Destroying a Perfect Soul

Chapter 27: Epilogue: Family

"Even though I had finally taken on his name…

I felt as if I'd been Maka Evans all along."

I never thought I would have hated the buzzing of an alarm clock as much as I did this exact morning. It meant a few things that were the end of my wonderful morning. Soul had to get up for work, meaning he had to stop holding me, and I had been woken up and I was probably not going to be able to fall back asleep. "Shut it off," I groaned, reaching up to rub my eye. I was just being lazy. Something that usually was what he did. "Turn it off please…" I lazily reached over myself to smack him…somewhere. I wasn't sure where…it may have been his hip, or his waist…but definitely not his face.


Soul reached over me and pressed his hand down on the top of the alarm to shut its damn nonexistent beeping mouth. "Happy?" I then heard him groan as his arm fell, shoving his bicep into my face. Mumbling, I reached up and pushed his arm away before turning my head. His eyes were closed again as if he was going back to sleep. But, I wasn't going to let that happen now was I? "H-hey!" I had flicked his nose. "What?"

"Gotta get up for work, dummy," I told him quietly, glaring a little. "You don't wanna get fired do you?"

Soul looked away from me and to the ceiling. "I guess not…" He then mumbled, using a hand to pull the blankets away from him. He slipped his other arm out from under me and slid off the bed in nothing but his boxers…like usual. I rolled over to face him while he made his way over to the closet and opened it to look inside. Normally this would be his routine while I was asleep. He'd normally get to the alarm before it could wake me…So I never actually got to see how his morning went anymore.

"Red or black…?"

Puffing my cheeks out a little, I lifted my head up a little to look at the two ties he held towards me. One was a silky red like the one he would wear with the pinstripe suit he used to own, and the other was a black tie that I remembered to feel just the same. "Well, your uniform is black…" I mumbled, receiving a "yeah I know," remark from him back. "…Wear the red one today…I think you wore black last week…" Soul nodded and tossed the black tie to the side with the others he owned. "…They gunna let you play piano again today?"

"That's normally on days when I have later hours…" He mumbled, pulling up his black dress pants. I turned my little smile upside down and watched him do his belt and adjust how the pants fit around his waist. "I usually mess with it when business is slow though," I heard him chuckle a little and pull down a black button up dress shirt from the closet before pulling it over his arms to wear. I let out my own tired giggle and lied my head back down on the pillow as he buttoned the shirt up the middle, his scar disappearing under the fabric.

That reminded me of something…


"Yes dear…?~" He sounded like he was being a bit of a smart ass with that.

I rolled my eyes a little and continued. "I've invited our friends over today," I then told him as he threw the tie around his neck. "You know…" Pushing myself up, I sat up and pulled my shirt up a little since it had fallen off my shoulder. "Because we haven't seen any of them since the wedding and all…" That's right~ Soul and I were finally married and we just recently got back from our honey moon in England! It was so great~ Soul knew just where to go and he pointed everything out to me! Even his parents' old home. It was so beautiful…~

"Black*Star too?"

"Of course!"

Soul smiled a bit and finished with his tie before turning to me, now fully in uniform other than his shoes. He came over to sit on the bed again and went to slipping those over his feet while I made my way over quietly. I crawled across the bed and wrapped my arms around him as he tied the laces and tucked them it afterwards. "You be good," I mumbled, kissing his temple. "Don't piss anyone off~ Make sure you make the drinks like the customer orders them~"

"I know, I know…"

A smile crept onto my lips and he ruffled his hair out a bit with his hands. "You get off at one today?" I asked him, letting go so he could get back to his feet. Soul turned and nodded to me, his usual lazy expression returning to his face. There was something about that frown I liked…it wasn't like he was mad or upset about anything. It was just…how he was. I couldn't say it was because of his rather…tragicpast…because I had seen pictures of him as a child with the same somber expression on his little face. It came natural to him, so…it wasn't ever a bad thing to see.

Although I did like seeing him smile more…~

"I'll see you later," Soul mumbled, bending down to kiss me on the lips. "Go back to sleep, get some rest, got it?"

I nodded. "See ya,"

When he left the room, I heard him step into the bathroom to do his finishing touches. I lied back down and nuzzled the pillow softly, eyeing the alarm with a glare. It was seven in the morning. Seven. In the morning. I could have been sleeping all nice and cozy and coulda woken up at nine or something. Oh it was going to be just fungoing back to sleep…again…sarcasm.


