Chapter 1

"Guess who!"

Caitlyn jumped as someone came up behind her and covered her eyes. Caitlyn wobbled slightly due to the fact that he had just stepped out of a canoe and onto an unstable dock. Caitlyn and the rest of the Camp Rockers had just paddled across the lake to Camp Star for the big bon fire.

Caitlyn smiled as she placed her hands over the ones that were obstructing her view.

"Hm, perhaps it's Sanders or Barron?"

"Nope," the mystery person whispered into one of Caitlyn's ears. She shivered slightly, recognizing the husky voice at once.

"How about Shane? Or maybe my bestest friend Jason?" Caitlyn smirked, attempting to annoy the mystery person.

"Hey! Caity…" the mysterious individual whined, dragging out Caitlyn's nickname. "I'M your best friend!"

Caitlyn giggled before turning around and throwing her arms around her long time best friend, and secret crush, Nate's neck.

"NATE!" Caitlyn squealed lifting her feet off the ground as Nate twirled her around.

"I missed you," Nate smiled, setting Caitlyn down, but keeping one of his arms slung around her shoulders.

"I missed you too!" Caitlyn responded, wrapping her arms around Nate's middle and hugging him tightly as they walked.

To strangers it probably looked as though the two were dating, but they were truly ONLY best friends. Because of Nate's fame the two rarely saw each other, but when they did, they were attached at the hip.

As the two friends walked towards Star Amphitheatre they caught up on each other's lives.

Caitlyn halted suddenly, in awe of the amphitheatre.


"Yeah," Nate agreed angrily.

Caitlyn tilted her head on Nate's chest to look up at him and give him a confused look.

"It's just SO obvious this Axel guy just wants revenge on Brown!" Nate fumed. "We really shouldn't even be here!"

"Excuse me," said a small voice behind the two entangled friends.

"Oh," Caitlyn let out, jumping from the pressure of the girl attempting to push towards the stage. "I'm sorry!" Caitlyn pulled Nate with her as she stepped aside.

The brunette girl with full lips walked past Caitlyn and Nate. The girl was few inches taller than Caitlyn and smiled at the pair as she walked by, in appreciation.

Caitlyn looked up at Nate again, his body had gone completely rigid and he had a goofy grin on his face. Caitlyn rolled her eyes with a laugh.

"Still want to go back to Camp Rock?" Caitlyn asked with a knowing smile. Nate shook his head 'no' as he all but drooled at the nameless brunette. Caitlyn bit her lip as she watched Nate gawk at the mystery girl. Was she feeling jealousy? No! She couldn't be! "She's WAY out of your league, Nathan!" Caitlyn joked, pulling Nate towards two empty seats in the front row.

Camp Star's performance quickly began and by the end of the song the whole Camp Rock audience was stiff with shock. As the final notes were sung Caitlyn was hit in the forehead by something hard.

"Ow!" Caitlyn groaned, holding her head. "What the FUCK was that?"

"It was that pretty girl's bracelet!" Nate said, holding the charm bracelet in front of his face. It had landed in his lap. "We should probably go and return it," Nate said eagerly, pulling Caitlyn towards the brunette.

As they walked hand in hand Caitlyn examined the bracelet.



"The bracelet," Caitlyn said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "It says Dana. That must be her name!"

Once Dana was in earshot Caitlyn called out her name. Dana, who seemed to be searching for something, spun around.

"I think you might be looking for this," Caitlyn explained, handing over the charm bracelet.

"Oh my God! Thank you so much!" Dana exclaimed happily.

"Oh, it was really no big deal!" Nate smiled, suddenly finding his voice. "Everyone is okay and you got your bracelet!"

"Did we forget about the huge welt growing on my forehead?" Caitlyn asked sarcastically, pointing to her forehead.

Dana cleared her throat awkwardly. "Um, well, thanks Nate and… Nate's girlfriend?"

"We're not dating," Caitlyn deadpanned. "We better go, come on Nate."

"Oh, um, okay," Nate looked away from Dana and towards Caitlyn's retreating form. "Be right there…"

Caitlyn rolled her eyes, all she could see was green.

"Well, bye," Dana smiled.

"Yup, and remember me and Caity AREN'T dating!" Nate winked.

Dana laughed and nodded as if she were intrigued, raising a single eyebrow.


Nate looked over his shoulder worriedly. "Uh, bye!" Nate waved before running off towards Caitlyn, tripping in nervousness, causing Dana to laugh.