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Chapter 15


Sweat was pouring down my face and sand had gotten into my shoes. I wiped my arm across my forehead to stop the perspiration from rolling into my eyes. I hated the sting of it. I rounded the last cliff where the view of the small resort spread out in front of me. I was glad to be headed back because this run was killing me. I had been slacking off, being a lazy ass, not working out at all, but my mind had been rather occupied for a few weeks.

Meeting Bella was one of the most shocking moments of my life. I wasn't looking for company of any kind, but her lonely and defeated eyes broke my heart. Her skin was almost translucent with how pale she was. Her eyes were deep and mourning. I couldn't bear to look at that lovely face and see the devastation and desperation clear as day.

Besides being a bit of a help to her when she was hit with the stomach flu the first day I was here, I knew exactly why I pursued her. Looking at her was like looking at my own reflection when I had lost my parents and sister. I still missed Elizabeth every day, but it also got easier every day. By looking at Bella, I knew she had lost someone she loved deeply. How could I not help her when I knew exactly how she felt? I had to. It became like a compulsion to make her push forward. It hadn't been easy because she was lost deeply into her depression, but in the midst of it all I had sensed a hope in her. I detected she wanted to push through the pain, but she just didn't know how to do it.

never planned on catching feelings for her. I never considered it was a possibility seeing my own life was in ruins. Evidence was stacking up fast against me and I was rendered helpless. I had been at all the wrong places at the wrong time and I didn't have a freaking alibi. It just seemed too easy to say 'hey, I went to my hotel room to crash.' I wouldn't believe that either if it was me. My only luck so far was that the judge agreed to let me hide out abroad under the supervision of Mr. Ice Cold, that I had been in the habit of calling him. Bella thought he was Mr. Twong's son and not a cop. He never spoke, just watched me when I had to leave the resort. I wasn't sure if the judge would approve of the level of supervision or lack thereof as Mr. Ice Cold didn't bother to watch my every move, far from it, actually. If I wanted to, I could have vanished more than a hundred times and over again. However, I wasn't going to do anything that could jeopardize my already sketchy freedom. I was out on bail, and just about the luckiest fucker to even be that.

What the hell Tanya's parents were up to and why they had chosen to charge me with rape had been a puzzle to begin with. They never really seemed to like me, but to stretch it as far as to charge me with rape was baffling. In theory, it was true that I was guilty of statutory rape of Tanya, but that was a technicality because of our age at the time. There was nothing wrong with what we had done, I was sure of it. Though, I still needed to talk to Tanya and sort things out with her. It broke my heart that Tanya would consider me to have violated her.

But what was much worse, was this second rape charge.

I was about to pass my own hut, in favor of Bella's when I heard the sharp ringing of my cell phone. My heart sank into a strange feeling of devastation and despair. I bought myself a few more minutes of solitude when I stripped out of my sweat soaked clothes and ran a shower. I washed quickly, drying off and slipping on some fresh clothes. I checked my email only to find it empty. I had never in my life been so alone. I was shunned from society. Even my closest friends thought I was capable of this.

My phone rang moments later again and I sighed when I saw it was Jenks once more. I put it to my ear. "Hello."

"Edward. I've tried calling you. It's time to get back, man." He said seriously, his tone warned me of danger as usual.

"What happened?"

"It's not good. Er…" He hesitated.

"Just spit it out." I growled, having no patience for him beating around the bush.

"It's your DNA, Edward. It was a match. You're in a world of trouble."

"Holy fucking shit!" I gasped as all air in my lungs whooshed from my body. Every nerve ending in my body sizzled like I had been electrocuted. I had had no problem handing over my DNA, because I was sure as shit it would exclude me from any suspicions. So how on god's green earth could it turn out positive?

"Yeah. I told you not to give the sample until they subpoenaed it."

"Fuck!" I hissed. "But Jenks, how can it be a match when I never touched her. I swear to you on Elizabeth's grave I never went near her. I don't even remember meeting her." I had ransacked my brain over and over again trying to place the girl who was assaulted. I had seen her picture and I still couldn't remember her. I had no recollection of her what so ever.

"But you did meet her, Edward. Pictures prove it. You know, everything with Tanya fades in comparison to this."

"I know. So what happens now?" I murmured. I sat down on the bed, trying to relieve my wobbling knees. I could barely hold myself up.

"I went to the judge yesterday and they're calling you home, boy. You need to be back on American soil within forty eight hours." He paused. "You get one more chance. I convinced the judge to test your DNA again. They will take a new swab from you and run it against the samples from the victim again. This is your last chance, Edward."

