"So . . . shower," Kurt said after a few moments. Finn started to grin, only to be abruptly disappointed when he continued, "Do you mind if I go first? I promise I'll be quick."

"I thought," he paused, clearing his throat self-consciously. "I mean, considering what we just did, wouldn't you rather, y'know, share or something?"

Kurt blinked in surprise. "Oh, I-I didn't-"

He trailed off, looking very unsure of himself, and Finn instantly felt bad for assuming. It wasn't exactly fair of him. After all, he'd had more than a week to get used to the idea of wanting a relationship with Kurt. Kurt had had little more than an hour. And as far as he knew, Kurt's entire sexual history consisted of a few kisses and one semi-clumsy blow job. He probably didn't know what the hell he should be doing next.

A rueful smile touched Finn's lips when he noticed Kurt's fingertips twisting together, a dead giveaway that he was feeling nervous again. "It's cool if you don't want to," Finn told him.

Kurt heaved a frustrated sigh and dropped his gaze, but due to their lack of clothing he found himself staring straight at Finn's groin and quickly raised his eyes again, blushing fiercely. "It's not that I don't want to, Finn, or that I've never thought about making love to you in a shower. Well, I guess you already knew that. It's just . . . I can't even believe this is real," he said, stroking a hand shyly over Finn's chest. "Much less what we just did. I kind of need a few minutes alone to process it. Is that okay?"

"Yeah," he said, lowering his head to give the other boy a kiss. "That's totally okay."

He started to move away, but Kurt wrapped both arms around his neck and smashed their lips together, kissing him so passionately that it made his cock swell. Man, there are some serious benefits to this whole selflessness thing! But before things could get any more interesting, Kurt let him go, pecking one more quick kiss against his lips. "Consider that a rain-check."

"Kurt," he whined in protest because, seriously, stopping right there was just plain mean!

Mischief danced in his smiling blue eyes as he gave Finn a little push toward the door. "Go on. I won't be long. Maybe you could order us room service or something. I'm really hungry all of a sudden, and I know you must be starving."

Finn nodded. They had all been so depressed earlier that nobody had done much except pick at dinner. "That sounds good. It's kind of late, though. Are you sure we can?"

"Restaurant's open all night," he said. "I saw it in that menu on the table. Get whatever you want."

"Cool," he said, not having noticed the menu before. He had been way too busy when they checked in this morning, trying to remember song lyrics and dance moves and practicing his break-up speech for Rachel and making sure he'd packed deodorant. There were only so many things a guy could store in his brain at one time.

Finn walked out into the bedroom, allowing Kurt to shut the bathroom door behind him. Raising his voice as he heard the shower come on, he asked, "Hey, what do you want me order for you?"

He was expecting a request for salad or some other healthy thing, but Kurt surprised him when he called back, "Get me a burger. And Pie! Whatever kind they have; but if it's fruit pie, then ask for ice-cream to go with it, okay?"

"Okay." Finn grinned. Sometimes Kurt was just totally cool.


It was after midnight by the time both boys had finished showering, moisturizing – in Kurt's case – and eating their late dinner. Finn had ordered burgers and pie for both of them and Kurt gobbled down his hamburger and a large slice of cherry pie ala mode in mere minutes.

He blushed when he looked up and saw Finn's stunned expression. "Sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to be such a pig, but I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast this morning and I was starving. Guess you kind of built up my appetite."

He grinned slyly and Finn laughed. "Don't apologize. I think it's really awesome whenever you act like a normal dude."

Kurt rolled his eyes and set about gathering the dishes to set back out in the hallway for room service pickup and Finn continued to smile as he watched him. There was something weirdly appealing about the normally immaculate and well-mannered Kurt Hummel wrapped up in a bathrobe, his damp, unstyled hair dipping into his eyes as he ate with all the gusto of an average teen.

Finn had been in the shower when the food arrived, Kurt having kept his word and limited his time, and had put on pajama pants and a T-shirt to eat in, but now he stood and pulled off the shirt again. Opening the covers on his bed he looked at his roommate. "So, uh, how do we want to do this?" he asked, hoping the answer would be in his favor but not sure, since Kurt had balked at the shared shower idea.

Putting the tray outside, Kurt grabbed the Do No Disturb sign and hung it on the knob. Switching off the bathroom light, leaving the room illuminated only by the lamp set between the two beds, he approached Finn and wrapped both arms around his waist, smiling as he stretched up to meet his lips.

