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Chapter 4 – Confession

Suzaku swallowed at Shirley's tone. He really didn't expect the girl to be like… THIS, and mind you… it was SCARY. He was afraid to tell his true feelings, but he's also afraid to defy the girl, and he's REALLY afraid to have his prince taken away from him. Annoyed with just staring at her, the girl gave him a push which made him stumble on the steps. He looked back at the now smiling Shirley then up the stage, only to see that Lelouch was looking directly back at him. Suzaku's blood rushed to his cheeks and his heart skipped a beat as he looked at the prince before him.


That feeling he got just now… it made EVERYTHING clear.

Only the resonating sound of his footsteps on the floorboards was heard as the hall stood in a standstill. Everybody was silenced as Suzaku walked on stage, a spotlight following him as he did.

Lelouch eyes widened and a dash of pink smeared his face as the brunette came closer.


The boy held out his hand and put the other on his chest, bowing slightly as he asks him to dance. Lelouch blinked at him for a moment but took his hand.

'I should… Now… Before it's too late… I should tell you…'

Suzaku smiled as he took the other's hand and led him off the stage.

'Lelouch… I… all those times… Now… I know…'

Secluding everything around them as they walked towards the center of the hall, they both looked into each other's eyes.

'that… I love you.'

Having the crowd's attention towards the princess and the knight, Milly quickly rushed over to where Shirley is and attached herself to one of the girl's arms.

"Hey… What did you do?" she said having an amused tone in her voice.

Shirley looked to her side and gave a rather relieved expression at the blonde. "You really want to know?" she questioned. Milly gave out an extremely worried look at her. "So… you gave up?"

"Well…yeah…" she sighed.

"Need comforting?"

"Nope, I'm happy as it is." She said looking back towards the two. Shirley felt Milly tighten her grip around her arm. "Really, I'm okay."


"Come on, I'm okay. Don't worry about me."

Milly sighs and rests her head on the girl's shoulders. "So tell me… how DID you do it?"

"Well~" she stated playfully as she lolls her head to the side.

"You snapped and forced him, huh?"

"Both of them."

Milly quickly lifts her head up and looks directly at the girl, amazement evident in her face. She blinks a few times before speaking again.

"How did you manage to do that?"

"Let's just say, I figured it ALL out." she smiled.

As they stood in the middle of the hall, Suzaku held his left hand and placed the other on the prince's waist. Lelouch blushed at the contact and averted his eyes from Suzaku, who was looking directly at him.

A moment of silence came between them when the music started playing and they danced.

"Lelouch, look at me." Suzaku said.

The teen hesitated at first but urged himself to look at the brunette, his cheeks flamed a crimson red as soon as he caught sight of the gentle smile the other boy was giving him. His grasp on the brunette's hand tightened as he looked back down, not wanting to show his heavily flushed face.

As the music played further, Lelouch calmed himself down and managed to look back to the brunette. Everything went smoothly after that. The prince starts to pick up his feet and dance gracefully, making every step look beautiful and perfect. He made many girls in the hall stare in amazement, seeing and realizing that a boy, namely Lelouch Lamperouge, somebody who doesn't even attend their P.E. class, was a lot more better of a dancer than they would ever be. Suzaku also made the boys stare in amazement; they never thought that an Eleven like him would ever have the talent or skills to dance like that. All in all, they were making the most beautiful performance anyone in Ashford would ever see.

After a short moment of silence after the music stopped, everybody applauded and cheers could be heard from the crowd. Lelouch smiled at the brunette before him which made the other smile back. Knowing well that the prince doesn't have much stamina to begin with, the brunette invited Lelouch to go sit and rest for a bit. They bowed to the crowd signifying their exit and moved towards a table at the corner of the hall. Everybody occupied the dance floor as soon as they left; together with their partners they start to dance as the next music was played.

As soon as they were at the table, Suzaku pulled a chair and made Lelouch sit on it. The prince thanked the brunette and gave him a smile.

"Do you want anything? Something to drink perhaps?" Suzaku said in a gentlemanly manner. Lelouch chuckled at the brunette's gesture.

"You don't need to act like that you know."

"Well, it is appropriate in events like this, isn't it?" he smiled. The teen gave another chuckle and lazily waved his hand in the air.

"Okay. Okay. You could get me something to drink, anything would be fine."

Suzaku gave him a nod and left. As soon as the brunette turned, Milly and the others approached him and sat on the table.

"So… How's it going with your prince?" Milly asked amusingly.

"Hm? What prince?" Lelouch questioned as he raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

"THAT prince." The blonde said pointing at Suzaku. Lelouch blinked a few times before red began to smear his face. Shirley giggled as Milly smirked at the teen's reaction. Rivalz just looked back and forth from the girls then to Lelouch, a slight confusion evident in his face. The prince composed himself back and starts to ask questions.