"Okay." I said quietly feeling grateful for whatever Jenks had done to push the decision that far.

"I have already arranged your transport. You are on a private boat from the island. I chartered a small private plane back to Bangkok and from there you are booked on a commercial flight to LAX."

"So how long do I have?" I asked realizing my bubble with Bella just burst. What I feared would happen any minute was now a reality. I had to leave her. I had no choice. The most important person in my life would think I was a monster too.

"The boat leaves in four hours. Why?" Jenks asked sharply.

"No reason." I murmured hoping to escape his deadly sharp ability to read situations. Jenks was never easily fooled. I normally had a good pokerface, but Jenks was vicious and highly intelligent.

"Fuck me, but Edward did you go against your word? Did you?" He practically yelled.

"She has no idea who I am." I excused, feeling like an errand child. I remembered Jenks warning clearly. I was under no circumstance to involve myself with anyone.

Jenks sighed exaggeratedly. I imagined his puffed face turning purple. "Just pray to god you didn't touch her, because if you did, if you went back on you word to me, I will fire your ass." He hissed.

"Jenks, you can't fire me, I can fire you." I muttered lamely and hesitated for a moment. "I spend two nights with her." I said quietly.

"How could you be so fucking stupid! Do you not realize the predicament you are in? You can go to jail for at least ten years perhaps even more. Do you care so little about your life? Your career is one thing that is already flushed down the toilet, but your freedom, Edward! Don't you at least care about that?" He scolded.

"I do care, Jenks."

"What's her name?" He asked sharply

"No. I'm not giving it to you. I will handle this. Look, I have four hours. I will take care of it." There was no way I was letting him anywhere near Bella if I could help it. Being here with her I felt like I deserved a normal life like anyone else. She treated me like I was just someone with feet as ugly as the next guy. I loved how casual and easygoing she was and for as long as I could, I would spare her from the chaos that was now my life.

"You better fucking take care of it, or I will. She needs to be silenced."

"Don't you dare threaten her!" I yelled. No one would touch Bella. No one would cause her harm. Not after the remarkable recovery she had done to come back to life. I wanted nothing more than to protect her! She shouldn't be punished or lose the semblance of balance to her life she had found so recently. I didn't want to cause her pain, though, it was exactly what I was about to do.

"I don't?" He countered. "If you're going to survive this with you freedom intact you better fucking listen to me or your ass will find itself in San Quentin faster than you can blink. And do you realize what they do to pretty boy rapists in there? Huh? If not, I would just love to enlighten you."

"I get the picture, Jenks." I muttered feeling defeat run over me like acid.

He sighed dramatically. "Four hours and you are on that boat if you know what's good for you."

"I said I got it!" I hissed and hung up.

I sat on my bed for about ten minutes until my feet felt steady enough to carry my weight. I kept running my hands over my hair. I liked control, but now I just lost it. I loved I had been able to control the situation with Bella, because she was obliviously to who I was. I had some aspect of power to keep us as friends as long as she didn't know the truth about me. That was why I never told her who I was. It took a while for me to realize she was oblivious, but then I realized I was safe with her. That we had ended up making love was not part of the plan at all. Her ambush had left me with no defense. Had I known she would attack me like that, I would have conjured up a shield to ward her off. But truth was I was caught with my pants down two nights ago when we were intimate the first time. So when you had that first glimpse into Pandora's Box, how do you keep from looking again? I knew I couldn't.

I drew a deep breath, hoping I could salvage at least part of our friendship when I needed her faith in me more than ever. I needed to tell her what I was faced with, and I could only hope she would believe my innocence. Though, every sane person on this planet would never believe the word of a man over the evidence of DNA anymore. I needed to hope for the impossible.

At Bella's porch, I stared down at the blood dripped all over the planks. The red was dramatic and violent against the worn pale wood. I twisted the doorknob only to find it locked. I rushed to the reception where Mr. Twong glared at me.

"Bella… where is she?" I blurted.

Mr. Twong narrowed his eyes at me. "She went to the doctor. She cut her knee. She should be back shortly."

Relief washed through me. "So she is okay?"

"Yes." Mr. Twong answered curtly, but didn't elaborate further. He looked mainly like he couldn't be bothered with me. I walked back to my place slowly, knowing I needed to get my things packed up and get ready to go. I was strangely happy it left me with just a little more time to keep control over our friendship. There was no way I wanted to leave, but it was out of my hands. I could only hope she would agree to see me again. I knew I was a selfish ass for demanding that from her, but I couldn't deny how I felt. I wanted her close. I wanted and needed her like something as simple as water to drink. I needed her by my side, perhaps to keep me sane, like she had for the past two weeks.

