"You need to stop doing this….you're going to be killed." Selina said.

"Yes mother…"

"Jack, I'm serious!"

"Why so- "


"Serious?" Selina punched him in his damages thigh.

"AHHH! What was that for? Sheesh… someone's on their period…." Another punch in the thigh.

"Guhn..I don't know why you bother to patch me up if you're just going to open me all up again."

"I would think that after the little present Owlman gave you, you wouldn't be blabbering on and getting yourself into trouble." Jack gave her a glare that said it all; hurt, tragedy, pain. She broke the glance between them and started to put away the bandages in discomfort.

"How are those by the way…..?" Jack looked up to her."No." he said.

"Yes." She reached for his face, but Jack leaped gracefully off the table and in a matter of seconds he was in her kitchen, two stories down.

"God damn it." Then she ran after him, nearly knocking everything out of the way. She called out after him. "Come on! I need to see if I can take the stitches out!" Jack peeped out, as if he were a child playing hide and go seek.

"But last time you doused it in peroxide….." Jack said in a childish voice.

"That's because you where being an ass." Selina said Jack managed to find his jester costume. The sight of it truly grieved him, how it was torn to shreds.

"Did you make it?"

"Uhhhhhh…..kinda…." Selina held it in, but she felt her lips curling into a smile, and she started to laugh out. Jack let his shoulders fall.

"Yes….ok…you got me. I made it. Like the girl I am. Happy?"

"Hahahah….heheheh…oohhh. That was good. " Jack placed it in a duffel bag, and was looking for his shirt. She giggled and held it out in front of him.

"Give it back." Jack held out his hand.

"Not unless you let me treat your scars."

"Not a chance." Selina lunged for him and he braced himself for the landing. They both landed on the couch, tipping it over, leaving a monstrosity in Selina's living room. She wrestled him till he ultimately gave up.

"They are looking better…..a little."

"Yeah, you're joking." Selina felt horrible for what Owlman had done to his once clear face of his. Even throughout High school he had the clearest skin out of all the students. She had known him since the first grade and ever since then they had the best of friends.

When Jack was hunched over his desk one night when she came to visit him over the holidays (she stole his extra key that he has never been able to retrieve) his skin was wight. Not one inch of his skin had pigment. At first Selina though it was make up, or the lighting. She soon found out that that was his permanent skin color for now on. His hair tinted the most vibrant green Selina has ever seen. That she could with live that. It was his lips that where disturbing. They were blood red, with gruesome cuts…..from his cheekbone…..all the way to the other one. That was truly the most disturbing. Because he looked like someone else. He wasn't the sweet chemist nerd she knew from college and high school. This was someone else now.

It was almost Christmas when she saw that. She looked long and hard at his face, in disbelief. He hadn't even moved from his position, as he stared blankly at the blank paper in front of himself. She sat there with him. Until finally his face drowned into a look of pain. His pain converted into sound as he mewed in Selina's arms. Then he told her what happened and assured her that it wasn't some kind of joke.

As that one night tinted her thoughts, Jack was all most out the door before Selina stopped him. She hugged him for a long period of time, giving an excuse to keep him safely inside her house. Cause she knew. She knew that Jack would stop at nothing to kill Owlman. Even if he had to kill himself in the process.

"What happened to you…" Her voice was barley audible.