"I noticed that you sponged the evidence from earlier off the bedspread," he said approvingly. "That was very nice of you, and I appreciate it, but now my bed is damp. I can't sleep in a damp bed, Finn. So, I guess that means I'll just have to spend the night in yours."

A huge grin spread over Finn's face. He had been afraid Kurt wouldn't want to touch him again until they got home. "Hope you aren't sleepy yet," he teased, bending to nibble the tender skin of Kurt's jaw, taking a little nip of his earlobe that brought a hum of pleasure from the shorter boy. "Cause I'm totally not."

In reply, Kurt unbelted his bathrobe and tossed it over on the other bed before surging up and attacking Finn's lips again.

Finn eagerly shucked his pajama pants and fell back into the mattress, pulling Kurt down with him. Their bodies bounced as they hit the soft surface, causing their rapidly swelling cocks to bump and both boys to groan at the sensation.

Spreading his legs, Kurt straddled Finn's hips and began grinding against him, kissing as though he never wanted to stop.

Finn gasped, feeling the long, thick swell of Kurt's erection rubbing against his own. Grasping both cocks in one hand, he stroked them in tandem, enjoying the added friction and the way that it made Kurt give out with the softest, sweetest little moan he had ever heard.

"Covers," Kurt panted, pulling away from Finn's lips only to attack his neck, his jaw, his shoulder, any part of him that he could easily reach.


Arching his back, Kurt bit Finn's left nipple hard enough to elicit a yelp of surprise. "Flip the damned blankets over us," he ordered roughly. "My ass is getting cold and it's distracting me."

Finn was surprised, but he obeyed the impatient command. Sliding his hand over those pretty little cheeks, he had to admit that they were cool to the touch. "Guess this is the other reason you like layers, huh?" he teased, giving Kurt's ass a possessive squeeze and holding on as he thrust up against Kurt's cock, drawing a shuddering moan from the other boy.

"Well, that . . . and they do . . . look . . . fabulous," he said, punctuating the words with kisses. "Besides . . . you know what they say."

"No," Finn said, losing track of the conversation for a moment when Kurt's tongue started conducting an in-depth search for his fillings. "Wh-what do they say?"

Kurt's eyes twinkled. "Oh, you know. Cold ass . . . warm heart."

They laughed together and a contented feeling swept through Finn. There was none of the anxiety and frustration he had always felt whenever he made out with girls, the underlying tension that said he was doing something wrong that they would surely call him on at any moment. Having sex with Kurt felt comfortable, and hot, and just so, so right.

Unaware of his thoughts, Kurt had returned to business, far too turned on to worry about continued conversation. For a couple of minutes Finn was entirely distracted by the pleasure of his kisses and the feel of his smooth, exploring hands. Then, suddenly, he realized that he was getting dangerously close again. He pulled back from Kurt's lips and blurted, "Not gonna last much longer. Would you, I mean, could you . . .? Like I did?"

Passion flashed hot in Kurt's eyes as he deciphered the fumbling plea. "Scoot up against the headboard," he ordered.

Finn scrambled to obey, lifting his knees and keeping the warm blankets tented over them as Kurt dove down between his legs and willingly took the head of Finn's cock between his lips.

Unlike Finn, he seemed to have no difficulty adjusting to the thick mushroom shaped head, swirling his agile tongue around it and pressing his mouth down a couple of inches before pulling back up, adjusting his position and trying again. Gripping a warm hand around the base, Kurt's head bobbed energetically, cheeks working as he devoured Finn's cock like a large, delicious candy stick.

All Finn could do was groan and gasp and just hold on to Kurt's damp, silky hair as he worked. It was all but impossible to believe that he had never done anything like this before. He was going at it, sucking and slurping, like the world's biggest cock-whore, and in less than two minutes Finn felt his balls spasming. "Kurt, pull back."

"Give it to me," he growled in the lowest, roughest, sexy-dirtiest sounding voice Finn had ever heard from him.

That voice alone was too much for Finn and he grunted when his hips jerked up, right back into Kurt's open mouth as he grabbed on and sucked harder, literally drinking Finn dry as he came.

"Fuuuck," Finn groaned, his entire body going boneless with pleasure at the sensation.

Kurt continued to suckle him until he began to soften, then he let Finn go and allowed him to ooze back down into bed, wrapping the panting boy in his arms and kissing him gently. "Was that okay?" he asked, his blue eyes suddenly anxious.

"Okay?" Finn repeated, his voice raspy. "Jesus, Kurt, how can you ask that? It was amazing. Are you sure you've never done it before?"

He looked shy but very pleased with himself. "Well, not on a person."

