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The nine year old Scottish girl knelt by her bed, eyes closed, hands clasped together.

"There's a… crack in my wall… Aunt Sharon says it's just an ordinary crack, but I know it's not, 'cause at night there are voices. So please, please, could you send someone to fix it? Or a policeman? Or…" A strange vworping sound cut across Amelia Jessica Pond's prayer to Santa.

Her eyes snapped open and Amelia murmured, "Be right back," before running into the garden, armed with only a torch.

A man, wet and wearing a torn, jacket-less suit, emerged from a sideways 1950s police box. The box had crashed into the old garden shed, and completely destroyed the structure.

Amelia, slightly bewildered by the whole affair, took him into the house, where he introduced himself to her as the Doctor.

The Doctor then told her he wanted an apple. So Amelia brought him an apple. The Doctor took a hungry bite, but spat the fruit out almost immediately. He then requested a yoghurt- again one gulp and the food was spat out.

This sequence of events continued- bacon, baked beans and bread and butter were all consumed and rejected in much the same way. Finally, the Doctor helped by searching the fridge- and pulling out fish fingers and custard!

A few minutes later, he sat at the table, fishing the fish into a bowl of custard. Across the table, Amelia ate ice cream calmly, completely unbothered by the happenings of the last half hour.

After the Doctor (finally) ate his fill, Amelia showed him the crack in her wall. The Doctor, watched closely by Amelia, examined the crack. First he took out a long silver metal thing with a blue tip at the end and a few buttons on the side, and pointed it at the wall, pressing a button- the thing made a strange sort of whirring sound. Then he took the empty glass by Amelia's bed and held the open end against the crack, pressing his ear against the base and listening intently for a few seconds. Finally, his analysis complete, the Doctor reported that it was no ordinary crack- it was, in fact, a crack in space and time.

The Doctor rushed back to the TARDIS, promising Amelia that he'd be back in 5 minutes.

Holding him to his promise, Amelia packed for a long journey, and waited. And waited, and waited, and waited…

8.30 turns to 9… 9 turns into 10… 10 turned into 11… and still no Doctor came for her.

Amelia knew then, at precisely 11:03:29, that no adult was ever worth trusting.