I was reading this drabble collection and happened to be also half-watching Treasure planet…aka…the coolest movies EVER. AND this crazy and yet awesome idea popped into my head. The drabble was from Reizbar-Ookami…..I forgot the title…but check out the collection it's fantastic!

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I clutched the strap of my blue patch-worked shoulder bag until my knuckles hurt. I kept my head down, starring at my worn out shoes as they trotted along the paved road of the busy marketplace. I glanced nervously to my left. My older brother walked a half of a pace ahead of me, his hands in his pockets and his head ducked so his bangs covered his eyes. He felt my gaze and glanced over his shoulder at me, his eyes hard. Taking the hint I looked back at the ground feeling guilty.

We continued to push thought the crowd of the market place. I wanted to look around to marvel at all the things the venders where selling but I knew he would get angry. I really didn't want him to become any more stressed then he already was. Biting the inside of my lip, a horrible habit I learned from my brother, I reached into my old bag and pulled out my green pair of cordless headphones. Putting them in my ears I tapped the center of my right palm, twice. Opening my palm screen, I scrolled through my music choices. Something soothing would be nice. Beethoven's piano classics filled my ears as my palm screen disappeared.

My hand started to reach out and grab a hold of his shirt, as I used to do when we where younger. I took back my hand half way and went back to gripping my shoulder bag. The people in the street seemed less threatening as the calming music flowed through my mind. My nervousness lifted, as I hummed a few bars of the song.

But of nowhere a hand gripped my shoulder and pulled me backwards as my heart jumped in my chest. I didn't have time to scream before another ruff hand covered my mouth. I stood still as my brothers voice repeated the words he frequently told me "Don't make a scene, don't create a problem." I felt myself hit my captor's hard chest, as the grip increased in pressure.

My eyes scanned the crowd for the red hat my brother wore to cover up his hair. The hat continued to move forward with the bustling crowd of the market place. Without a moments hesitation I reached into my pocket and pulled out one of my many knives hidden on my body. The knife in my hand, I stabbed the hand covering my mouth. An earthly smell filled my nostrils as my captor stared to bleed.

My captor let out an angry howl, as his hands released me. I swirled around to face him. His face was plated with large, dull colored scales. Two pairs of Ivory horns protruded from his forehead and crown. His teeth where like a sharks and his jaw seemed too big for his face. His red eyes where narrowed in pain. I couldn't fight a full-grown male Drioncada alone. My only way out was to run. I instantly remembered all the lessons my brother had me drill repeatedly. Their weak spot was the arch on their back. I jammed my knife into his back with all my strength. As he reared up in pain, I left my knife in his spine and jolted into the crowed and followed after the retreating hat.

The soothing music and the pounding of my hart hurried me along as the red hat grew nearer and nearer. I reached out, my lungs burning, and grabbed the back of his shirt. He stopped as I bumped into him with my running momentum. He turned around his mouth open about to say something. He stopped and wiped something off my cheek. As his hand moved away I spotted a drop of brown blood. His eyes narrowed as he looked around angrily.

"Sere? What took you so long?" Joey demanded his eyes confused.

I let out a shaky breath, my eyes glancing around the busting crowd. I shook my head.

His eyes narrowed as he nodded in understanding. He grabbed my left hand and turning sharply half-dragged me further into the crowd. My legs stumbled along, as I tried to compose myself. I was amazed that Joey could continue to remain completely calm.

We walked along the crowd bumping and pushing. Our eyes flickering around looking for anyone watching us. I glanced back checking for a stalker, or the Drinocada. My breath hitched as a dull plated creature made its way through the market. His eyes trained on us.
"Joey he found us!" I cried, squeezing his hand in panic.

"Shit!" Joey cursed as he picked up his speed.

I shuttered as the crowd started to thin out as we neared the no human zone. The market place of Domino was located in the middle of one the largest space ports in the 7th galaxy. Most aliens and other creatures where know for their hatred of humans and wouldn't hesitate to kill us on the spot or worse. My brother and I where one of the few locals that actually lived on the Space port, while most merchants flew in for a season of selling their good and left at the end. A strong wind blew through the streets lifting Joey's hat off his head and swirling my hair into my eyes. I tried to turn back but he yelled to keep moving forward. Joey turned left and down a small alley. There was no way the massive Drinocada could follow us into the tiny space.

The creature stopped at the opening and glared at us. He was different from the one I had stabbed his head larger and his scales more red-ish. He must have been a partner. He raised a fist up and waved a piece of paper, his other hand clutched Joey's red hat.

"I'll catch you two, and collect my reward." He yelled, as he walked away angrily.

My legs gave out as I slid down the slimy wall and sat down on the damp stone. I was too stunned to do much more. Joey sighed and leaned against the opposite wall, and nervously ran a shaky hand through his blond hair, making it puff out. We look at each other as the creatures words replayed. He had our photo, and he knew who we where. Which meant only one thing! Dad knew we where missing. The calming music wasn't helping my nerves. I pulled the headphones out of my ears and shoved them back into my bag, my hands shaking.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"We keep running!" He stated flatly.

"Joey we can't run forever."

"Sere, we can't go back." He said his voice raising.

I looked down at my lap. "He'll kill us if we're found and taken back by a bounty hunter."