Finn frowned. "Huh?"

"I . . . well, b-bananas work pretty good. And, um, Redi-Whip cans are really good practice for swallowing, as it turns out. I just, I wanted to be ready, you know, in case I ever actually found a boyfriend because I figured he'd want me to . . . oh my God, I can't believe I'm actually explaining this to you."

His face was hidden in Finn's chest but Finn could feel the scorching blush against his skin. Kurt only looked up when Finn started to laugh. Hurt flashed in his eyes, but gave way to humor when Finn asked, "Is that why your dad said you went through a phase of trying to create the perfect banana cream pie recipe?"

"Yes, but don't you ever tell him. He'd never be willing to eat anything I cooked again!"

Finn laughed even harder, hugging Kurt firmly as a wave of pure affection swept over him. "The secret is safe with me, I promise. Although, I have a feeling that I'll never be able to see that stuff again without getting a boner."

"Sorry," Kurt said, not sounding as though he meant it at all. He reached behind him to turn out the lamp, plunging the room into darkness, then snuggled closer to Finn.

Kurt's still-swollen cock rubbed up against Finn's leg, making him aware that his friend had not gotten off yet. Reaching down he stroked a hand over the organ, finding it hard and hot, and Kurt shivered with pleasure at the gentle caress, pushing into his hand.

"Can I ask you something?" Finn asked lightly, scooting onto his side and nuzzling Kurt's long neck, something he had quickly discovered made him all but purr with pleasure.

"Uh, huh," he said, the word turning into a breathy moan as Finn tightened his grip and added a little twist to the steady motion. "Ohhh."

Finn kissed him deeply, whispering, "When I saw you in the shower that day last fall . . . you were pretending to fuck me, weren't you?"

There was an uncomfortable pause. "It was just a harmless fantasy, Finn. You don't have to worry. I don't expect us to do that for real."

"But what if I wanted you to?"

Kurt's breath hitched with shock. "What?"

"It was really hot," he murmured, licking the inner edge of Kurt's ear. He could feel the other boy squirming with need when his hand resumed its teasing stimulation. "Watching you jack off, so dominant and desperate at the same time. And when I saw what you were doing to yourself last week? I actually felt jealous. That's what I want from you, Kurt. I want to know exactly what you were feeling." Lowering his voice to a sharp whisper, he said, "I want you to fuck me."

The other boy moaned helplessly. His eyelashes fluttered against Finn's cheek and he thrust hard against his hand as the deliciously dirty talk did its work. Finn grinned when he felt thick, hot liquid ooze out over his hand.

Kurt was panting, his whole body trembling. He could not speak for a minute, just clinging to Finn as the taller boy soothed him with soft kisses and gentle strokes up and down his flank. When he finally regained some control, he surprised Finn with a breathless laugh. "Damn. When you decide to go gay, you really don't mess around, do you?"

Finn laughed, too. "I guess not."

"Tell me something. Did you mean what you were saying just now, or were you just saying it because you knew it would get me off?"

"Both," he admitted. "To be honest, I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet, either giving or taking, but some day? Yeah, I definitely want it."

Kurt kissed him softly. "You never stop surprising me," he said, and Finn could tell that he was smiling. "Somehow, I was sure that you would be a confirmed Top."

"Well, think of it this way. If all I really wanted was just a hole to stick it in, I probably would've have been happy with girls. But I wasn't. I've been thinking about this a lot and I know that it's true. I want something that no girl can give me, Kurt. And the only person I want it from, is you."

A soft, wet-sounding sniffle filled the darkness. "I promise, Finn," he whispered. "When we're both ready, I'll do my best to give you whatever you need."

Kissing his cheek, Finn could taste the salt of tears but he said nothing, just hugging Kurt close and letting him enjoy the reality of being wanted and loved.

"I'll be right back," he whispered after a while. He needed to clean up and knew that Kurt would appreciate a moment to collect himself.

Finn returned a few minutes later and slipped between the sheets, happy to feel Kurt's strong, lean body snuggling tight against him, arms encircling and holding him close as the warm blanket of sleep settled over them both.


I was going to let the rest of the group find out, but decided I liked the sweet private ending better. We'll just assume that Rachel Berry spilled the beans, gave herself credit for engineering the entire romance, and everyone was happy. And that when Mr. Shue gives the good news about getting another year of Glee, and sings his serenade, it will be Kurt's head resting on Finn's shoulder and Rachel exchanging the friendly nod with Finn. Because that's how it should have been. ;-D

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