I was in love with her.

I didn't know what I would have done if I hadn't been allowed to hide out away from the mayhem and all the papz in the states. The solitude I had here with her had been a godsend.

Two hours passed and there was still no sign of her. I lounged on my front porch, letting my mind indulge in a few passionate moments from last night. Her hair was all matted in with the sand. Her wet dark strands were a striking contrast to the pale white beach in the moon light. Her body arched and moved with mine so seamlessly like we had always been lovers and we knew each other's deepest secrets. Though, I was naïve to think we had no secrets from each other when there seemed to be nothing but secrets outside our perfect bubble.

I passed the empty reception desk, went through the restaurant following the voices to the kitchen. Mr. Twong was talking to the old woman lacking every single tooth in her mouth. Mr. Twong glared at me just as he had this morning. I just couldn't wait any longer I had to get going or I would miss my boat. I hated I needed to flush out all my secrets, but I was out of time and reality was claiming my life once again. There was no more refuge from my life's torments. I could only hope Bella would understand and perhaps stay my friend.

"Did Bella say when she would be back?" I asked Mr. Twong.

He waited a long time before he answered. "Front desk." He said sharply. I frowned but followed. "Why do you need to talk to her?" He narrowed his eyes at me.

"I need to leave. I wanted to talk to her and explain." I answered simply.

"Did something happen between you?"

"I don't see how that's any of your business." I countered, feeling a little surprised he stooped so low as to ask about us.

"Look, Mr. Cullen, I know why you're here. I accepted your visit as long as you were guarded. But when a pretty and sweet girl like Bella cries after seeing you, I want to know why."

"She was crying?" I asked mortified.

"Yes. She used the computer and she rushed through here, crying." He implored once more.

"What? She used the goddamn computer?" Dread cursed through me and I slipped into the TV-room immediately. Sure, the one computer was on as she hadn't bothered to switch it off. I had access to everything she had seen. Most of it was about me. From articles, to newspapers and gossip magazines. It was all there, everything that was plastered in the media. Everything I had been avoiding when I was with her. Everything I had tried to keep her away from. Even her personal email was open. Mr. Twong was fast though, and switched the screen off, before I really had time to look at anything. This was what I feared most of all. This was why I knew she would hate me. She learned the truth about me on her own and it left me defenseless.

"I don't believe that you should look at that." He said coolly.

"Sorry." I murmured, knowing I had no right to. "Just tell me when she will be back from the doctor and you won't ever see me again."

"She didn't go to the doctor, she left the island. She's gone."

"Oh no." I pushed out of the chair harshly. "Oh fucking no!" Now I would never even have the chance to explain myself. The one chance I had to make sure she would take pity on me was gone. Bella was gone and I knew it all the way into my bones.


I was the last person to step off the plane. Jenks and several police officers met me at the tarmac. I was stunned when I was handcuffed immediately upon my arrival and escorted into a black car with dark tinted windows. That was, I guessed, all Mr. Jenks' work to keep this away from the press.

The cops sat stone-faced beside me and never spoke a word. I was brought to the hospital where a doctor swapped my cheek with a huge Q-tip and drew some blood.

"They agreed to release you in my care until the second DNA test is finished. I suspect the situation in Thailand was handled?" Jenks said dispassionately. We hadn't had much of a conversation during the ride from the airport to the hospital.

"Not exactly." I muttered and rolled down my sleeve. We were alone for a few minutes in the hospital room. He paled vastly and drops of sweat beaded on his forehead. "Jenks, I need you to find someone for me. She figured it out before I could get to her."

"What's her name?" He said coldly, clearly pissed off.

"Bella Dwyer."

"I presume she's the messy situation you knew how to handle." He drawled sarcastically, not waiting for me to retaliate. I had known Jenks since my parents died, he had handled all my affairs back then to. He had an edge to be rude at times, but I usually overlooked it. "Where's she from?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but then I realized I had no clue. "The states." I mumbled dryly.

He stared at me incredulously. "Is that all you're going to give me?"

I snorted. "It's all I got." I paused feeling a little relieved he wasn't going to let more insults hail down on me. "So am I allowed to leave L.A.?"

Jenks sighed heavily and I was sure I was not his favorite person right now. "As long as I escort you and until the second DNA test comes back, yes, you can leave L.A. Anywhere specific you feel like going to fuck your life even more?"

