Two young kids carrying two very large bowls of cereal walked out of the house and near the large oak tree in their backyard. It appeared to be a normal, sunny day in wherever this takes place. Not like it matters, it's a commercial.

But out from a bush hopped the rabbit...the rabbit who is always trying to steal some Trix cereal and/or yogurt or other various products. He tiptoed over to them and ran behind the tree. The box was right there, within his grasp, yet out of their view. He had it.

And then...Iron Man flew in and landed next to the kids. He grabbed the rabbit by the throat. "I am Iron Man, know what, I refuse to say the phrase. I'mma just blast your ass instead." Iron Man tossed the rabbit in the air and then promptly blew him up. He turned around and grabbed the box. "And I'll take this. I don't care if it's for kids, either. I'm freaking Iron Man, I make my own rules. ...Later, bitches." Iron Man blasted off into the sky.