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Chapter 1 – The Preparation Disaster

"Ugh… Why do I have to participate with your silly games?" Lelouch said scornfully, putting a hand on his face.

"Why not? You look pretty in a dress!" Milly said as she studied him from head to toe.

Lelouch was wearing a long white off shoulder dress, lengths detailed with gold threads. It was simple but elegant. His ebony hair lengthened with hair extensions flowed down to his waist and contrasts it beautifully while his fair complexion matched it perfectly. His feminine figure became very evident because the dress was tight along the waist. All in all, Lelouch looks like a typical princess.

"Milly! Stop examining me!"

"Shirley can you go and get that make-up for me?" Milly pointed at the table where the make-up was placed. The red haired girl was staring at Lelouch, not hearing her words; Milly snapped her fingers in front of her making the girl jump.

"Ahh… Yes!" Shirley said as she rushed over to the table.

Milly turned back to the ebony haired teen and continued to study him. Lelouch twitched an eyebrow and frowned.

"Stop ignoring me!" Lelouch exclaimed slamming a hand on the table beside him. Milly scowled at the teen's actions and folded her arms across her chest.

"You know Lelouch, you shouldn't have agreed to this if you're just going to complain." Milly glared.

"And what? You're going to make Nunnaly do it!"

"Of course! She'll look a LOT cu-"

"-I'M AGAINST IT!" Lelouch exclaimed. Milly glared intensely at the teen making him glare back, putting much effort to fend the blonde off but was an uttered failure.

"And that's why YOU'RE doing this." Milly smirked putting a hand on her hips.

Lelouch grunted and turned his head to the side, folding his arms across his chest. Shirley looked at them with worried eyes, holding the make-up in her hands; she tried to approach the two.

"Umm… Milly… here…" she said handing the make-up over.

"Thanks!" Milly smiled as she took it from the girl's hands.

"Now…" Milly turned back to Lelouch who was already trying to get away. "…stay still!" The blonde grabbed the teen's wrist and pulled him down making him sit on the chair.

"You don't want me to mess up YOUR face… Do you?" The blonde taunted as she sat down in front of the teen. Lelouch scowled but followed the blonde's orders.

Half an hour already passed since Milly started working on Lelouch.

"H-hm… Just a little bit more… There!"

"Took you long enough." Lelouch grunted.

"L-lelouch… Y-you're…" Shirley gasped placing both her hands on her mouth.

"What… pft…do you think? It… pft… turned out nice." Milly refrained herself from laughing as she looked at Lelouch.

"B-but…Milly… you put too much ma-mphf!" Milly covered Shirley's mouth and dragged her away. Lelouch raised an eyebrow and looked at the mirror.

'WHAT THE FUCK!' he screamed in his head.

He quickly grabbed a clean cloth and removed the make-up on his face, cleaning it up as if Milly never touched it. As soon as he finished, Lelouch faced the blonde who was hiding behind Shirley.

"YOU…" he murmured, his voice trembling with anger as he stood up. "You didn't know what you were doing! And you had the nerve to tell me off like that!" Lelouch snapped, clenching his fist.

"C-calm down Lelouch… I-it wasn't that bad…" Milly shuddered, waving her hands trying to calm Lelouch down.

"But Milly you put too much make-up and the colors you chose doesn't sui-"

"SHIRLEY!" Milly shrieked.

Lelouch stomped towards the blonde, cornering her against the wall. Milly trembled as Lelouch looked at her with deadly slits.

A voice suddenly came from the other side of the door.

"Knock! Knock!" the voice stated happily.

'Saved!' Milly thought, sighing in relief. She quickly slid away from the enraged prince and opened the door. In came a blue haired teen carrying a huge box, together with a brunette.

"Ah, Rivalz! Suzaku! How's the preparation going?"

"It's going as pla- WHOA!" Rivalz exclaimed as he caught sight of Lelouch.

"WHAT?" Lelouch snapped.

"I…err…you look…"

"Beautiful…" Suzaku continued. Everybody silenced and stared at the brunette. Lelouch's eyes widened at the brunette's words, making him blush heavily; he quickly turned it into a glare which made Suzaku tilt his head to the side.

'Uh-oh… Lelouch was already REALLY pissed with me and Suzaku just pushed it further… This could get bad…' Milly thought.

Suzaku gave Lelouch a smile which made the teen blush even more; he quickly turned his head to the side avoiding the brunette's eyes.

'Oh…' Milly smirked, noticing Lelouch's actions.

The silence was broken with the sound of fireworks going off which made everybody in the room jump.

Milly quickly looked at her wristwatch and gasped.

"Oh my! Look at the time! We should ready ourselves too!" She hastily took everybody's outfit out of the box that Rivalz brought and handed them over to each and one of them.

Everybody left and got dressed, leaving Lelouch alone in the room. Sighing, he walked towards the window and stared down at the students walking in in their formal outfits.

After a few minutes, the door opened. Lelouch turned around and saw it was Suzaku.

"You okay?" the brunette asked as he walked towards the teen. Lelouch simply nodded and continued to look at the brunette as he came closer. Suzaku gave him a smile and gently pats his head making the teen blush a lot heavier than before. Looking down, Lelouch noticed that Suzaku hasn't fixed his tie yet.

"Let me help you." Lelouch said as he held the tie. Suzaku looked at Lelouch and blushed. The brunette continued to stare at the teen as he fixed his tie.

"There…" Lelouch looked up and smiled, the brunette's eyes widened and blushed heavily at the sight.

'He's…so…beautiful…' Suzaku thought.

Lelouch suddenly placed his hands on Suzaku's cheeks, making the brunette blush even more, if it was even possible.

"L-lelouch?" Suzaku blinked as he looked at Lelouch's half-lidded eyes, the brunette panicked and stepped back nudging the table behind him.

"Suzaku…" Lelouch whispered as he leaned closer, one of his hands trailed down and rested on Suzaku's chest. The brunette looked at Lelouch's lips; it has a light shade of pink and looked really soft.


Suddenly, the door slammed open.

"Hey, Lelouch! It's ti-" Rivalz stopped as he saw Suzaku and Lelouch's situation. His eyes widened and a shade of red smeared his face. Lelouch looked at the blue haired boy from the corner of his eyes, amethyst orbs signifying something devious.

"I-it seems that I'm… disturbing you two… I-I'll go on ahead…" Rivalz said shakily, dashing out of the room.

Giving out a chuckle, Lelouch tapped Suzaku's face with the back of his hand and slid the other one off him. Suzaku blinked and stared at the teen, who was already taking a step back away from him.

"Don't worry… I'm just playing with you…" Lelouch chuckled.

Still dumfounded, Suzaku continued to stare at the teen as he made his way towards the doorway.

"We should go now… We don't want Milly killing us do we?" Lelouch asked as he turned around to face Suzaku.

"Ah… Yes… I mean no." Suzaku fidgeted.

Lelouch laughed and walked out of the room, leaving Suzaku to follow after him.