I was sitting in my study reading a book but also thinking all that has gone on in my life. So much I wish I could know what really happened. I am purely happy with my family. I have my beautiful loving Esme and my wonderful kids Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmet, and finally Bella. Edward was the first into the family and will always be truly like my son in every way. And he has been alone for so long and I am happy he has finally found love in Bella and she returns it. She will soon be changed so they can be together and they never have to part. Then there is Rosalie. Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosalie. When I had changed her I hope that she could be to Edward what Esme was to me. Well she certainly wasn't that's for sure. She had a hard time excepting this life for many reasons and a big one is she has always wanted to have a baby and now she can't. Emmett was changed after a bear attack and Rosalie saved him and brought him here for me to change because she loved him. Emmett didn't mind this life he goes with the flow of things and is happy with what life has given them. They have been together ever since. Next is Alice. Alice doesn't remember her human life and it bothers her sometimes but at the end of the day she says well it must have been bad if my mind is trying to suppress it. Jasper came along with Alice and when he first got here we were all pretty scared because he was covered in battle scars. But once we got to talking to them we saw who they truly were and learned they were not as scary as they seemed to be. And they have been with the family since them. And for Bella well she makes Edward whole. We have all known that he was missing something and that was Bella. And now our family is complete.

And with the newborn army coming right now we are just trying keep our nerves in control and stay calm and I did that as I remembered someone very special from another time. I brought myself away from that thought to a human memory I haven't had in a long time.


We were 17 at the time. As we lay in the forest meadow we find and she is curled into my side and I run my fingers though her beautiful silky Chocolate brown hair with natural blonde in it. And her scent that smells of Freesias and lilies and a hint of apple. I looked down at the women I love and thought about the future I wanted for us.

I could see me coming home from work and my son and daughter running out it greet me and then me hugging them and them running inside to their mother. And I go in and smell an apple pie. She is an amazing cook. I see her and her hair is tied back and out newborn in the basinet that she takes in the kitchen while cooking to have to baby near to her. My Isabella has just given birth two weeks before. And I would provide for my family and there will always be love and care. And we will raise our children to know love does exist.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Isabella calling my name. I looked down at her into her beautiful Chocolate brown eyes and smile while placing a feather light kiss upon her lips.

When we pulled away she asked, "What were you thinking so hard about?" in her angelic voice. And she was an amazing singer and known as the town beauty much to my dismay. And she was also so graceful and an amazing dancer. Though I don't know how she is all mine.

"Just thinking about the future." I said

"And what about it?" she asked

"I was thinking about us having a family. And, I could coming home from work and our son and daughter running out it greet me and then me hugging them and then them running inside to their mother. And I go in and smell an apple pie. Of course it is you being the amazing cook. I see you and your hair is tied back and out newborn in the basinet that you take in the kitchen while cooking to have the baby near to you. You my Isabella have just given birth two weeks before. And I would provide for my family and there will always be love and care. And we will raise our children to know love does exist." I answered

"That sounds amazing."


"Why don't we go back to my parent's cottage and get started early on that." She said with a sexy voice and started to kiss me hard.

"Are you sure?" I asked pulling away, but she wasn't having that. She started to kiss my neck and that drove me crazy. I gave in and picked her up bridle style and took her back to her home and we went inside up to her room and we began to undress each other. And it went from their and that night we gave ourselves to each other. It was both of ours first time and though we weren't married we had our love and if she got pregnant I didn't care we would go away and I would take care of them no matter what.

The neck morning I woke to her not by my side. I heard bustling in the kitchen and I smelled Bella's cooking and I realized how hungry I am. I grabbed my undergarments and pants and slipped them on. And I walked downstairs to see the food already done and her putting it on the table and then moving to grab the sliver. I went and wrapped me arms around her and kissed her neck.

"Good morning." I said into her neck between kisses

"A good morning it is," She said while she was giggling and she turned in my arms and began kissing me. Her lips were so soft and warm and I tightened my arms around her and brought her closer to me. We were like that for a few minutes.

When we pulled apart and we ate the breakfast she made and of course it was great.

"Are you sure that you don't?" I asked for the third time.

"Yeas I am sure I don't regret what happened last night Carlisle is love you and if I do get pregnant well we will get through it together." She said and wrapped her arms back around my neck and kissed me again.

"Really?" I asked again

"Yes really. Now you have to go" She said

"Alright I love you." I told her kissing her.

"I love you too." as we pulled apart and after that that was the last time I saw her.

~End of Flashback~

That was the last time I saw her because of what happened when I returned to at home.


I got home to people moving packed boxes into the carriages and I saw that it was me and my parents stuff. I ran into the house to see me parents telling the servants what to pick up.

"What is going on?" I asked panicked though I knew the answer I just didn't wait to believe it.

"We are moving." My father said the words that killed me.

"No we can't." I said with tears streaming down my face.

"Why? Why not honey?" My mother said coming to my aid thinking something was wrong. It just wasn't physically.

I didn't answer I just ran to my room. I could hear my mother following me. When she got to my room she demanded and asked.

"Why?" She asked

"MY Isabella I can't leave her." I cried

"Who is this Isabella?"

"She is my angel and one true love and I can't leave her now and I have already staked my claim on her." I cried

"What do you mean you have staked your claim on her?"

"I gave myself to her and she gave herself to me." I answered

"Why would you do that?." she said while a look of horror crossed her face. "You have to chance of pregnancy and what are you going to do if she is?" She asked

"I will take care of them." I answered

"No you won't because we won't be here." Then she left my room.

And they physically forced me to leave with them and I never knew what become of her."

~End of Flashback~

I did try to find out what happened but I guess she died and that hurts my heart because she will always own part of it. I decided to go for a hunt to clear my head. After I was a good distance away I smelled a familiar scent and I ran towards it. And I saw her.

"Isabella?" I whispered

"Well you really are slow." She said and sat down and looked me straight in the eyes. I then realized that Edwards girlfriend is My Isabella.

"Lets go away together." I said

"What?" she asked

"You heard me." I said

"Carlisle you are married and have a family."

"I can easily get a divorce Bella." I answered and I would for her.

"No Carlisle you and Esme are perfect together and I won't be to person to ruin that." And with that she ran off. And my heart began to hurt even worse.


I was hunting and I came across a scent and it smelled oddly like Bella. I ran and saw her but she is a vampire.

"Bella?" I asked

"Yeah hey Em. And before you ask yes I am already a vampire and I am 300 years old or however old Carlisle is." Bella answered

I then remembered when Carlisle told us a story about his past with a girl named Isabella and then I realized that this was the same person.

"Bella are you going to tell the family?" I asked

"Yeah I just didn't know how."

"Well it's easy like one two three."

"It's not easy like you see it. There are many difficult factors." she said. That confused me what she said there were many difficult factor.

"Like what?" I asked

"Just forget it Em."

"Will you help us fight at least?" I asked trying to get her to stay and in the end get answered.

"Alright." she sighed and answered.


And we ran together to the field and she was fast.

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