I rolled my eyes. "The opposite actually. I need to set the record straight. I want to go see Tanya."

Jenks gaped dumbfounded at me. "You have got to be fucking kidding me!"

I cocked a brow at him. I had enough. "Do I look like I'm fucking kidding? Now pack up the snotty attitude. I'm paying you a shitload of money to handle my affairs. I'm not paying for your personal opinion. Shut the fuck up, Jenks, and take me to Seattle! I need to see Tanya and afterwards you're going to find Bella for me. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir." He answered quietly taking a complete one eighty on his attitude. "I only wanted you to understand it's your future that is at risk."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You think I don't know that? You think I'm that goddamn naïve? I have no explanation for why my DNA tested positive for raping that poor girl, but I never went near her. So yes, I understand perfectly well that my free time perhaps is very limited. That's why I need to see Tanya, because it may just be my last chance. So stop being a fucking stick in the wheel and earn your keep for once!" I spat. I put my sweatshirt back on and zipped it up. I pulled the hood up to cover my face. "Get me out of here." I ordered.


I knocked on the back door, feeling like a creepy fucker for sneaking in through the back garage. But it was safer and easier to avoid any unwanted attention coming in this way. I hated my life had panned out to this, but now it was my only option. I listened to the footsteps sounding from inside and my heart started racing. I had no clue if she even wanted to see me.

Matt stared at me with his mouth hanging open for a long moment. "I didn't think we would see you again." He said quietly, but stepped aside. "Come on in, Edward."

I slipped past him. Matt was Tanya's fiancée and we used to go to the same high school, only he was a year above me. We had been on the swim team together, but never really been friends. It wasn't until Tanya and I broke up that I understood why we weren't. I always liked him personally, but he never made an effort to get to know who I was or even talk to me. So when Tanya and I broke up it was perfectly clear why. He went straight for her. Never once did he make a move while I was with her, but the second she was single he didn't waste his time. I was pissed off at first, but when I realized he always had a crush on her. That was why we weren't friends back then. Tanya didn't give him the time of day for months, but somehow he convinced her. Five years later, they were still together and getting married.

"Will she see me?" I asked carefully, pulling the hood of my sweater down.

He nodded. "She was afraid to call you. She thought you wouldn't want to see her." Matt pointed out kindly and paused. "This is quite a mess, huh?"

"Yeah." I admitted. "It is."

"She's out in the den, taking a nap." Matt paused again and I turned to go through the house. "Edward, she'll be glad you're here." He called after me.

"Feels good to be home." I muttered over my shoulder.

Tanya and Matt's house was small, but still it was a good home. It felt warm and comfortable to be here, as it had many times before. Whenever I had the chance to come back to Seattle, this was my favorite place to stay. I would rather be here with friends than at a hotel.

I had sold my parents' house two years ago. I wasn't in town much, but when I was I hated staying there. It was haunted with the essence of my family and they were gone. It was a perfectly good house, but not a home to me anymore. So it was time to let it go. So coming back to Seattle Tanya and Matt's were the only place I could stay if not at a hotel.

I crouched down next to Tanya, who was curled up on a small sofa placed in a lone ray of sunlight. It was a rare sunny day, compared to the normal drizzle of Seattle. Her long strawberry curls were strewn across the green fabric and her breathing was shallow.

"Hey, sweetheart." I murmured. She curled deeper under the fabric while moistening her bottom lip.

"I could swear I just heard your voice, Edward, but that just isn't true." She mumbled with her eyes closed.

"You wanna bet?" I grinned softly. Slowly she peeled her one eye open, but quickly closed it again. Tears rolled from her eyes immediately. "Why are you crying, Tanya?" I asked distraught.

"I destroyed your life." She murmured. "I'm so sorry, Edward." She opened her eyes and the tears just kept coming. I was able to catch a few but gave up quickly.

"You'll only destroy me if you tell me I hurt you back then." I paused. I kissed her forehead softly. "Please don't tell me that. Just tell me that we both wanted it."

She propped to her elbow and wiped her tears, staring at me flabbergasted. "Oh, Edward. You know you didn't hurt me." She said softly.

"Then why is this happening, Tanya? Why would you parents do this to me?" I asked gently and stroked her hair. I had no romantic feelings towards her what so ever, but over the years she had become such a dear friend. Someone who knew my moods and pains, especially from when I lost my family.

"That's the oldest motive in the world?" She cocked a brow at me.

