Lost then Found
By The Smut Sisters : Lady Sirona
Rated NC17 [Buffy/Angel] M/F consensual sex, oral sex, blood play
Spoilers: First and Second Season , third season up to Hope, Fath and Trick
Summary: Angel returns from hell as seen in HFT, and Buffy finds him in the woods confused, disorented, amnesiac and nude...
Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon and the WB. I am using them purely for my own and everyone else's amusement. This is my own smut world where AIDS doesn't exist, If you do this at home use precautions!

Lost then Found
He awakens nude, on the stone floor. He is cold and after the flames of Hell, it is a relief. He looks up, he is exhausted and weak and totally lost. *Why am I here? Where am I?*. He looks around, nothing appears familiar. In his hand is a silver Claddagh ring, why he hasn't a clue but it feels important and so he keeps it..

He stands and staggers out the French door into the night. He knows not why he is where he is, or even who he is. He does however know he is a vampire, and he is in the depths of the blood lust. He feels the blood thirst burning in him, and it must be abated! He instinctively finds the shadows, as he goes into hunt mode. He needs the blood and he needs it now.

He finds himself in a cemetery and sees a frail small woman walking with her dog. An Irish setter. The woman is tantalizing in her scent, but he cannot get up the ability to attack her. He just can't. Frustrated, he eyes the dog, it probably carries more blood than the frail woman walking it anyway.

He slides into his hunting mode, fangs lengthening, eyes turning yellow. With luck, the woman will run and leave the dog to him. He growls. The dog turns toward him and he attacks. He hears the faint scream of the owner leaving the dog to its fate, as he sinks his fangs into the dog's jugular.

The blood flows and he feels the immediate relief. It flows into the dark pit of pain the hunger burned into him, that he always seems to carry in his chest... he feels the strength returning and the life needs returning. The blood is the all and the ever...The pleasure is so immense, he is oblivious of all around him, he is deep into the feed. Oblivious enough to miss the Slayer walking up on him, having come to investigate the screams...

Buffy patrolled quietly. She was glad to be patrolling alone without Faith this night. She was teary eyed and crying intermittently. She had gone earlier in the evening to the place where she had killed Angel and had left his ring there as her good bye. He was gone, her Angel. He would never hold her again and she would never know his love again.

A ragged sob broke out of her chest wrenching with it the pain she felt. She had returned to Sunnydale and faced her mother and her friends. Tonight she faced what she did to the man she loved. She loved him with every essence of her being, and it had cost him his soul, and then it killed him. Him. Her Angel. His only crime had to been to love her. Her repayment to him for his love was death.

A scream pulled her out of the misery and reminds her that she had wanted to kick some vampire ass, and this looked like just the good time. While heading for the screams, a small frail young woman came running toward her, but there was nothing chasing her. She never stopped, but kept running, beyond Buffy and out of the cemetery.

Curious Buffy backtracks where the woman came, from to come upon a vampire feeding on an Irish setter, in the nude. *God don't they have any class?* She thought to herself as she grabbed a stake and prepared herself to startle a feeding vampire, and see *a lot* more of him than she ever wanted to, before she slayed him.

He felt the warning signs. The Slayer was near. He knows he has to escape, he is in no condition to battle a Slayer, and he is weak and disoriented. He glances up and in to the face of the Slayer. He growls in his frustration. *Damn it... I am as good as dead!* He snarls at her in feeble defiance. In his condition, the Slayer won't even work up a sweat to dust him. He prepares to be pummeled and then staked.

Buffy stares at him in wonder. "Angel?" She asked hesitantly. *It can't be, it has to be a dream, a night mare. I am dreaming...* She stand rock solid, afraid to move, that the appearance of her lost love is just her imagination. That her dreams are now occurring when she is awake...

He looks at her with confusion in his eyes. *Why hasn't she slain me yet? Why doesn't she attack?* He stares at her, amazed she doesn't go immediately for the kill. He is a sitting duck, weak and injured...

Buffy lowers the stake in her hand. She can't raise it to Angel. This has to be Angel, he doesn't look like Angelus, but something is wrong with him. He doesn't seem to know her... She steps forward toward him and he growls and flashes his fangs in a snarl of warning to stay away.

Buffy sinks to her knees, this is too much. She has finally lost her mind. She lowers the stake to the ground and starts to huddle on the ground. She can't be dreaming again...! He looks at her in confusion. Maybe she isn't the Slayer? He starts to back away slowly, watching her carefully as she hugs her legs and starts to rock back and forth slowly with tears streaming down her face. This isn't Slayer behavior, "Are you OK?" He asks gently. *I have lost my mind?* He asks himself as he talks to the Slayer.

He hears her lament. "nononononononononono ..." she repeated over and over to herself under her breath, almost as a mantra. She is oblivious to her surroundings, and is a sitting duck for any stronger vampire. For some reason this upsets him deeply, and he knows has to get her out of there... he just doesn't know why. "No obviously you didn't kill me" He tells her gently. "You need to leave here. You can't stay out here like this...its dangerous"

Buffy rocks herself back and forth as she thinks *I have lost my mind - has to be- I have finally gone around the bend- finally.* She can't look at him, all nude and splendor, her most disturbing dream of him yet. He comes closer to her, and tells her "You can't stay here. You have to leave" She ignores him and starts to cry in large gulping sobs rocking herself.

