Arianna grinned as she stepped out of the Budapest Airport. The flashing words and streaming signs greeted her brightly - literally. She pulled her luggage behind her, flipping her caramel locks over her shoulder. Her eyes glowed as she stepped into the fresh Buda sunlight.

"This is what I'm talking about." She mumbled as a smirk played across her fiery lips. Her orbs scanned over the crowds of people smiling to each other, laughing like maniacs. A soft breeze gently tossed her hair, pushing it back behind her neck. With a heavy sigh, she pushed forward, her eyes set on the giant hill that towered over the city.

Arianna gaped at all the little workshops and restaurants that greeted her on the side of the street. Some vendors looked delightful, but she merely waved it off, and kept walking. A few winks met her way, and she returned it with a few smiled herself. A few men and women had dropped their plates at first glance.

She inhaled deeply. The attention. The loved the feeling, it coursed through her veins like a sort of adrenaline, keeping her steady on her feet. The looks, winks, and so forth, were her own version of a high, she lived off of it. This was her addiction.

Finally tired of walking, she stuck out a thumb, needing a taxi. A few had come swerving; battling to get to her first, but eventually there was only one winner. With a grin, she opened the door and stepped inside. The seats were comfortable, and the vehicle was delightfully cool.

"So where would I be taking a beautiful miss like yourself?" She inhaled the feeling, and smiled noticing the driver's features. She had long black strands, tied in a neat knot. He was probably in his late twenties, as his blue eyes gleamed at her. He was handsome, but definitely not in her tastes.

"The hill please. You'll get me there safely right?" A grin lit his features, as he began driving.

"Anything for the angel." Arianna had to stop herself from an eye roll. Angel. Who in the world hadn't called her that? Puh-lease. She needed something original for once. With a polite nod, she laced her fingers and set them on her lap, organizing her small luggage beside her.

After long minutes, they came to a stop in front of a barbed wire fence. She stepped out the care dramatically, and handed him the cash, while he handed her a small slip of paper. He winked.

"My number." She blew him a kiss, and he was on his way out of there. The moment auto steered from her view she crumbled the paper placing it in a random pocket of her luggage. She scanned the gate, searching for a certain something, but found it was not there. She rounded the gate corner, and there it was.
Hanging from an electrical wire, was a small cord. Quickly, she pulled out a cell phone, her fingers gliding across the keyboard, and pulled out her laptop and two other wires, along with a metal dog chain - meant for a Rottweiler. Quickly she plugged the cord to the phone, and lifted the third cord place. Her fingers flew across the touchscreen laptop, and she pulled up a hacking program, and immediately got to work.

After all the hard work, she had done it. She cut a wire, and wrapped the loose ends around the dog chain. She stood up, swinging the chain.

"This had better work, or I'm dead, before I can even say hello." She slung the chain and watched as it wrapped around both of the utility lines, and she squealed happily. A time of ten minutes popped up on the screen. She then strapped on her luggage and began her run up the hill.

Tori sat at his computer, scanning the screens. Cameo had just left the room, her visit short and brief. She brought him pleasure, but knew the feeling was only temporary and would last a mere few hours, before he wanted more, but then again, he would never have more. With a sad sigh, he turned his eyes back to the screen which wasn't showing anything big moving.
Five minutes had passed since Cameo had left the room. Since then, A few other warriors had come down, curiosity filled their minds. He merely shrugged them off, and returned to his boring computer screen.

The dim lights gave him complete views of all his monitors. He had a few monitors that showed the surveillance around the fortress while, the infrared camera scanned the grounds for any heat senses. His eyes widened as he looked at the screen. How could he have been so stupid? He'd been fed the same screen for nine minutes now.
A cellphone was already in his hands as he dialed Lucien and Sabin, the so called 'leaders' of their groups.

"What?" They answered at the same time, annoyed. He rolled his eyes; they'd probably been with their women.

"There is something approaching - they got past" He was cut off by the slam of a door, and a few screams.

"A little late. They're here." End call.

Arianna slammed open the fortress door, throwing her suitcase in front of her panting heavily. She was smart to do. Bullets, knives, and who knows what else, had just slammed into the suitcase, but never making skin contact. Good. After the endless barrage had stopped, she rested her hands on her knees, breathing heavily, when a male appeared before her. Shirtless, covered with scars, and one blue eye. He aimed to put a knife in his neck, but she spun around, kicking him in his back toward the others.

"Who are you?" A gruff voice sounded from one of the warriors.

"Forget that, what are you, because you are one hot-"

"William!" The man that had attacked yelled obviously irritated. Arianna smirked and sent him a wink, when her gaze analyzed them all.

"I know exactly what's going on, and it should continue." She grinned, recognizing the lie as soon as it had been spurted. She looked towards him, and couldn't have been happier in her life.

"Giddy!" He froze and turned his eyes toward her, pure shock coming across his face.