That yell came from Soul just as I heard the front door shut. Apparently he knew my eyes were still open and I was thinking about such things. I sighed and shut my eyes suddenly feeling a bit sick to the stomach. I opened my eyes again and scowled. It was probably because I hadn't eaten the usual meal in a while. Or maybe it was finally the fish and chips getting to me from the honeymoon… Oh, now it was starting to get kinda bad. Groaning, I sat up and stared at the wall a moment, hoping it would just pass…

"Maybe its just cramps…" I mumbled to myself. "…My periods here…and its making me feel sick, that's all," It was my time after all. Or it should have been. Or maybe… "…No…" I felt more awake now, quickly jumping off the bed and grabbing something to throw over the underwear I was wearing. I threw on my shoes and charged out the front door, putting a jacket over my t-shirt, and I was out and down the street in a flash. If my hopes were true, then I was going to be one happy camper later~!

Oh…but first I needed to go back for the bathroom. I had this horrible need to vomit…but it only raised my hopes even more.


I was pregnant! Or…well…It probably was. Pregnancy tests never really were accurate. I did miss my period…I did have morning sickness…and the test didsay positive. "Hmf," I shut the door behind me and exited the bathroom with a pout. "I'm calling it," I then said. "I'm pregnant." I liked the sound of that… "I'm…pregnant," Repeating it made it sound even better. I squealed out in joy so loud that my cat, Blair had hidden underneath the couch. And just then, the house phone went off and caused me to stop. It was now around nine o'clock since it took me so long to get the test and drink water till I had to pee. I just wasn't one of those people who had to pee when they woke up in the morning, you know?

"Evans residence," I said as I picked up the phone, feeling tingly saying my new last name. You know…Even though I had finally taken on his name…I felt as if I'd been Maka Evans all along. "Stein…?" I hadn't heard this man's voice in so long it was almost unreal. The last time I spoke to him…was in the infirmary at least a year ago…when I had been shot by medusa, I think.

Ugh…My skin crawled just thinking about that day…and my arm, tingled.

"Maka, I would like you to come down here to the infirmary," Stein said from the other side of the line. "If Soul is with you, please bring him along as well…I have something to show you,"

"Oh sure," I said to him, nodding, even if he couldn't see it. "Soul isn't with me right now, but I'll head on over," I set the phone down on its charger again and walked back over to where I had set my shoes when I came home earlier. I wondered what he had in store for me…What sort of surprise could Dr. Frank N. Stein have for us? A late wedding gift? No…that couldn't be it. Soul and I weren't thatclose to the science teacher.

I tried to think about what he would have to give me as I made my way down the street and towards the school. He could possibly be giving Soul and I a dissecting kit knowing him. Or maybe an already chopped up animal in a jar. That man was seriously something else…whenever I thought about him…I thought about the first day I saw him.

-"Alright, Alright, get inside please"

As soon as I heard the new voice I quickly turned around to see a grey haired man who was sitting in a rolling chair. He wore glasses and at the moment he was smoking. A feature that I found the most disturbing and strange though, was the giant screw through his head and the stitches that were patterned throughout his skin, clothes, chair and now that I get a good look around...his class room. Before I could say anything to the man, Tsubaki had me by the arm and had pulled me over to the nearest empty desk.

"H-he was in a pretty bad accident" She told me with a small but nervous smile. "Just don't stare and there won't be a problem at all. He won't even threaten to dissect you" Don't stare? He was a teacher! How was I /i'not'i supposed to stare? "Here" Tsubaki then said as we stepped around the desk. "He hasn't chosen a seating chart yet, so until then you can go ahead and sit by me if you like"—

I swear, he was the strangest teacher ever. But that's what made him and the others unique. And it was one of the reason I liked going to school so much every day. I looked forward to going so I could see what the teachers were going to do next. I looked forward to going so I could read and learn. I looked forward to going to school every day because Soul and I got to sit next to each other and be close to one another.

To be with my friends too…~

I sighed to myself as I started up the large staircase in front of the school. "I miss those days," I then mumbled, climbing as best as I could. I had been doing it for years…I was almost used to it. "Everything seemed so simple then…now that I look back to it…it was nicer." I set a hand on my stomach, thinking about the pregnancy test I had taken. "No college…no jobs…no medusa," I frowned but then remembered how she hadn't come into our lives until further on. I sighed and let out a little laugh. "Well at first…"

Opening the doors to the school, I imagined my first steps in the building all those years ago. On my first day when I had opened these doors and strolled down the hallway, smiling at all the students who noticed that I was new. Those were good times alright…

"Stein…?" I called, opening the door to the infirmary. I peeked into the room and saw the head of grey hair that belonged to the professor and he looked up from writing something down on a piece of paper. He looked up from his paperwork and smiled a small and possibly fake smile, reaching up to adjust his glasses. I smiled back no matter my doubts of his grin, and waved as I shut the door behind me. "Hello…~"

"Yes, hello there Maka," Stein said as he set his pencil down. "Good to see you again, I trust you and Soul had a nice trip to London?" I nodded to him with another smile as he then got to his feet and set a hand on the back of my shoulder, holding his other hand out as if he was going to lead me further into the room. "This way," He said to me, leading me around the corner. And as soon as I could see the two beds, I realized that one of them had a person in it, and that person was none other than Medusa's son, Chrona.

