Ki Ni Naru Aitsu

When I first met her, I didn't think about her too much. She wasn't exactly my type.

Now, though, I've known her for a few months. She's nice, we're friends. We hang out a lot, play the card game... The usual.

...Okay, maybe I like her more than a friend. I don't know... I'm not much of a romantic, I've had a few people like me, male and female but I've never liked anyone.

What should I do? Should I tell her? Ask her out? Say what, "Hey...Ummm... I think I like you more than a friend... Wanna go out on a date? Please?" No, no way... Not *that*. I've finally regained my status as "The Digimon Card King", I've got way too many fans who would be trying to get into my personal life.

Then again, it would get rid of those fangirls and boys... But you can't base a relationship on that! I know I like her...

Bah, I'm just confused... First time I've ever felt this way... ...First time I've ever wanted to ask someone out.

She's one of the few girls who doesn't think of me because of I'm the Digimon Card King. She thinks of me because of who I am...Ryou Akiyama.

She doesn't ask for tips, she doesn't ask me my secret strategies. She just plays the card game for fun. I've played against so many hardcore players I didn't think people could play that game for fun.

...That's it... I'll... I'll call her. It's Sunday, we don't have anything to do! We'll just have lunch and play cards! We've done that plenty of times! Nothing awkward there.

I pick up the phone, dialing her number... It rings a few times.


It's her... Okay, stay calm. You're ONLY asking her to play cards. You can try a date later... ...Maybe ask her when she gets here.

Yeah, that's what I'll do.

"Hey, Alice. It's Ryou, I was wondering if you wanted to come by for lunch..."

~The End~

Original Author's (AKA Ori's) Notes:
For those who are getting tired of the endless stream of Leekato. The title for this means "That Person I Can't Ignore," it's a song title from... ...Something...

*Sigh* ...Fine, Card Captor Sakura. It's Xiaolian's image song.

I'm not sure why I liked this pairing, I don't remember if these two even MET in Tamers...Then again, that's never stopped me before. Though, I've heard there's a fan theory in which Alice is actually a ghost...

...Oh, CRAP, does that make this a...?


Taiki's Notes:
Ori, new rule: You can't just make stuff up just to bad mouth your old fics. And Word of God has not confirmed or denied that theory! I personally believe Alice is a living being with a taste for elegant gothic lolita clothing, not a ghost.

I did not have to do much for this in terms of editing, so it's just a straight up upload. Ha ha, no pun intended.

-Taiki Matsuki