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Wild Hearts

Chapter One:

Bella POV

"Oh no you don't!" I yelled as the calf steered to the left when I wanted it to go right. I nudged my horse, Chevy, but he had already beaten me and was right after the calf.

"Sis, let it go. The little bugger will catch up with us to be with his momma." Caleb hollered at me.

"Caleb, you know she'll never do that. She's as stubborn as your momma!" Jasper yelled back.

"I heard that Jasper!" Momma warned. I laughed and continued on chasing the calf.

Once I got him back to the heard, I just blended in, letting my horse catch his breath.

I looked around me and couldn't help but smile. Today was the day that our ranch, Wild Hearts, did our annual cattle drive.

I laughed as I watched Caleb and Jasper gain up on Emmett and push him off his big gray horse.

Jasper and Emmett grew up with Caleb and I. They lived on the ranch next to ours, and sometimes –depending on the winter- we would run our cattle together.

I have always seen Jasper as my older brother. In some ways I would claim him being my brother over Caleb, my blood brother.

Jasper was tall, maybe 6 foot, and lean but muscular. He had abs, a six pack, the kind that guys did constant work to try to get, but failed to come even close. Jasper got it just from working on the ranch. Of course, I only knew he has a body like that from the many times him and Caleb would go shirtless working around the ranch or us going swimming. Of course all of them bull riding probably helped with how their bodies looked.

Caleb stood 6'4 and muscular. He too had the 'ranchers' body. Tall and washboard stomach. We had the same brown hair. Come to think of it, we probably got it from mom.

Then there was Emmett. For the life of me, I just couldn't think of Emmett as a brother. He was tall, 6'2, with blonde shaggy hair. He was built, and probably has muscle where I didn't even know muscle could be. What I probably loved most about him physically, were the crystal blue eyes. I could stare into his eyes and just get lost in them. Emmett could be a real dick to people if he wanted to be, but I knew him to be a teddy bear. In fact, a teddy bear I wouldn't mind to have sitting on my bed waiting for me every night, snuggle with during the night, and wake up to...

I sighed to myself and came back to the here and now. The truth was, I had a crush on Emmett my entire life. When did that change?

It was my freshman year and Emmett and his friends came walking by me in the hall at school. Some guy walked up to my locker and tried hitting on me. He wouldn't get the hint that I didn't want to talk to him, nor go on the date he was practically begging me to go on.

I kept saying no, and even went as far as ignoring him, which didn't get me anywhere. Emmett stopped and went off on the guy telling him to just leave me the fuck alone.

Maybe it was the way he said it, or maybe it was just the way he stuck up for me, but something clicked and my crush went to a full out 'I had fallen in love with Emmett McCarty'.

That was four years ago, and yet here I still sit on my horse, not dating Emmett. What's the problem you ask? I have two problems actually. 1) Emmett only saw me as Caleb's kid sister, and 2) Rosalie Hale. The schools biggest bitch, or was.

Caleb, Jasper, and Emmett are four years older than me, leaving Rosalie three years older.

Rosalie is everything a man could ever want. Tall, blonde, fake tits, bitchy attitude. Oh yeah, she had it all.

I rolled my eyes at myself and pushed Chevy into a lope to beat everyone back to the gate so I could open it.

It didn't take us long to get the cattle in, so we quickly got to work on branding the calves.

I had the easy job, roping and dragging the calves to the fire, where Emmett would wrestle them down and Caleb would brand while Jasper did the shots.

Half way through, Emmett lifted his shirt to wipe sweat off his face, and I'm pretty sure I drooled. I kept staring at him until momma cleared her throat laughing at me.

Momma knew I liked Emmett, and would sometimes tease me about it.

I think she only teased me about it because daddy wasn't home. Daddy was a well known country singer, so he was usually on the road.

Momma and Daddy met while they were both on tour, yes Momma used to sing as well. When they had Caleb, Momma stayed home, leaving Daddy to travel on his own.

After the branding was done, we all cooled down our horses, put them out to pasture, and went to clean up.

After every round up, we did a bonfire and BBQ. It was our way of thanking everyone that helped us, and gave us a chance to relax.

I took a quick shower, brushed my hair out and dressed in a pink top and tight jeans with my cowboy boots.

Once I managed to get outside, everyone was already gathered around the fire talking and eating.

I went over to the table and grabbed a plate of food and made my way over to Alice. Alice was my best friend, but hated the ranching lifestyle. She had a crush on Jasper for a couple years now, but knew he wouldn't give up his cowboy way of life, so she didn't push it.

"Bella!" She squealed once she saw me. I laughed and sat down next to her.

"Hey, you sure missed a good branding." I laughed at the look on her face.

"Eww, no thank you." She laughed then got a sad look on her face looking off to my right. I followed her line of site and sighed. Rosalie was here, sitting on Emmett's lap.

"Whatever." I said and turned back to my food.

I heard my mom get up and say thank you for all the help today and couldn't wait until the next roundup, yada yada yada. I choked on my food when she told everyone I would sing a song or two tonight.

"No I won't." I whined. Of course that didn't get me anywhere, so I sucked it up.

"If I have to sing, so does Caleb!" I yelled causing everyone to laugh.

"You wish sis!" He yelled back.

"Alright children." Momma playfully scolded.

"Fine, okay... um, hey all!" I yelled grabbing my guitar from Caleb. They all laughed at me when I playfully pushed him. "Okay, so this song, I wrote, and it means a lot to me."

I started strumming the cords and waited for my part to start to sing. It wasn't a lie, I had wrote this song, in fact I wrote it for Emmett, but no one needed to know that.

How did i get here
I turned around and there you where
Didn´t think twice or rationalize
Cause somehow i knew
That there was more that just chemistry
I mean i knew you were kind of into me
But i figured it´s too good to be true

I said pinch me, where´s the catch this time
Can´t find a single cloud in the sky
Help me before i get use to this guy

They say that good things take time
But really great things happen in a blink
Of an eye
Thought the chances to meet somebody
Like you were a million to one
Can´t believe it
You´re one in a million

All this time i was looking for love
Tryna make things work that weren´t good
Till i thought i´m through, said i´m done
Then stumbled into the arms of the one

You´re making me laugh about the silliest
Say that i´m your diamond in the ruff
When i´m mad at you; you pull out your velvet

I feel drunk but i am sober
And i´m smiling all over
Every time i see that sparkle in your eyes

They say that good things take time
But really great things happen in a blink
Of an eye
Thought the chances to meet somebody
Like you were a million to one
Can´t believe it
You´re one in a million

I feel drunk but i am sober
And i´m smiling all over
Every time i see that sparkle in your eyes

They say that good things take time
But really great things happen in a blink
Of an eye
Thought the chances to meet somebody
Like you were a million to one
Can´t believe it
You´re one in a million

I tried not to tear up by the time the song was done with. I looked at Emmett and saw him staring lovingly into Rosalie's eyes.

I put my guitar down, ignoring all of the applause and ran to the barn, grabbing Zoey and jumping on bareback.

I ignored everyone as they yelled at me while Zoey and I raced pass them. I didn't want to hear them. I was in love with Emmett, and he didn't even acknowledge me besides being Caleb's kid sister.

I felt the tears spring free from my eyes and fall down my cheeks onto Zoey's back. I clung to her, feeling her muscles bunch and then relax under me.

Why couldn't Emmett see me as more? Why couldn't he just give me a chance?

I made my mind up, right there running through the pastures, that when Emmett got back from the PBR tour, I was not going to be known as Caleb's kid sister!