"Chrona!" I gasped, stepping away from the old professor and over to the bed the purple haired boy sat in. He smiled up at me saying my name in return and I couldn't stop myself from hugging his fragile body. It had been a long time since I'd seen him. After rescuing Soul I heard that Chrona had been taken to the nearest hospital. The nearest city or town besides Death City was the one Black*Star's basketball team always went up against. "oh, its so wonderful to see you!" I pulled away, taking his hands and smiled softly. "You look so much healthier…! Did the black blood go away?"

Chrona smiled at me and nodded. "Stein has been giving me treatment to replace the black blood in my body with regular blood cells," He then told me as I sat down on the bed so I didn't have to stand anymore. "I can walk now…A-and I can stay awake for much longer."

"That's great!" I said to him smiling brightly. I then leaned towards him a little, curious. "Do you think you are able to come over to the apartment?" His head tilted a little and my green eyes shone brightly into his dark ones. "I'm having my friends come over! And Soul will be home from work at one!~" I looked at the clock and saw that it had been another half hour since last I looked. I did walk pretty slow too…and if I was able to take Chrona home with me, then that would probably be another forty minutes or so since he just started walking again.

"I-I would love to~"

Nodding, I looked over my shoulder at Stein and got his attention. "Professor, with your consent, can Chrona live with Soul and I?" Chrona flinched a little but I felt him relax as soon as the teacher had looked my way with a nod. "Is there anything I need to do to keep him healthy?" I truly wanted to do this for him. He and Soul were the best of friends when they were little. We had an extra room in the apartment where I used to sleep, so why not give it to Chrona to live in? He needed a home anyway!

"Yes, let me get you what you'll need…"

"Are you alright with this Chrona?"

"O-of course!"

I smiled brightly at this and nodded. "Great!" We both took a moment to laugh before something had caught my attention. Stein had set a few bags down on the other bed and called my name quietly. I looked over to him, curious and saw that his eyes had disappeared under the shine of his glasses. "…Yes?"

"You may or may not appreciate hearing this from me…" Stein began, going to collect things to stuff in those bags. I shook my head and told him I didn't mind and he continued. "I've already told Soul…I gave him a call as soon as I was able," I nodded to him this time and he set a few blood bags into one of the suit cases he collected for Chrona. What he told me was something that made Chrona and I both uncomfortable…but, I pushed it out of my mind as soon as I could and went straight to taking Chrona home. Soul already knew…so there was no use in remembering to tell him later. It was in one ear and out the other…no matter how amazingly happy it made me feel.

"Medusa has been executed for her crimes."

"Okay, here it is…" I opened the door to the apartment and led Chrona inside. He stumbled a little in his step, but was able to come inside without too much of a problem and I picked up the bags Stein had packed for him. I brought them inside after him and shut the door behind us. "Go ahead and sit on the couch, I'll set up your I.V…" I told him, tucking some hair behind my ear. I set down one of his bags by the couch near where he sat down and unzipped it to reveal the contents. There was a blood bag, a pole to be assembled, some needles, and a few other medical supplies to keep him healthy.

"Thank you very much for this Maka…" Chrona whispered as I started putting the pieces together for the I.V stand. I nodded to him as I set the last piece up on the top and made sure the hooks were stable enough to hold the bag. "I will do this part for you…" Chrona said, taking the little tube that hung off the end of the bag. I nodded, a bit unsure and handed him the needle to attach it before getting to my feet.

"I'll go put the rest of your things in your room…"


I picked up the other bag he had and carried it into my old room to be set down near the bed. I patted the blankets off a little to see if there was anything wrong. Though I was pleased with the condition and turned to leave the room, shutting the door behind me. "That'll be your room, there," I said to Chrona, seeing that he was already done with hooking himself up with the I.V. Smiling, he nodded to me sweetly, just melting my heart. He was so tragic…yes so sweet…



My door had been kicked open and I could feel the blue haired idiot coming closer. "Makaaa…." So quickly, I grabbed a book and on blind impulse, swung it to my left as hard as I could, just in time to hit my target square in the face. "CHOP!" I heard him yell and his body literally flipped he was moving so fast into the impact. He fell to the floor with a thud and I tossed the book over my shoulder, landing it on the floor near Chrona's new room. "…Never do that to my door again, you hear?" I then said to Black*Star threateningly.

"….Y-Yes ma'am!"

Chrona stared nearly in disbelief at what I had done, but I heard him let out a soft laugh as soon as Tsubaki had entered in with a platter of food. "G-Goodness!" She wailed, setting the platter down onto the counter before running over to kick one of her boyfriend's legs. "Black*Star what were you thinking! You can be so dumb sometimes!" I smiled lightly and she looked up at me with a face full of worry and silent apologies. Well, until she spoke up… "I am sosorry, Maka!" She gasped and Black*Star got to his feet to wipe his pants down. "I will try to make sure that he never does that aga—" Before she could finish, I pulled them both into a hug, shutting my eyes and smiling widely.

