These days

What do you do when the past sneaks up behind you, places its hands around your neck and squeeze?

Rated M for sexual content, choking choices and perverted boyish brains.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to Stephenie Meyer. This is fanfiction, and I don't make any money on this work. I own nothing, not even the story title. I stole that from a Joy Division song.

A.N: This story kicks off during New Moon. Bella jumps from the cliff, but Jacob is right behind her. This way, Alice never see her vision of Bella jumping, since Jacob is too close. Bella and Jacob continue to develop their relationship. Everything goes the right way, until the day Bella receives a fatal phone call from the past that turns both their lives upside down. Written in JPOV.


I followed her tire tracks from her car, just like a real dog. It led me over on the road that was leading past the cliffs. The cliffs. Sure, she couldn't be that stupid? I knew I had promised her to take her cliff-diving today, but that included just that. Me. Alone, she would kill herself. There was a storm out there! But there was something in me that told me that maybe, maybe...Still. Would she do it anyway?

I burst into sprint, willing my four legs to run faster. I didn't even need to follow the tracks from her car; I knew where they were headed. I reached the lane that crossed to the cliffs, and started running up the road that wound in a thin line towards the top.

I smelled her before I saw her. I saw the car first, and then her. Right on the edge. She was drenched to the bone from the rain, the wind whipping her wet hair all around her. The world froze for a moment, and then things happened very fast.

Bella rolled up to the balls of her feet. She raised her arms straight out, like in a perfect dive. I could see parts of her face, and was stunned to see that she was smiling. She lifted her face up towards the sky before she crouched down.

And then she jumped.

I screamed after her. Or howled, rather. But my howl drowned in the howling from the wind and mixed in with her scream as she fell. I lunged the last remaining meters and flung myself after her over the edge. The waves below were black and rough. I forced my eyes open against the screaming wind and steeled myself as I hit the water nose first.