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Descriptions For Real Werewolves aka Wolf-Swan Family

(By Age)

Isabella Marie Paraq'uin Wolf-Swan aka Bella: Purple eyes with green flecks, abnormally steady 122 degrees Fahrenheit, White fur with bright purple streaks, Special: Can Control Fire and Water Age: 18

Delfarius Owen Elq'uin Wolf-Swan aka Del: Blue-gray eyes, Abnormally steady 52 degrees Fahrenheit, Gray fur with blue streaks, Special: Can Control Air Age:19

Renee Elikma Deliha Wolf-Swan aka Renee or mom: Hazel eyes, Steady 110 degrees Fahrenheit, Light brown fur with Muted dark green tail tip and paws Special: Can Control Earth Age:35

Charlie Herok Anr'e Swan aka Charlie or dad: Golden brown eyes, Steady 112degrees Fahrenheit Dark brown fur with gold left ear and back left and front right paw Special:Make Stuff Turn Gold


Prologue Bella's Pov

We had to move again, of course because if not the people in Texas would notice if we weren't aging. We had to move constantly due to the fact that we were werewolves, the real ones you have heard of in child fairytale, Hollywood, and scary stories. Most of what these people say is true. My parents, brother, and I would die if we touched silver, and we turned into werewolves involuntarily at a full moon. The things they didn't know was that we could "phase" into them whenever we want or if we got really mad, we have very large appetites, high temperatures, look like wolves on steroids in wolf form, and some may have special gifts.

If you have a special gift you are considered a special and powerful werewolf, or as they are commonly known as, Specials. Specials were considered very rare in the communities. There are also several werewolf communities throughout the world where werewolf families could go and live together, phase whenever they feel like it, and don't have to hide there supper strength, hearing, sight, or speed. The Specials were grouped together to rule these communities, and all of them were used to "produce" more Specials. What these rulers didn't know thought was that my whole family was made up of specials, because if they did they would just take us prisoner and make us reproduce more Special Children.

We have always chosen not to live there and rule because we wanted to have semi-normal lives, and have friends that were not wolves also. Because of this we decided to live in a new town every couple of years to not arouse suspicion of our … lack of aging.

This time we chose the small town of La Push, Washington. The town was small enough that when we leave I won't have to leave so many friends, but still so many that not many people are in your business.

Get Ready La Push to welcome the Wolf-Swan Family 'cuz here we come.

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