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Amelia glared at Rory, but he was still unrelentingly staring back. They were both ten years old now, and her aunt had decided to give the psychiatrists another try.

This didn't go down well with Amelia.

Unfortunately, it went down very well with Rory, who'd always thought her Raggedy Doctor was more than a little absurd.

And so they were here, in a staring match, trying to best the other. It didn't really matter, Amelia couldn't fight her aunt's final word, so she was going to go to the psychiatrists whether she liked it or not. But, there would be some personal satisfaction in besting Rory.

There was always personal satisfaction in besting Rory.

And finally he blinked, causing Amelia to cheer. She'd won, again. She always seemed to beat him, in everything they did. She did have a sneaking suspicion that he let her win, but she tried not to dwell too much on that. She didn't want to know – if he did, that is – that Rory had a crush on her.

Mels had crowed more times than necessary that he did, but Amelia refused to listen to her. After all, it wasn't right. Her and Rory were just really close friends. Him developing a small crush on her, that would just be weird. No. Definitely no crushes. Just friends.

Nice and simple.

"Off you go," Rory said, his eyes still following hers. "Psychiatrist time."

"I don't need to go," Amelia deadpanned.

"Your aunt thinks you do. And so, off you go."

"Why do you care?"

"I don't," he shrugged. "It's just nice to see you not get your way in everything for once."

Amelia stood up, a wounded look in her eyes. "I don't get my way in everything! In fact, I rarely ever get it."

Rory snorted. "Yeah, right. Off you go."

But Amelia sat down again, her eyes boring into his. "Why'd you think that I do?"

Rory sighed, looking down. "I dunno… everything just seems to go your way in life."

"Maybe you're just unlucky?" she laughed.

She was joking about it, but she knew Rory was right. She did get her way in most things. She got the coveted best friend, she got the caring family – even if her aunt was a bit strict, she still doted on Amelia – and she got on with pretty much everyone in the town.

She even got the alien to land in her back garden.

That one, she didn't plan for. But the others, they were just manipulation. They were her knowing how to get people on her side, how to make people like her. It was nothing more than people skills.

Rory on the other hand only had a select few friends. He was shy when meeting new people, and hated contact with adults. Loathed it. He'd just back down into his shell, and wait until everyone went away before he emerged from it.

Amelia did find it endearing, if a little awkward to deal with him sometimes. She'd point to him, showing off something that he'd done, some achievement, some joke he'd told her, anything, and he'd blush and shut up until all the admirers had vanished.

And she'd tried talking to him about it, but it really was to no avail. Nothing worked. Absolutely nothing.

She didn't even know if she wanted anything to work. Wasn't it nice, being in the spotlight all the time, and then having that backbone of support from Rory to fall back on? Yes.

But she wasn't so selfish to want that for Rory. She wanted him to have a good life too, to enjoy it. To not be scared of any unfamiliar human contact.

"Amelia!" her aunt called. "Amelia! Time to go!"

"C'mon," Amelia smiled to Rory. "You should go. Who knows? Maybe this one'll help? Could even help you."

Rory shrugged, picking up his bag. "I don't care, Amy."

"I know you don't."


Her second psychiatrist was just as annoying as the first.

So she bit him too.

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