger's blade broke under the magic power of the twin married swords of Naruto.

"You are quiet strong it seems you have something between your legs, uh?" he said nonchalantly.

"It's huuuuuge" Naruto said as he pushed with more power making the assailant back off.

"joke aside, who are you" Naruto, glared at the stranger, he had Konoha headband so he must be of the village, but appearances can be deceiving.


The assailant heard a snake like sound and looked bellow, a nail and chain shot up to his face, he jumped away to avoid it.

"Che" Rider scoffed.

"We will meet again, Naruto-kun" he said as he was enveloped in ink and vanished.

"Chouji! I thought I might find you here" a female voice said

They all turned to see a pretty girl with blond hair, she had one eye covered by a long bang, wearing a purple outfit

"For Crying out loud… Asuma-sensei's angry that you still haven't shown up" the girl said.

"Ah… sorry Ino" Chouji apologized to the girl. "some weird person just attacked us…" he explained

"Weird person?" she said as she looked around and saw Rider and someone else on a roof. "hey… isn't that Naruto, and whose the girl with him?" Ino asked

"NARUTOO! IT'S BEEN A WHILE!" Ino yelled happy to see an old friend

Naruto smiled and jumped down. "Yo Ino, you changed a lot since I last saw you, you seem like you matured a bit" Naruto said.

Ino blushed a bit, Shikamaru's eye twitched and Choiji mouth was empty… chips lay forgotten.

"I am glad you been well… Anyways I have to get going… take care of yourself, and Chouji… take care of her, she can be… as Shikamaru would put it "troublesome" but she is a good friend" Naruto said.

Chouji just nodded.

Rider was laughing on the inside by how Naruto left them speechless.

And so Naruto continued his (unnecessary) search for new team members.

Chapter end