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Chapter Three: Tender Feelings

What was going on in his mind?

Masada hadn't responded to me for several minutes, appearing to be lost in thought. Had I done something wrong that had scared him? Perhaps he didn't like my sudden burst of affection, or maybe he was trying to decide what to do with me next. Even though he was usually rather silent no matter what the atmosphere, I was still a bit worried that he might have been annoyed with my over affection. Whatever the case, I decided to get his attention.

"…Sensei?" The words came out slowly, verbalizing my worry. As soon as he heard my voice, the pale man appeared to shake himself out of his thought process and blink his mismatched eyes at me as if nothing had happened. I tightened the embrace between us for a few moments before stepping back, looking him over. Nothing out of the ordinary, not even so much as a smile. Was he unhappy?

"What is it?" He sounded tired, as if he hadn't slept in a long time. Had he been up writing some more music? If so, maybe he'd play it for me. At least, I certainly hoped he would.

"Oh, it was nothing, really. You just seemed to be thinking about something and I wanted to know what." I answered him, attempting to keep my lips from curling into a smile. I didn't want him to see how happy I was to be here, how alone I felt without him. Even though I tried to look brave and not care about anything, I was still the same clingy, emotional little girl seeking affection that I had always been. During the day, I was always so lonely in my apartment that I would spend all of my time sleeping in the company of the various characters that inhabited my dreams. When I was here, in my own little world, I was never alone. I had always secretly wished that I could stay here forever, and never awaken to that horrible place.

I saw my teacher's pale white face slowly change into a light shade of pink. Whatever was in his mind had truly been something embarrassing. "I was thinking about the day that you first spoke to me." He admitted, turning his head away. It was the only way that the man could avert his gaze, seeing as his eyes were in two separate directions and could never really focus. He only really did such a thing when he was very flustered, which most likely meant that his memory of me had made him happy. The thought brought a small smile to my lips, one I didn't intend to hide from him. I could see him peering over at me from behind a curtain of his short, black hair, probably taking in the obvious happiness on my face.

"Oh, it's only that silly day? I thought it would have been something more important." Masada knew I was only teasing him, but I could still see a small trace of hurt flare in his mismatched eyes. I knew the time that we spent together was important to both of us, even more so than the pain of being apart. As he continued to glance over at me, I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around sensei again, catching him off guard. I felt him tremble slightly and then reach down, hugging me tightly. "I'm sorry. You know I was only joking."

"I know, Madotsuki." He responded, closing his eyes. Seccom was a man of few words, only really speaking when spoken to. I wasn't really clear on the reason why, but I suspected that it had to do with not wanting to push someone away with his opinions or ideas. He just wanted company, something I was absolutely glad to give him. He deserved to be happy, and perhaps one day I could coax him out of his silence. For now, I just wanted to relish the remaining time that we had today.

"Hey, Masada-sensei?" I looked up at him, trying to refrain from smiling once more. He nodded in response, showing that he was listening. Taking in a small breath, I tightened my grip on him. "…Hold me." I had never really asked such a thing of him before, and I wondered if he would deny me the embrace I desired. Without hesitation, the elder man placed his hands on my waist and lifted me to his chest, cradling me there. It was gentle, as if he were holding a young kitten.

Seccom continued to hug me softly yet firmly, leaning down until his face was hovering right above mine. I could see that he was overjoyed by what I had asked of him, showing me so with a large smile across his normally sullen face. I longed to lean up and show him of my affection with a small kiss, but my inexperience in such romantic gestures would only have ended in disappointment for both of us. Still, with his face so close to mine, it wouldn't be such a wild feat…