Bloodied and broken, raped and beaten. These words described the smalled resident of Number 4 Privet Drive. Harry James Potter had no friends, No one who would miss him if he were to die unexpectedly at the ripe old age of eight.

Harry crawled to his cupboard. When his Uncle Vernon went to lock it, something happened. A light enveloped the bloodied boy, and sent him as far away from number 4 Privet Drive as you could get. About 400 years into the past to be exact.

Sebastian was having the three servants of the Phantomhive mansion prepare for their guest when it happened. An icy blue light appeared in the garden, revealing a small child. He appeared to be about four or five, with messy black hair and ribs showing. When Sebastian saw the child's eyes, he almost gasped in shock. They were the purest emerald he'd ever seen, almost gem-like. The child flinched, as if he expected to be hit.

After putting the child in a bed, he continued preparations. It took hours for the nonsense to be over with, and the man disposed of for embezzling funds. That was when Sebastian alerted his master to the child.

"A child? How did he get in here?"

"I don't know. Other than the light, there was nothing out of the ordinary about him."

"Where is he?"

"In one of the spare bedrooms."

"I will see about him in the morning."

Harry didn't know where he was, but it was infinitely better than his cupboard. He curled in the blankets, and fell into a light sleep. He awoke twice to the sound of footsteps outside the door. Both times it was the same person. Too light to be his uncle or cousin, and too heavy for his aunt.

At the crack of dawn, he woke up quick. It took him five minutes to realize he was no longer in Privet Drive. For one thing, his 'aunt' had yet to come to the door to yell at him for breakfast. For another, the air was too clean and the room too big.

The footsteps returned. This time a lighter pair was with them. Too light for his family.

The door opened...and revealed a very tall man with short black hair and a butler outfit. An antique butler outfit. His black eyes told him that something was off about him.

The other set of footsteps belonged to a boy, roughly his age from what he could tell. He had an eye-patch over his left eye, and pale hair. His very attitude screamed nobleman, not that Harry had ever meet one. The boy's eye were a beautiful sea-green.

"Who are you?" the boy demanded.

Harry flinched visibly. He couldn't find his voice at all. The boy asked again...still he couldn't speak. The butler tried to approach him, and he flinched back. Somehow he knew he was going to get hit again. The boy seemed to catch this, and sighed.

"My name is Ciel Phantomhive. According to Sebastian you arrived late last night in a ice-blue light."

"You're not going to hit me are you?" were the only words he could say. Ciel seemed shocked that he would ask such a thing.

"Why would we hit you?" asked Sebastian, honestly curious.

"Uncle Vernon always hits me when I show my 'freakishness'..." said Harry bluntly.

"We're not going to hit you. Do you have a name?"

"Harry...but my aunt and uncle call me 'freak'."

Ciel scowled. He knew something was wrong with this. It looked like this boy had been his own family no less! Something seemed to tug at him, as if someone were telling him to protect this boy.

Harry seemed to struggle to stay awake. Ciel let him fall asleep, and they discussed the strange boy.

"I don't like this. What sort of family beats a child and calls him a freak?"

Ciel was in a foul mood for the day. He had Sebastian put some food just inside the door, as he suspected that Harry wouldn't let anyone near him just yet. He wasn't surprised to find that the boy ate everything. Anyone who would beat a child obviously didn't have any qualms about starving one.

It took a full month of patience for Harry to open up to Ciel. It was obvious that Harry trusted Ciel like a brother. He especially loved playing games with him, much to Ciel's surprise. He always seemed to hold back, which confused him until Harry mentioned his cousin.

It was during one of their games that Harry asked a question that threw Ciel completely off-guard.

"What is Sebastian?"

"He's my butler."

"No, I mean what is he?"

Ciel was surprised. How did Harry know Sebastian wasn't a normal butler? Remembering how honest Harry had been during their games, he gave the boy the honest truth.

"He's a demon butler."

"How did you end up with a demon for a butler?" said Harry, not really surprised. He knew Sebastian wasn't human, he just didn't know what he was.

"I made a contract. Eventually he will eat my soul."

Harry didn't show much surprise to this news, but he did warm up to the demon very quickly after that. He was still very nervous around the other four adults, but he opened up to the two at last.

That night during dinner...

"What did you say to him?" asked Sebastian. He wanted to know why Harry suddenly quit being so nervous around him.

"He wanted to know what you were, so I told him the truth."

"That explains it then. I wondered why he was no longer afraid of me yet stayed skittish around the others."

