Chapter 7:

A week and a half later Chase and Jenna walked back into the Salvage Yard. Jenna had a brown Manila envelope tucked under her arm.

"Hello?" she called as she reached the garage. "Jake?"

"Over here!" Jake said. "Out by the front."

They followed his voice around the building, Chase lagging behind – she was in no hurry to see Chance. It was an argument waiting to happen.

"Hey," Jake said as they came around the corner. "Your car's all done."

"Thanks," Jenna replied. "Can we go see it?"

"You're looking at it."

Behind him was the white mini – though they would've walked right by it. The only thing that was the same was the license plate. Most of the dents had been hammered out, and there was a new coat of white paint on it. It had been cleaned and waxed as well.

"This is my car?" Jenna asked in astonishment.

"Yeah," Jake said. "Fixed it up a bit. Paint, new parts, some wax and its good as new!"

"Thank you!" Jenna exclaimed, throwing her arms around him.

He blushed. "Not a problem," he said. "I enjoyed the challenge."

Chase smiled and rolled her eyes at them.

The front door of the house swung open and Chance came out, the top half of his jumpsuit hanging down. "Geez, it's hot in there," he stated. He saw Chase and pulled a face. "Call me when the rat's gone," he said, turning and going back into the house.

Before the door closed, something hard came in contact with his head. "Ow!" he yelled. "What the hell was that?"

"Don't mind it. Just a part of the rat," Chase sneered.

"Why I oughta," Chance growled, picking up the shoe.

"Oughta what? Pound my face in? A rat's hardly worth the time."

"Sorry about her," Jenna said to Jake. "She's just cranky."

"Yeah, well, so's he," Jake replied, shaking his head at Chance – who ignored him completely.

"So…um…I brought the cash. Fourteen thousand, right? I suppose it's more now though," she stammered, fiddling with the brown envelope.

"No. Still fourteen," Jake replied.

"But what about the body?" Jenna asked.

"My treat," Jake said with a smile.

Jenna paused. "Thanks," she said, smiling back. She shoved the envelope into his hand and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "For everything."

She climbed into the driver's seat of the car and called Chase over.

Chase slapped Chance across the cheek and stalked over to the car, leaving him to fume silently. She threw open the door to the driver's seat and yanked Jenna out roughly, then sat down stubbornly in her place behind the wheel. "Hurry the hell up!" she growled as Jenna threw her arms up in exasperation and stalked around to the passenger seat.

Jake watched as they drove off, waving goofily.

" 'My treat,' " Chance mocked. "Really?"

"She's a great girl," Jake replied, rubbing his cheek.

"You've met her twice. And if you can judge someone by their friend's, this one's a spoiled little – "

"OKAY, back to work now," Jake interrupted, shoving him in the direction of a large, green car.

Okay, so this is the end of the story. If you liked this one, then good news, this is really story 1 of a series we (yes there are 2 people behind this account) are working on. We are currently writing the second instalment (which might take a little while, so sorry in advance) which will have more butt-kicking, more comic genius (courtesy of Chase/Riot), more new characters and, of course, more of the old characters that we all know and love. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed. ^_^