Ten Words

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: LeeGaa
Summary: Ten genres in ten words or less.
Disclaimer: Yes, I AM Kishimoto.
…I'm kidding.

I. Angst

A bare whisper. Don't leave me.

…But his eyes close.


"Unhand me, pirate scum!"

"All in good time, Captain Lee."

III. Crack!fic

Sabaku no Lee was tough, but Gaara never gave up!

IV. Crossover: Naruto – Harry Potter

"Lee… your Patronus…"


"…is a raccoon?"

"Y-you think so?"

V. First Time

It is…

(can you

may I



…beyond words.

VI. Fluff

"I love you," Lee whispers.

Gaara can't look away.

VII. Humor

"There's S-SAND! In my –"

"I told you not to struggle."

VIII. Hurt/Comfort

"I'm s-sorry… so sorry…"

"Shh, it's okay… I know."

IX. Smut

Afterwards, neither would be able to say who'd screamed first.


Crossed arms.


That look.



…couldn't say it.

Author's Note: You would think writing ten words or less would be a little easier. LJ Meme, stolen from Boyue :P

One day, you WILL see something of more substantial length from me. *Nice guy pose* Reviews appreciated!