"Money, I suspect."

"Correct, you are." She smiled sheepishly.

I gaped at her. "They're doing this for money? But why?"

"They never liked you to begin with. So about two months ago when Matt asked me to marry him, mom was gloating about how she was so proud her daughter saved herself for the right one. I couldn't help but pour salt in her wound and tell her that she was wrong. I told her about us. I told her that you were my first just to shut her up. Now they want to make some money by dragging your name through the mud. They're counting on you to settle, to keep this out of the tabloids."

"So this where this comes from? Petty jealousy? I knew your parents were shallow, but this much. I'm surprised." I whispered mortified that someone could be this cruel just to earn a few bucks.

"Me too." She paused and rubbed her face. She finally looked at me, with her curls running wild around her face. "This other girl, I know you couldn't have hurt her, Edward."

I looked down and nodded. I sat down beside her on the small sofa. "I didn't. I swear."

"Don't look so sad, Edward. You can fight this." She said softly and sat up.

"I'm going to. I'm going to fight, but I just don't know if that's enough anymore." I paused. "I might have made another mistake." I murmured.

Tanya leaned to my shoulder. "Woman trouble?" She smiled kindly.

"The worst kind. I fell in love, Tanya." I met her gentle eyes, feeling the loneliness creep under my skin. Saying it out loud was making losing Bella all the more real.

"That doesn't sound so bad?" She smiled softly.

"It is bad. She's gone now and I can't find her. I wanted to tell her about the whole thing, but I don't know where she is. I had to ask my lawyer to do it, so it might be a while until I see her again."

"I'm so sorry for you."

"Yeah, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself right now too." I hesitated. "But I need a plan for all of this to work."

"Sounds like you have one already." She nudged my shoulder. "Tell me about it."

"First of all, I'm not going to settle with you parents. They're not getting a penny from me. I can only hope for a miracle on the DNA match with the rape victim, and lastly I'm going to find Bella again. I'm not letting her go."

"Good for you, Edward." She giggled quietly. "Who's Bella?" She asked after a moment.

"She's the one that got away." Tanya laughed gently a tamed a few locks of hair behind her ear.

I stayed with Tanya for the duration of my stay in Seattle. The only person I spoke to was Jenks, I ignored all other calls and stayed completely hidden away. Matt insisted that first night that I stayed for dinner, and then stayed the night. I never met a man with that much patience. I hogged all of his time with Tanya, but he never said anything. I played some piano on their old wooden upright that was completely out of tune, but it helped me alleviate my stress to let my fingers flow over the keys. I did a lot of sketching in my journal during the nights when I couldn't sleep and the motive was always the same - long brown hair, brown eyes as deep as endless pools and the lovely smile that graced her lips once in a while. I had no pictures of her, so this was my only way to remember Bella.

Four days into my torments, freedom came and found me. I stood in Tanya's living room when the news was delivered. I have never had one single emotion disable me so completely as when Jenks personally gave me the news. I literally fell to my knees and cried like a goddamn baby. My DNA cleared and charges against me were dropped. I hadn't realized how stressed I was until that particular little bomb was dropped. I was never fully explained why I tested positive in the first place, they weakly blamed it on some faulty equipment and I didn't dig any further, but just counted my lucky stars.

Another two days later the arraignment with Tanya's parents was put to the test. Tanya insisted to stand by my side and show her support to the judge. Someone in the heavens had to be holding his hand over me, because the charged was dropped almost immediately following the Romeo and Juliet clause and the fact the case was almost expired due to the time frame of five since Tanya and I had been dating. Her parents left empty handed. Tanya didn't speak to them, nor would she ever again.


"Tanya, why did you actually break up with me at the time?" I asked. She never did explain exactly why she dumped me. I hadn't really felt any heartache at the break up, but I was a bit of an emotional mess at the time. It wasn't long after my parents and Elizabeth died.

She sighed and put her mineral water down. Matt was in the kitchen cleaning up and out of hearing range. "It was the right thing to do." She said quietly. She played with her fork on the empty plate.

"You weren't in love with me?" I teased and smirked at her.

"I was. Very much, actually."

I frowned at her, not expecting that answer. "Then why did you?"

"Edward, you lost your parents. But more significantly you lost Elizabeth and I lost one of my best friends. We were both in a lot of pain." She paused. "We were in way over our heads, we were young and then we started to have sex. Things got really intense and it scared me. We were headed for disaster if one of us didn't do something. I knew you wouldn't, because of your emotional stress, you wouldn't see the picture clearly enough to figure it out."

