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Meiko yawned as she walked down the hallway to her room. She had just came back from the studio and was incredibly tired. Blinking her eyes tiredly, she made her way down hall when suddenly she heard something that snapped her wide awake.

A groan.

He brunette stopped in her tracks, holding in her breath, and her eyes shot wide when she realized where the noise came from.

The twins' room.

The two blond kid's room.

The Kagamine's room.

Len and Rin's room.

Oh shit. It sounded like it was Len who let out that noise.

But... from what?

Oh God, they're only 14.

Scared half to death, Meiko leaned closer to their door, pressing her ear slightly against it, so she could hear clearer.

She hear a girl's whine.


"But Len, I don't wanna do it." Meiko gulped, as Rin hesitated. "I mean... it's so big, and long! It'll hurt me if you do that!"

She did not just say that.

Before Meiko got a chance to punch the door down, once again she heard a groan.

"Rin, you have to do it. Come on, we're teenagers now, right? Teenagers can do this."

She hesitated. "Okay fine, I'll do it. Just don't come from behind." Taking a deep breath, she added, "Because it'll hurt me more if I can't see you."

Meiko gasped mentally. Oh God, just what was Len making the girl do?

"Don't worry, I won't. First, go like this."

"Mmn, okay."

Meiko's ears twitched when the creaking of furniture sounded.

Then came a moan.

"Stop, Len, it hurts!"

"I'm sorry, but you just have to endure it a bit longer."

"Yeah, but it hurts!"

He growled, "Okay, okay, I'll go slow."

Was Len ever this aggressive?

Another pause.

"Yeah, that's better. Keep it going, Rin."

A whimper. "Ah, sto– Len, that hurts!"

"Mmn, sorry. Just wait, we're almost done."

More furniture creaking.

"Ah, Len! I said not from the behind! W-Wai–!" She screamed.

And that's when Meiko kicked open the door. She clamped her eyes shut; her cheeks flushed with red, as she angrily thundered, "What are you guys doing! You're way too young for this!"

Silence answered her.

She slowly opened an eye to reveal a Len and a Rin on the bed who were both dressed; Len apparently holding a bottle of medicine and a cotton ball in each hand, and Rin sitting on bed, holding her arm and wincing.

After a moment, Len's curiosity got him to ask: "Too young for what, Meiko-neesan?" He paused, taking a moment to glance down at the items in his hands.

"Too young to treat an injury?"

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