"H-Have I ever told you two how much I love you…?"

For once, Black*Star was serious about what I had said and along with Tsubaki, hugged me back in return.

"We feel the love, Maka…"

The three of us pulled away from each other and I looked over to the doorway where Kid and the two Thompson sisters stood, each of them smirking at me. I laughed a bit and walked over to them to pull them into a hug as well. "I love you guys too! So much!" I then said to the three of them as they hugged back. Patty of course was giggling her little butt off while Liz and Kid took it as seriously as they both could. "Now…Everyone," I pulled away and held out a hand towards Chrona, causing him to blush from the attention and look away. "This is Chrona…he'll be joining our circle of friends starting today,"


"Black*Star, hush!"

Chrona waved lightly as everyone but Tsubaki and I sat down to sit in the living room with my new roommate. She and I made our way into the kitchen and while she unwrapped the plate of food she brought, I started getting some drinks ready. I glanced over to the clock. It was almost eleven…and that was because I had spent a long time in the infirmary with Stein and Chrona before. Soul would be home in about an hour. And when he got home…I could tell him. I could tell all of them.

"Something on your mind?~"

I looked over to Tsubaki as we both walked over to the living room together with the food and drinks. I smiled. "Oh I have something amazing to tell you all~" Apparently Black*Star heard this because he yelled at me about wondering what it was and that since he was so amazing, he should have already known by now. "I'm not going to say a word until Soul gets home," I told him with a wink as I set the drinks down. I heard Tsubaki giggle a bit and set down the platter of what looked like finger foods of all sorts, even sushi. I sat down on one of the couches near where Tsubaki got situated and I looked towards Chrona. "And it's not about Chrona moving in with Soul and I if that's what you're thinking," I then said with a laugh.

"…aw man…"

Chrona let out a light laugh as well along with the rest of us. It was nice to see him laughing after having memories of such a weak person. "Maka," He asked after everything had died down, commencing the eating contest between Black*Star and Patty. I looked up at him and smiled in question. "How is Soul…?" He smiled a little, obviously curious. Tsubaki, taking a drink beside me, looked over to him too. "Is he well?"

"He's perfect." I said to him softly. I reached for a piece of sushi, but it ended up getting stolen by the blue haired idiot on the smaller couch beside mine. "…He's been just fine; all the black blood is out of his system!" I beamed over to Chrona as I said this, and as if on cue, the door opened and a certain white haired male entered the building. "Soul…?" I asked as everyone looked over. Did I mention how amazing he looked in his work uniform? "What are you doing home so early?" Almost as soon as I asked this, my father appeared behind him. "And why is 'he'here!"

"Hello there Maka darling!~"

Soul rolled his eyes just about the same time I did, and he made his way over, letting my father shut the door for them. "Papa, what are you doing here?" I asked, annoyed as Soul paused to take in the sight of his long time friend sitting on the couch across from me. "I didn't invite you!"

"But Papa hasn't seen his darling Maka since the weddin—"

"Neither have they!"

"Maka," In the middle of my yelling, Soul had spoken my name and I looked at him, my anger disappearing in a second. He looked at me for a moment before eyeing Chrona again, while the one with the purple hair watched him with a bit of a smile. "Is that really—"

I nodded. "Yep! That's Chrona!" I then told him. As soon as I said it, Soul put on a grin and leaned over the couch Black*Star was on to hold a hand out to Chrona, mentioning how glad he was to see his face again. Chrona said just the same thing, taking his hand in return and smiling back at him. "Chrona's going to live with us Soul," He stood up straight and walked over my side of the living room and sat on the couch next to me, kissing my head.

"Oh yeah…~?"

Nodding again, I watched my father lean on the chair Black*Star was in so he could listen with the rest of them since they all now had their attention on me. "He's staying in my old room, and he'll be here until he's healthy enough and strong enough to get his own home," I then explained, looking at Chrona and receiving a nod from him. "We'll be like…a little family of three~" Oh, now wait…I almost forgot… "OH! I mean…" Soul looked at me a little more curiously as I saw some of their head's tilt a little. "I guess I should have said a family of four!"


"Ore-Sama has been confused."

"Who else is moving in?"

I shook my head and closed my eyes for a second, laughing lightly. "Guys…" I set a hand on my stomach and immediately I could feel the tension and realization rise. I opened my eyes again and beamed at them all. "I'm pregnant!" The last thing that happened before everyone was surrounding me with questions and glee, was that my Papa had literally attacked Soul and had begun to strangle him; yelling something about being happy and utterly pissed all at the same time…



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