'Then we have to be smarter! We have to get away." He murmured.

Drawing my knees to my chest, I hugged my legs. My long hair fell forward. It was a light brown with many strands of bright golden blond. Joey's hair was even worse his whole head was a golden yellow. It was true that blonds where a coveted species and if we where every caught by slavers we'd be sold at a high price, but it also would give us away as humans. No alien or creature had blond hair.

"We could dye our hair." I said half to myself.

Joey's head perked up as he stared at me thoughtfully. "How do you feel about the color black?" He asked as a wide grin played out on his face.

I glanced up at him and groaned. "Really, big brother?"

He nodded, as he started to dig thought his tan shoulder bag. He pulled out a bag filled with a gooey black substance. My stomach twisted at the sight of the bag. I had to cover my nose as he opened the bag. It smelled like rotting meat that was left in the sun for a few weeks.

"Then what about our eyes?" I asked reluctantly. I really didn't want to put that goop I my hair.

He stopped and looked at me, as he bit his lower lip in thought. I was born with bad eyes and as I got older I started to see less and less. When I was twelve I went blind. I know Joey did some dangerous thing for the money he got for my operation, but they could still never completely cure my sight. When I was fourteen my eyes lost their color, and filmed over into a milky brown. It freaked most humans out to stare into my eyes. I could see well enough but I looked blind.

"Just pretend to be completely blind." He said after a long pause.

He took a step forward and dumped half the packet of goop onto my head. He let out a short laugh at my horrified face, as the black dye ran down my head. He lifted the bag over his head and emptied the rest on him. I clenched my jaw to keep a word of protest down. I loved his hair and I loved mine too. I grudgingly reached up and rubbed the dye through my hair, wincing at the cold, gooey feel of the dye.

The muggy afternoon during the harvesting season made the black dye feel slimy and runny through my fingers as I rubbed it thought-out my hair. My once brown hair fell to my shoulders in dark black tendrils that clumped together as the dye dried off. I would only have to wait a few seconds before it dried and flaked off, leaving my hair permanently black until I applied the remover. I glanced up at Joey and almost cried out in fright. With his hair black and his eyes closed as he rubbed the fowl substance in his hair, he looked like a complete stranger.

"Do you have the remover also?" I questioned.

He opened his eyes, as his hands pulled away from his hair. The goo still sticking to his hands just as they where mine. He looked up and I was relieved to see my brother's amber eyes. "NO! That would cause suspicion!"

I sighed and looked down at my blackened hands. I slowly stood up and smiled half-heartedly. "So where do we clean off?"

I started to move back towards the human zone, until he caught my elbow and pulled me back, shaking his head. "No, we can't go that way. We have to-…" His voice trailed off as he looked towards the no human zone.

I sighed deeply as my shoulders dropped in defeat.

Joey held my hand as we walked down the narrow alley and out the other side. The air was denser and it seemed almost darker. We kept our heads down as we rushed forward. Joey walked along the almost deserted streets as if he had walked them his whole life. It wasn't until I heard the trickling of water that I realized he was taking us to a fountain.

I slowly dipped my hands into the cloudy water, cautious of any attacks of out of the norm. Joey kept glancing around, scanning for anyone who would stop us. I finished cleaning my hands and stood up. He bent down and followed my suit as I kept look out. Few aliens and creatures walked by, barely giving us a second glance. We looked like outlanders. Our black hair clumpy and cloths dirty. I almost laughed aloud as a thought passed my mind. I was supposed to be completely blind and I was being look out. It sure looked strange, for a blind person to constantly glance around as if seeing.

Joey stood up and shook his head, black flakes fluttering to the ground. "We should find work. But first-" He said as he reached into his bag and pulled out a clear bag with two clear drops.

I half wondered what he didn't pack and what he wasn't prepared for. I smiled fondly as he opened the bag and pulled out the two small drops of clear liquid. He always took care of me, I had him to thank for my life. The drops remained in their shape as he handed then to me.

"These will block most of your vision." He stated.

I cringed as I dropped one into my eye. My crystal clear vision blurred and became haze. Tears threatened to form from my closed eye as I dropped the other into my left eye. My brother had worked so hard to make sure I wouldn't go blind and her he was trying to help be become so. I squeezed my eyes shut as the drops spread over my eyes in a thin layer. I opened my eyes and almost stumbled in surprise. It was as if I was twelve again, everything was so confusing and blurry. I reached out for something familiar. My brother's arms enveloped me as I shivered into his broad chest.

"I'm so sorry Sere but I can't allow us to go back to him. I promised you I'd keep us safe. Just bare with me for now." He said as he rubbed circles in my back.

"Hey, you two Outlanders?" A strong male voice called from behind us.

I gasped and whirled around as Joey's grip on my shoulder tightened. My blurry vision made it almost impossible to see the man as his distance. The only sound other than the flowing of the fountain where his slow footsteps walking towards us. Joey continued to stiffen as his hand squeezed my right shoulder. The man stopped about three feet from us from his body language, I could tell he had his arms crossed

"Outlanders?" He said again slower this time. "Do you need work? Two of my servers got abducted three days ago. I'll even give you room and board."

"Agreed!" Joey cried out quickly as he held out his hand, the other man took his wrist and shook it, closing their contract.

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