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Tommy walked downstairs into the basement. He spotted Kim and Kat sitting on one of the workout benches. Kat had a notebook sitting on her lap and they were both watching Margot intently. Margot was dancing, ballet, Tommy assumed. He didn't know too much about dance, even though he had dated Kat. He shook his head as he walked into the control room. Hayley was sitting at the computer, Billy was sitting next to her, and Trini was pacing behind them.

"Hey guys," Tommy said. "What have you three been working on?"

"We're trying to locate this source of evil energy," Hayley said.

"I think the Tengas make it pretty plausible for it to be Rita and Zedd," Trini said.

"But Billy said that all of that evil was destroyed by some energy wave," Hayley said. Tommy nodded and internally sighed. Zordon had sacrificed himself to destroy all evil, and yet here they were, years later still fighting evil.

"Didn't Adam mention something about what became of Rita after the energy wave?" Billy asked.

"He did," Tommy said. "He said one of the Mystic Force Rangers told him Rita was now the source of all good magic."

"So maybe Kira or Adam have this guy's number," Trini said. "And then we can call and they can find out if she's still good or not." Tommy nodded.

"I'll go look for one of them," Tommy said. He walked out of the room and into the main room of the basement.

"If I do an arabesque there," Margot said, as Tommy walked into the room. "I'll be a beat late on the glide."

"But it will look good," Kat argued. Kim noticed Tommy and walked over to him.

"Hey Tommy," Kim said.

"Hey," Tommy said. "What are Kat and Margot talking about?"

"Kat's trying to help Margot choreograph a dance," Kim said. "But they never agree on anything." Tommy chuckled. "Anyways, how are things going with the brains?"

"They're trying to figure out all this evil stuff," Tommy said. "I'm going to find Kira or Adam to see if they can get in touch with some other rangers who might know anything." Kim nodded.

"Kira's not here," Margot said. Tommy looked over at Margot.

"What do you mean she's not here?" Tommy asked.

"She went out with Conner," Margot said. "I figured they were going on a date or something." Tommy sighed.

"Alright thanks for telling me Margot," Tommy said. Then he headed upstairs. Kim watched him leave. It was nice having Tommy back in her life, even just as her friend.

"Don't stare too hard," Kim turned her head to see Kat standing next to her.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Kim said.

"Oh yes you do," Kat said. Kim rolled her eyes. "You do have to admit the years have done him good."

"Short hair is a much better look for him," Kim said. Kat chuckled and Kim smirked. "Alright, enough harassing me go back to harassing my niece."

"Aunt Kim!" Margot whined. Kat and Kim both started laughing as Margot sat on one of the workout benches pouting.

Kira smiled as she walked through the Angel Grove Park with Conner. It was the first time since they had gotten to Angel Grove that Kira had had any time to spend with her boyfriend. She looked over at Conner and he smiled at her. It still sometimes surprised her how she ended up dating a guy who she had hated for most of high school. But when they became Power Rangers, Conner not only proved that he could be a true leader, but that he wasn't the jerky jock she had always thought him to be.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Conner asked. He led Kira over to a picnic table and they sat down.

"Just stuff," Kira said.

"What kind of stuff?" Conner asked. Kira smirked at his persistence.

"When we were in high school," Kira said. "Did you ever imagine us being friends, let alone dating?" Conner shrugged.

"I mean I was a jerk in high school," Conner said.

"You weren't that bad," Kira said.

"You hated my guts," Conner said. "And rightfully so, I was not very polite to you. But everything happens for a reason." He put his hand on Kira's and she smiled. Conner looked at his girlfriend. They had been dating for almost a year and he still hadn't gathered the courage to tell Kira he loved her. He knew he loved her because of how he felt around her, but he just couldn't get it out. He took a deep breath.

"What's wrong?" Kira asked, concern on her face.

"Nothing," Conner said, rubbing his thumb along her hand. "There's just something I have to tell you." This was it, he was going to tell her. However, Conner was interrupted. Suddenly, a group of Tengas appeared. Conner and Kira jumped up into a fighting stance. However, the Tengas weren't alone this time. Standing in the middle of the Tengas was an ape-like creature with a blue face and gold armor. He had large black wings and a sword.

"Red Ranger you will be destroyed," He said, pointing his sword at Conner.

"Says who?" Conner asked smugly.

"I am Goldar," The creature said. "I will be the one to bring your demise."

"If I had a dime for every time an ugly evil guy said that," Kira said and Conner smirked.

"Tengas attack!" Goldar commanded. "But leave the Red Ranger for me." The Tengas ran at Kira and Goldar charged Conner.

The computer started beeping and Hayley looked up.

"Looks like we've got trouble," Hayley said. Billy and Trini's eyes widened.

"No," Trini said. She looked over at Billy. He had the same expression that she did.

"What's wrong?" Hayley asked.

"Conner's fighting Goldar," Trini said. "That's trouble enough on its own." Margot ran into the room.

"I heard the computer beeping," She said. "What's going on?"

"Conner and Kira need your help," Hayley said. "Get the others and head to the park." Margot nodded and ran out of the room. Trini bit her lip. She was worried for the Dino Thunder Rangers. Goldar was always a tough battle. She remembered how frustrated Jason would get when he couldn't defeat Goldar. Trini sighed and turned her attention back to the screen.

Conner, now morphed, used his Tyranno Staff to block another attack from Goldar. Goldar was strong, stronger than any villain he had ever faced.

"Give up Red Ranger," Goldar said. "You'll never defeat me."

"Never! Conner shouted, swiping at Goldar. Goldar easily blocked his attack. Goldar then hit Conner square in the chest with his sword. Conner went flying backwards. He demorphed and clutched his chest in pain.

"Conner!" Kira shouted, trying to fight through the pack of Tengas to get to her boyfriend. However, there were too many for her to fight off. Goldar slashed Kira with his sword and she fell over in pain. She demorphed and bit her lip, not to cry out in pain. Goldar grabbed her arm and hauled her off the ground.

"Kira!" Conner shouted, trying to get up. His body was still burning from the strike and he could barely lift his body up.

"Nice try Red Ranger," Goldar said.

"Goldar stop!" Tommy shouted, running over. Goldar smirked.

"You're too late," Goldar said. Then he, the Tengas, and Kira disappeared. Margot, Trent, and Ethan tried to stop them, but they were gone.

"No!" Conner shouted. Tommy ran over to Conner and helped him up.

"Come on," Tommy said. "We need to get you out of here."

"But Kira," Conner said, trying to pull away from Tommy.

"You're not going to be able to help her in this state," Tommy said. Conner could feel the rage building up. But he also knew Tommy was right. He solemnly nodded and they all headed back to Jason and Trini's house.

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