Weeks rolled by, and things settled down in the Phantomhive mansion. Harry was taking lessons from Sebastian on how to be a butler. He took over the duty of making breakfast, as the cook couldn't be trusted not to burn the food using a flamethrower.

Then she showed up. The bane of Ciel's existence...his fiancée Elizabeth. Harry immediately disliked her. She seemed to have no concept of personal boundaries, and her 'cute' fetish drove everyone in the mansion insane, especially Ciel!

Harry tried his hardest to avoid her entirely, to no avail. She seemed to have a tracking device on him, as she found him easily and turned him into a living dress-up doll, to his disgust.

When she tried to show him off to Ciel, something odd happened. Her hair and clothes turned into clashing shades of bright orange and puke green. Her ensuing shriek of horror made him wince visibly. Sebastian came in worried, and clearly tried not to laugh at Harry. Then he saw Elizabeth, and his eyes danced with laughter.

That night Ciel actually thanked Harry for getting rid of her. Though he did ask how he did it.

"I have no idea. It was worth it though, to see her face!" said Harry, actually laughing.

Harry and Sebastian were out on errands when Harry noticed something odd out of the corner of his eye. A derelict shop called Ollivander's Wands. He pointed it out, and they stopped by on their way back.

"Welcome!" said a strange young man. He appeared out of nowhere, and actually caught Sebastian off-guard.

"Hello..." said Harry nervous. Adults in general **and Lizzie** always made him nervous.

"Here for your first wand?"

"Actually we just wanted to see what this shop was." admitted Harry.

"Going to Hogwarts are you?"


"The best magical school in Europe. Compared to that French school for the arts and Durmstrang, at any rate."

"Never heard of those."

"How old are you lad?"

"Almost nine. Why?"

"Too young for Hogwarts. Come here again in two years for your wand."

"Why would I need a wand for anyway?" asked Harry, thoroughly confused at this point.

They left with no more answers than they came in with. Though Sebastian was beginning to have suspicions as to what exactly Harry was.

Harry was with Ciel during a standard case when he felt someone grab him. He clearly heard the words "I've got the Phantomhive brat! Let's go!"

Ciel was genuinely concerned when he realized that someone had grabbed his only friend by mistake. He wanted to have Sebastian rescue him, but he had no idea where Harry was. And he suspected that once the kidnappers knew that Harry was the wrong boy that they would kill him.

Harry was terrified. The men had found out that they had grabbed the wrong boy, and were openly planning to kill him. He didn't want to die, not after meeting someone who actually gave a damn about him!

(So you don't want to die?)

Who's there?

(Call me Hekara. I can help you escape.)


(I can show you how to shift into an animal. But your animal form cannot be forced.)

What kind of animal will I turn into?

(It depends on the mage. Not even I can tell what a mage will turn into.)

I have to try.

(Look into your mind's eye. Search your soul.)

A wolf like hound appeared before him. It's fur had a lightning shaped streak on both sides with emerald eyes. It's pure black fur shone in the darkness. A second shape was behind it, but the image was too blurry to see precisely what it was.

(Concentrate on the animal. Visualize each line, each curve. Then focus on the animal becoming you. Movement helps quite a bit during this part.)

But I'm tied up.

(Are you?)

Harry found he could move now, as the ropes slide from his form. He looked down, and saw large black paws. His sense of smell was sharpened, almost to the point of pain. He tested this new form, seeing what moved properly and what didn't. Much to his shock, he now had a tail!

He walked out the door, which opened the second he came near. Whoever Hekara was, they were helping him escape. He tried to find Ciel and Sebastian, but he had no idea what they smelled like.

(Take a left at the next street, walk for three blocks and turn right. You'll see that creepy shop that sells wands on the left hand side.)

Thank you.

(Don't think this is the last you'll hear of me, boya. My current avatar will show up about a month after you return.)

How will I recognize him?

(Her. And she'll be singing in Japanese. So will a friend of hers, but she'll be with Lizzie.)

Harry spotted the creepy wand shop, and started running. He had wandered to that shop often enough for the past week to remember the way back.

With a bark, he launched himself at a very shocked Sebastian. Ciel clearly tried to hold back laughter as Harry proceed to lick the demon to death. Sebastian gently managed to get him off.

How do I turn back?

(Think, who are you?)

My name is Harry Potter, an apprentice butler to the Phantomhive family. My only friend is Ciel Phantomhive, and his butler Sebastian is a demon. I will turn nine in two months...

Harry shifted from the wolf-hound form, much to Ciel's shock.

"Hi, Ciel."


