The bed creaks as Flora sleeps; Joanie runs her hand down Flora's arms, confused. She will admit this is not the first time a young woman has run into her arms shaking in her boots and crying because of the intensity the saloon brings into their lives. However, Flora is different, a minute ago, she was crying and trembling in her arms, just like all the others, but now Flora's skin is warm and there is not an ounce of tears on her peaceful face.

She does not look frightened or haunted by the fact that a man was stabbed to death simply because he was looking at the young woman strangely. Joanie pulls Flora closer nonetheless, feeling Flora's steady heartbeat and enjoying the warmth of her proximity. Joanie convinces as she succumbs to sleep that Flora feels safer in her arms and is no longer frightened by how the night has turned out.

However when Joanie wakes up, Flora is out of the bed, fixing her corset and staring at the mirror. Flora's cold, blue eyes hold something that Joanie had never noticed before and it makes her skin crawl. As if the girl had just removed a mask, Joanie sees a different side of the young woman, a side that was never frightened by the gory death. Flora's lips curl up into a grin as she gazes at herself in the mirror; she was never upset at all.

A/N: Um…I was bored when I made this…first Deadwood fic, I have only seen two episodes, the one with Flora in it so I if I have made huge mistakes, then I am sorry.

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