"I understand how you got to know about this Milly? But, Shirley?" he questioned as he shifts his look from the blonde towards the red-haired girl.

"Well… I kind of figured it out because of Suzaku and what you revealed to me earlier."

"Makes sense about the revealing part… but how did you know that it was Suzaku?" he questions, raising an eyebrow. Shirley just shrugged her shoulders and smiles at the teen.

"Milly shouldn't have been able to tell you since she only knew then when HE told her…" he said pointing at the blue haired boy. "…and I was with you that time… then the program started, making her manage the stage the whole time while Rivalz was with me backstage-"

"-Actually I had the time to talk to Milly, but I already knew by then." she smiled, PROUDLY.

Lelouch narrowed his eyes at the girl and questioned. "What about the 'figured it out because of Suzaku' thing?

Shirley giggled and playfully placed a finger in front of her lips. "It's a secret~"

The teen grunts at the girl's answer. "Then how?"

"Remember the time Rivalz dragged you away?"

Lelouch just nodded in response.

"Well… I kind of let Suzaku know that you're in love with somebody and he went weird since then. He always made this unexplainably sad face, I asked him what's wrong but he keeps on telling me that he's okay even though it was so obvious he's not, after that I kind of noticed that it started because I told him that you were in love with somebody; and that's when some kind of realization hit me and made me remember some events that involved… well…" she fidgeted as she said the last words.

"What?" he questioned in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Okay. A few days ago Milly asked me to look for you and ended up searching EVERYWHERE. The last place I haven't checked was the rooftop and so, I went there. You were asleep when I saw you so I approached you to try and wake you up, when you suddenly smiled and mumbled a certain someone's name…" she stated, sure to emphasize the words.

Lelouch's eyes widened and blushed heavily at this. That was the time he went to the rooftop to skip his classes; he brought a book to pass his time but fell asleep. He thought that MAYBE it was because he WAS dreaming about Suzaku…

'Wait… That was about the time Nunally asked me who was…' Lelouch sighs and rests his cheek on his palm. 'It's DIFFERENT from what they're thinking…'

"You don't need to hide it from us you know." Milly stated. Lelouch glared at the blonde and retorted.

"And what? You're going to tell it to him without thinking?"

"Of course not. I do value other people's feelings you know."

"You rarely show it and NEVER with me."

"Hey! I do too! Well sometimes…"

"Besides, how can I tell you when normally thinking… it's NOT normal to fall in love with the SAME gender."

Milly fell silent with the teen's words. Lelouch was about to continue when she suddenly stood up and laced an arm around Shirley's waist, lifting the girl's body and pulling it towards her. The blonde was hugging the red-head from behind, an arm around the waist and a hand holding the girl's chin. She tilts it slightly towards her allowing a kiss near the girl's lips. Shirley was struck with the blonde's actions and froze like a doll, while Rivalz and Lelouch were staring in disbelief, total shock shown on their face.

"P-president…" Rivalz was about to burst into tears when Milly starts to laugh heavily. Lelouch blinks a few times and glares at the blonde.

"You're making fun of me. Aren't you?"

Milly calmed herself and leaned on the girl's shoulders, still hugging her.

"No. Of course not."

"Then why did you do THAT?"

Milly giggled and gave a knowing smile at the teen. "To show you that you're WRONG." she said in a playful tone.

"How can I be wrong? You just showed something… indecent… and that's it. You haven't proved any-"

"-It's a way of showing affection you know… and it's NOT indecent." Milly remarked.

"You have a scary way of showing your affection."

"I take that as a compliment."

Lelouch rolls his eyes and rests his cheek on his palm, again.

"So you're saying that you love Shirley."

"Yup. I also love you and Suzaku."

"P-president…" Rivalz was about to cry again when Milly continued.

"I also love you Rivalz." She smiled. The blue-haired boy was filled with happiness with the blonde's statement

"I love all of you, Lelouch. Though…"


"Nunally's a special case." She smirked.

"Stay away from my sister."

"Don't be so scary Lelouch. Suzaku might stay away from you if you're like that." Milly stated playfully. Lelouch glared at the blonde with deadly slits, making her shudder.

Shirley comes back from the frozen world as she feels the blonde tremble.

"Hey Milly, can you let go of me?" Shirley stated.

"Oh. You're back." Milly said as she released the girl. Shirley sighs and takes her seat.

"Just remember Lelouch, we're here for you." she stated happily. Milly and Rivalz nodded in agreement, making Lelouch smile. He was glad to have friends like them. Though there's still Milly and her schemes… Well nonetheless, he's still happy.

"So, told him yet?" Milly asked.

"Nope, not yet. I'm still searching for my chance. I don't want to be rejected you know." He said sighing.

"You're NOT going to be rejected. Believe me." Shirley stated as she gave off a serious face.

"What? How are you so sure?" the teen asked raising an eyebrow.

"I just… KNOW things."

