"Ari—" Before he could finished, he felt the rush of pain making its way to his chest. He refused to finish, and she sighed happily, before she helped him up from his knees, her touch gentle and caring. Weapons were put away, as she embraced her older brother, happy to see him once more. The blue haired warrior returned the hug, relieved to see his sister once more. She smiled up at him, and placed a loving hand on his cheek, as if trying to see if it were him. After a few moments of confirmation, he just received the worst sting on his face he'd ever felt. 'Holy shit, she just bitch slapped me.' He stared down at her obviously annoyed face.

"What the hell was that for?" She glared up at him.

"How in the hell could you think that thing was me? Apparently, someone needs to stop with the hair dye, because you've forgotten that you have BLACK hair. Obviously, I would too, dumbass! And do you think I'd let a man stand up for me. Sorry, Gid, but you've lost your damned mind!" She wanted to hit him again. She really did, but she didn't want the first time after centuries of not seeing each other to begin badly.

"It was my fault!" He lied, meaning it wasn't, but she'd poke fun.

"Well I know that, idiot. This is why I'm pretty much blaming this whole situation on you, and the guy that keeps surveillance, because he sucks at it!" She threw her hands in the air, before taking a seat on the couch. Another warrior was mopping up the mess she'd made minutes ago, and guilt filled her. He had no tattoos, and a small layer of hair covered his head. She frowned.

"Need help?" He didn't turn to look at her, and instead chucked the body into some random bag.

"I'm fine." She shrugged, and flipped the TV on, as Gideon took a seat beside her, still faintly rubbing his cheek.

"It's horrible to see you after all this time." She smiled, before she leaned her head against his arm, which automatically wrapped around her shoulder.

"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to chop off a lady's head in front of you and your friends, but I was scared you'd really thought it was me." Gideon shrugged , but nearly jumped out of his seat as the front door slammed open. He palmed his knife, and Arianna had already aimed her gun.

"Whoa, shit, calm down Gid. Whoa, who is this, she's like the better looking female replica of you." Gideon chuckled heartily and gave a playful glare at the blonde who'd just walked through the door with Paris.

"Stridey-man you're such a sweetie pie. Anyway, this isn't my sister, Ari." Arianna gave a wave, and listened to the TV for a moment, before facing the warrior, unprepared for what she saw. As her green eyes set upon his face, she would have done a double take, but she had common sense. He had the face of an angel, she'd admit that much, blonde locks intermixed with a few light brown strands sat atop his head, while bright blue eyes stared back at her with the same curiosity and wonder. 'Good…' Her demon spoke, delighted by the intense energy that surged through her veins. She'd never felt anything like it, and it shocked her.

She gains her senses a long time ago, and practically lived on the praises she'd received. Those were her steroids, and she was addicted from day one, but this was different. He said merely a sentence, and his gaze was eating her like an outward feast. Suddenly, she felt the need to want his hands all over her. She stopped.

She didn't bother saying it. This house would become craziness if she stayed here, and now, this was going to jeopardize it. The room grew silent, before a blatant ringing noise arrive at her ears. As a reflex, her cell was already propped up against her ear, and she heading out the door.

"Hello?" Mentally, she thanked the gods for this call. If she'd stayed in that room any longer than she already had. Great, she was breathing like a school girl on her first time. Idiot.

"Arianna, Bad news. I think Galen knows you're in town." Her pink lips pressed to a thin line, as she paced back and forth, her free hand nervously running through her hair. She should have known that leaving for Buda would arouse suspicions too quickly, but she wasn't going to allow her brother suffer a tight spot that she'd put him in. Unconsciously, her teeth scraped her lips, as she ran a lightly tanned hand down her thighs.

"Is everyone alright there?"

"We're fine. Everyone's worried about you. You do realize you left everything here, but your weapons…what am I saying, of course you realize it." Arianna grinned, before sighing.

"Tell them I'm fine. I don't know when I'll be back, but I'll work on the Galen situation on my own for now. If you get any other information, send me a text." She hung up the phone, and placed it in her pocket, before walking back into the house to find Gideon and Strider in a deep trance, courtesy of the TV. As the door shut, Gideon's head snapped her way.

The blonde haired warrior stared at Gideon's sister. They looked so alike except for the eyes. Gid's were a sparkling blue, nearly as bright as his own, but Arianna's were a pale green, almost blue. Though he'd dyed the mangy locks blue and pierced his face, it was obvious that the two were related. Gideon's features were sharper, manlier; Strider's were still sexier though. When he'd seen her earlier, he couldn't help but stare.

He figure was nearly perfect, and her face was shapelier. Her cheek bones rose to nearly the same height as her brother, but didn't poke out like his. He black hair was styled in a wavy fashion, to where it framed her appearance. Her lips weren't large, or small, but they were pink and ready to be used by the Stridey Man himself. Her eyelashes brought out the green even more, as the almond shape was outline in teal eyeliner. Her chest wasn't overly large and scary like he'd seen with some of the girls that Paris favored. That shit was creepy. They were a little on the small side, but they were definitely there. If he'd had to guess, maybe a low C, which was good enough for him. She wore a gray shirt that read 'PEOPLE ARE ONLY ALIVE BECAUSE ITS ILLEGAL TO SHOOT THEM' He almost grinned at the truth in that statement. A dark jacket hung over the piece of clothing, a bag slung over to the side of that. Her shorts reached mid-thigh, where knee high black combat boots strangled her calves. He admired her sense of style.

Snapping out of his mind, he watched as her attention turned to Gideon after looking at a text message.

"Look, bro, it's really good to see you after all this time, and I'm happy you remember me." Strider watched his friend tense up at the tone of her voice, and stare at his sister alarmed as he too stood.

"What? Ari, why does it sound like you're leaving again?" She frowned and patted him in the arm.

"I have something to take care of. It involves a very much hated person I know. I have to take him out, or at least get some info from him. I don't want you to see me there…not yet." Gideon's eyes searched hers looking for a way to make sure she was safe. It was obvious he cared for her; how he'd take this he didn't know. Suddenly, his blue orbs landed on Strider.

"Don't take Strider with you." She gave a halfhearted smile.

"I don't plan to. Don't worry I'll be back." Strider sighed as his eyes met with his companion, who was practically begging him to go with her. Being the kind and attractive person that he was, he agreed and followed after the girl out the door.