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Ikkaku never noticed when his shelves became so full of beautiful things. They accumulated one by one through out the years. They were shiny and small. Some were colorful and bright. Others sparkled like diamonds. While yet some were so dark and enticing the coldest man would melt in their depths. All these things Ikkaku had collected since the first time he met Yumichika.

He meant to buy the first and then offer it to Yumichika on a rainy day, but he hadn't. Something had kept him from actually delivering the small gift. He wasn't quite sure why, but after the first gift he bought another. Others followed soon after.

Ikkaku was never one for games. He wouldn't hesitate for a second to strike his enemies. He wouldn't doubt himself in life changing decisions on the battlefield, and yet he couldn't convince himself to approach his friend of many years.

With a heavy sigh Ikkaku added yet another trinket to his collection. It beamed back at him happily from its new home. He closed the latch on the door and locked it away.

Someday he'd do it. Someday he'd shyly offer his gifts one at a time.

A/N: Earlier in the week I found a small note. It was anonymous and read "I want to buy you a lot of pretty things and shyly offer them to you one at a time."

It stayed on my mind and I wanted to write something with it. So I did. I couldn't think of anyone else who would appreciate pretty things, but Yumichika. In my imagination I see Ikkaku as the kind who would avoid feelings and gifts. Which is a reason as to why this whole thing came together.