"I don't know. One minute those men were openly plotting to kill me, the next someone talks to me in my head and helps me to escape. They also said that their avatar would be showing up a month from today."

"Any clues to who it will be?"

"They mentioned something about her singing in Japanese. Oh, and her friend will be with Elizabeth."

One month later...

A brown haired woman walked with a swagger, as she sang a little song that no one understood.

"You don't remember my name,

I don't really care,

Can we play the game your way?

Can I really lose control?

Just once in my life,

I think it'd be nice

Just to lose control, just once,

With all the pretty flowers in the dust

Mary had a little lamb,

His eyes black as coals,

If we play very quiet, my lamb,

Mary never has to know

Just once in my life,

I think it'd be nice,

Just to lose control, just once,

If I cut you down to a thing I can use,

I fear there will be nothing good left of you."

It was clear that everyone avoided her after they heard that song. Something about it scared them. Harry stopped and listened to the song. It seemed familiar to him. That's when it hit him!

"Sebastian, I think that girl is the one we were warned about."

"What makes you say that?"

"That song she's singing. It's a modern rock song. I used to hear that all the time on the radio."

"What's a modern rock?"

"Evanescence, Linkin Park, Nickelback...but they won't be around for a long while. And I'm fairly sure that's Evanescence she's singing."

"How did you know?" she asked cheekily.

Harry shrugged, "It sounded like them."

"It's called 'Lose Control'. It's a fairly new one too. I take it your the kid that Hekara wants to protect?"

"Who is Hekara?"

"A 15,000 year old dragon who enjoys annoying wizards. She also likes demons...mainly because they crack her up with their antics."

"We amuse her?"

"Yup. You guys have more fun!"

The girl, who's named turned out to be Anna, was a godsend. She took care of the house better than the current maid. She also taught Ciel and Harry how to wield magic. It turned out that the only ones who could make a contract with demons were those with magic.

Then Lizzie showed up...with a new maid named Katelyn. Kate, as she preferred to be called, did her hardest to reel in Lizzie's cute fetish. Much to Ciel's surprise (and relief) she often succeeded. Harry also stuck to Anna like glue, and seemed to be the only one he would let hug him.

One week before Harry's birthday, Ciel asked him an odd question.

"If you could change your name, what would it be?"


"Why that?"

"Anna said that was Merlin's real name. Besides, it sounds cool."

And so Emrys Phantomhive was born. Ciel officially added him to the family roster as his younger brother. Emrys was happy for the first time he could remember. He had a family that loved him, he had a home that welcomed him, and friends that wouldn't judge him!

Things were going great, until he was about to turn eleven. Ciel and Emrys were heading down to Ollivander's to buy wands. Two weeks ago Anna had declared them ready for wand magic.

Ollivander took down wand after wand, seeming more excited after each failure. Finally they found their wands...after 300 tries each.

Ciel had an Elder wood wand with thestral and demon raven feather core. Emrys had a Holly wood wand with ice phoenix and werewolf core. They were actually grinning as Anna took them to a pet shop...with interesting results.

Sebastian returned to the house to stare in horror at Ciel's new guard-wolf...and Emrys new snake.

The day started so normally for the Phantomhive estate...until the ball of flame arrived and grabbed Emrys. It took all of a week to convince Ciel that Emrys was in trouble. After the second kidnapping attempt, Ciel had a tracking spell tied to Sebastian just in case. And Sebastian couldn't find him at all.

Emrys was scared. After that fireball dropped him off at the decrepit pub, he had been stared at, watched at odd times of day, and followed.

The goblins at least, were understanding to a point. Once they found out that he had been blood-adopted into the old and powerful (and previously dead) Phantomhive family, they let him into the vaults. He completely bypassed the Potter vaults once he was told that he would be unable to access any more than his trust vault until he was seventeen. So he completely locked the vaults down until then.

After a little trouble over the fact that he already had a wand, the kidnapper left him alone for the most part. When the owl arrived at his room, he was still worried.

Harry Potter

13 Leaky Cauldron


"So this is the school Ollivander mentioned. I don't see why I have to go."

Emrys found a quaint shop and bought a trunk that had multiple compartments that only he could open. He then practically bought out Flourish and Blotts stock of books. He stocked up the trunks potions lab, and was thrilled to find his pet snake snoozing in her little compartment. She had grown considerably since he found her in the Phantomhive vault a week ago.

When he met the blond boy in Madam Malkin's he found a kindred spirit. He was also forced to do something he didn't want. But at least he was polite.