"But you figured out we were on a collision course?" I took a sip of the wine and leaned back in my chair.

"I didn't." She paused. "Matt did."

I gaped at her. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Look, Edward. We would have ended up getting married much too young or I would have ended up knocked up if we kept going. One way or the other we were too distraught to have such a serious relationship even if we did love each other. It was an unhealthy bond for the both of us at the time, because of what happened to people we loved. Matt made me see that."

"There you go mentioning Matt again." I glanced over my shoulder to find him standing apprehensively at the door with his arms across his chest. "He broke us up?" I blurted.

Tanya answered. "Yes. We would have destroyed each other, Edward. Can't you see that now?"

I glared at Matt again. "And here I thought you were just an innocent bystander." I threw at him. I was feeling a slight resentment learning this news. Had I known this back then I would have beaten the shit out of him. I had a problem with my anger back then, but sitting here in their kitchen I was glad I had learned to control my temper.

"I thought you knew." Matt said carefully.

"Not really, but it does change my perspective a bit." I hissed.

Tanya placed her hand over mine. "Does it really matter now, Edward? It worked out for the best for both of us. You have your career and Matt and I have something else." She smiled secretively.

"Some fucking career." I muttered under my breath. There wasn't much to salvage after my name had been pulled through the ringer. "I think I can consider that a bust now."

Tanya took my hand. "I know nothing about show business, but I have an idea." She drew a deep breath. "I think you should publicly clear your name. I think you should make a loud and clear statement and be open to the public, just this once. I know you're very private person, Edward. Just this time I think you should let everyone see the gentle soul that hides beneath all this armor and the heart stopping smile."

"Tanya, I might as well crucify myself." I rolled my eyes at her. Going to the public with this would be a feast for the press and they would feed off this for months and twist every little goddamn thing I said.

"I'll go with you, Edward. If I'm right by your side and I show them you're my friend, then your word will hold that much more credibility."

I stared at her bluntly. She made a lot of sense, I could see that suddenly. "That's actually kind of smart. I'm not sure my lawyer will go for it though. But I might just try it on for size."


Jenks was thrilled with the idea and he was quick to arrange a conference within twenty four hours. Tanya was adamant about doing this with me and wouldn't hear of it when I told her she didn't have to. Matt came along to L.A. because he didn't want to be away from her. I wasn't angry with him anymore, but I saw what he could see back then. Tanya and I would have destroyed each other when we were in our teens.

Tanya looked like she was ready to pass out, just before we ventured out into public. I was in awe she was brave enough to face the agitated crowd and let them have a piece of her personal life. She was completely out of her element.

Gathered out back after the conference her hands and body was shaking like a leaf when Matt hugged her. They talked softly for a while, before she turned to me.

"I wanted to show you this before you go, Edward." She said softly. Tanya handed me a dark muddled photo. I turned it over a few times trying to figure out what the hell it was. Then it dawned on me. "Oh, shit! You're pregnant?" I blurted.

She nodded and a huge smile broke her face in half. "It's still really really early and we're not telling anyone yet. I just wanted to show you. We went to have a scan last week. Matt was through the roof when we found out." She beamed.

"I'm so happy for you, sweetheart." I hugged my arms around her shoulders. "I know you always wanted a big family."

"Don't jinx it, Edward." She warned softly.

"I wouldn't dare." I laughed. "I'll miss you." I whispered, just before I let her go.

"I'll see you soon." She responded. I watched her and Matt leave the venue hand in hand and I felt horribly alone again. I wished I was able to hold the hand of the girl I was in love with.

Jenks was submerged in conversation, but I didn't care I was interrupting. "I need to get out of here." I said briskly.

Jenks nodded. "Where?"

Pain and relief was squashing my chest at the same time. It was getting harder to breathe. "Anywhere." I muttered. Though I was a free man, I felt nothing like it. I was sinking in my own depression and I wanted solitude.

I sat in the back of the car with Jenks. "I have some news for you." Jenks said.

My heart picked up a few hard beats. "You found Bella?"

"I did." He answered and paused, while I was about to faint. "But I doubt it was your Bella. The Bella Dwyer you mentioned doesn't exist. Never have, never will, Edward. I looked everywhere. There's no one. Let her go."

I stared emptily out of the window. "Never." I muttered. I was never ever going to give up trying to find her. My Bella was out there and I would find her, no matter the cost. I closed my eyes and let devastation was over me. I loved her and I missed her. I wanted to be by her side. Nothing else mattered.


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