He is at a loss at what to do, and so he hugs her tightly. *Have I lost my mind? He feels her power, this is the Slayer!* He asks himself, but somehow it feels right. She fits right into his arms and it feels right.

"God, it feels so real.." She sighs and melts into his embrace... "gotta be a dream" she tells herself as she holds onto his arms with a tight grip, he feels so real! If this is a dream I don't ever want to wake up!

"Come on... you got to get out of here..." He tries to make her stand but she doesn't move she just holds onto him. He likes it, but he is frantic to get her to safety, and he can feel the dawn coming. She starts to laugh and it has a hysterical tone he doesn't like. "hey, hey hey... you need to calm down and get out of here" He whispers into her ear softly.

"This is so much better than the other dreams..." She mutters to herself and he looks at her in confusion. "I am so sorry Angel... I didn't want to... I had no choice" her voice breaks and the tears flow again. She holds onto him tightly and he doesn't want to move, but the coming dawn is giving him impetus.

*Why is she calling me Angel? Does she think I am an Angel? Can't she see that I am a vampire?* He held her as she cried as his head twirled in confusion. Holding the Slayer just felt so right. Had he lost his mind?

"God you feel so good. I missed you so" She leaned her head back into his arm and he held her tighter. She was warm and good and he wanted to protect her...

"Please, we need to leave here... it is dangerous for you like this!" he implored her.

"Oh God Angel, I need you so..." She murmured into his bare chest. He stopped cold *NEED ME?* he looked down at her...*She needs me?* He felt something in his fist and he held out his hand, it was the Claddagh ring he found when he returned. He holds her tight as he stares at the ring... too small for him...

"Don't hate me... please" She implores him in a soft child like voice. "I had to... I had no choice..." She rubs her face into his skin and feels the cold skin against her own.

"I don't hate you... I am confused... I don't remember..." he tells her, he holds out the Claddagh ring to her in a confused peace offering of some sort. "I don't remember anything..."

In stunned silence she takes the ring from his hand and stares at it. It is her ring... the one she left at the place of his death. He watches her; it obviously has some meaning to as she stares at it in disbelief. "It can't be" she whispers. She looks up to
him light of understanding dawning in her eyes. She raises her hand to his face, and
looks into his eyes. He is lost and confused. "Angel?" She asks softly.

"I am not an Angel. I'm something else, not an Angel" He tells her sadly. How he wishes he was an Angel, and then he would be worthy of her. "You need to leave this place. It is dangerous"

"No, you are My Angel" She turns to him and holds him tight. She relaxes into his
embrace. *HUH?* He stares off in confusion. "I don't know who you think I am, but I doubt I am him... I am..." he looks lost and confused. How does he explain this to her?

"I know you're a vampire" She tells him gently. He nods and looks at her stake, expecting her to pick it up and slam it through his heart at any moment. "I guess we are back to cryptic guy again?" He stares in shock. *HUH?*

"You know me?" He asked in wonder. She nodded. "You know what I am?" again she nodded. "Then if you are the Slayer, why don't you kill me?"

She laughs with an edge of hysteria. "I already did..." She looks at him with hear broken eyes...

"I don't understand... I am not dust..." he looks at his arms, and chest, and then realizes he is holding the Slayer in his arms while nude... "Please you need to leave the area, you're in danger!" He tries to make her stand. He felt the dawn coming and started to panic. "I have to find somewhere to go. Dawn is coming..." He starts to look around franticly

"Oh man, we got to get you inside... where can we go?" He looks lost and confused and she realizes he doesn't know where to go. She stands up and grabs his hand. "Come on!" She pulls and he stands in all his glory and starts to follow her. Somehow it feels right to follow the Slayer. "We'll cut through the park; we'll be at my house in five minutes"

He shrugs and follows her. She hasn't killed him yet; it will probably be unlikely for her to do it now. He needs to find a safe haven and he trusts her to find him one. As they run through the predawn, cutting through back yards and property, he grabs a table cloth off a picnic table. He doesn't want her to get in trouble with a nude man.

"What's your name?" He asks her as they jump a fence. She looks at him startled. "What is your name? Why are you helping a vampire? You're a Slayer, I can feel it..." He continues to follow her... "I don't understand why you haven't killed me..."

"My god... You really DON'T remember!" She turns to him and then takes his hand. "The Sun is coming up- I'll explain later- OK?" He nods. "My name is Buffy" He looks at her and nods.

He glances eastward and sees the lightening sky, which is becoming horribly bright to his vampire eyes. He turns back to her in trust. "OK. Pretty name... your pretty."

"Come on Shake a leg" She commands. She doesn't like the lightening sky. She sees he is staring at his leg in confusion of her last command. "Run!" She is grabbing her keys from her pocket as the bound up the steps of her house. Joyce opens the door as Buffy grabs him and yells "get in" and flings him through the door and into Joyce.

Faith feels the sensation of a vampire and seeing him holding onto Joyce, she goes after him with a stake...