"Trust her. She knows what she's saying." Milly smirked. "Oh. Here comes your prince. We'll be going then, we'll leave you two alone." The three of them stood-up and turned to leave when Milly whispered something to Lelouch's ear. The blonde waved good bye and the three of them blend right into the crowd.

Lelouch looked to the brunette who was walking back carrying a glass filled with red liquid in his hand.

"Here." Suzaku said as he hands over a glass to the teen.

"Thank you."

Lelouch took a sip and blinked at the taste.

"Wine?" he questioned as he looked at the brunette.

"I'm sorry… Should I bring you something else?"

"No… This is okay. It just surprised me that Milly was allowed to serve liqour here at school." He stated as he looks into the glass and takes another sip.

Suzaku sat beside the teen and looked at him. He held his hands together firmly and tried to speak. He hesitated at first but continued.



"I… I need to tell you something."

The teen puts down his glass and stands up, he then turns to his side and looks directly at the brunette.


"Before you say anything… Do you mind if we go somewhere where we can be alone?"

Suzaku blinked a few times but nodded. Lelouch puts down his glass and grasps Suzaku's hand, he then led the brunette out the hall, turned at the corner and walked towards the back of the dance hall building, passing through flowerbeds and bushes and into a little forest.

"Lelouch? Where are we going?"

"Don't ask. Just follow me."

A few more minutes of walking and Lelouch finally stops and lets go of the brunette's hand. Suzaku's eyes widened at the scene in front of him.

"This is…"

"The school's old fountain."

"They said that this place is already… How did you know that this place still existed?" Suzaku asked as he turns to the teen. Lelouch just smiled at him as a reply.

The three of them stood-up and turned to leave when Milly whispered something to Lelouch's ear.

"Behind the dance hall's building is a forest, walk through it and you'll find the school's old fountain. That will be the best place for you to confess."

The fountain itself was made of marble and was entangled with thorns and roses, the ground was stoned with matching smooth white bricks, surrounded by bushes and trees. The water was dark and clearly reflected the moon's reflection. The sight was really beautiful.

"Milly was right… This IS the best place." Lelouch said as he walked towards the fountain.

The brunette followed Lelouch as he wonders about the teen's words.

'Best place? … Milly… Shirley told her huh… Now, I shou- ' Suzaku stops at his thoughts as Lelouch turned around and faced him. The teen has an extremely flustered face, making the brunette's eyes widen.

"Lelouch? Are you okay?" He asked worriedly, placing a hand on the teen's forehead.

Lelouch held the hand on his forehead and slowly pulled it down.

"I'm okay." He smiled.

"But… You're face is really red…" the brunette made a worried face which made the teen let out a sigh.

"It's because of you."

Suzaku looked to his side and bit his lower lip. 'It's my fault…'

Lelouch gently places both of his hands on the brunette's cheeks and leans up, looking directly into the other's eyes. "Suzaku I-"

Suzaku cuts the teen off as he pulls one of the pale hands off his face.


"I'm sorry…"

Lelouch's eyes widened and started to well up with tears when the brunette continued.

"I'm sorry it took me this long to realize." He stated as he quickly pulls him into a hug, nuzzling into the teen's shoulder.

"Lelouch... Lelouch I…" the brunette tightened his arms around the teen as he urged himself to say the words.

"I… I love you, Lelouch."

There was complete silence after…

'What… what... Am I wrong? I… No…" he thought, eyes tightly shut.

"Lelouch..." he slowly lifts his head up and looks at the boy's face. He was greatly shocked at the sight before him.

'Lelouch… He's… He's crying?'

The teen placed both of his hands on his mouth and shuts his eyes as tears fell down his cheeks.

"Lelouch… Why are you-"

Suzaku was cut off as Lelouch hits his shoulder. "You really like giving me the wrong idea huh?" He stated as he wipes his tears off and tries to calm himself down.

"What are you saying?" the brunette asked rubbing his shoulder.

"I love you too." He smiled.

Suzaku blinked for a moment then smiled back, he then placed a hand on the teen's cheek and an arm around the waist.


"I want to be the one to initiate it this time." Suzaku leaned closer and kissed Lelouch, moving his hand from the cheek towards the back of the teen's head, intertwining his fingers with Lelouch's raven locks. He then tightened his arm around the waist and deepened the kiss, making Lelouch tighten his arms around the brunette's neck.

Behind the trees…

"Looks like it's a success." Milly giggled.

"I'm so happy for them!" Shirley was crying out of joy as she looked at the two.

"But still…" the blonde stated as she taps a finger on her lips.

"Is there something wrong Milly?" the girl questioned as she wiped her tears off.

"There should be more to this don't you think?" Milly questioned in an amused tone.

Shirley blinked at her for a moment, until she finally got the other's message. She blushed bright red as she looked at the blonde smirk.

"Shirley… I need you to help me with something…" She stated as her eyes twinkled deviously.

The girl shuddered as she looked at the blonde.




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