Agents of the Unmade Deal

Author's note: This is an original idea. This short story will be the beginning of other stories, branching out to other places. Leading to new stories, with new crossovers for your reading pleasure.

It is said that to make a deal with the devil, is to sell your soul for it. Be it a simple desire, an insatiable craving, or an impossible wish. But…sometimes, you need not do such a deed with the devil himself. You need not walk the dark halls of time and seediness for a dealer willing to give you what you desire. Be it justice. Be it love. Be it your heart's very own desire.

These agents are indistinct and many. They exist for the whims and the amusement of an unknown and vague entity. They appear in moments of an individual's moment of need, the imminent odds of survival too infinitesimal to counteract in the name of life and death. When they appear, time appears to simply stop and the air becomes like a thick paste, as though you were underwater and could barely breathe.

Their words to you are always as thus:

"I come to you with a bargain to be struck."

"A deal to be made, and a single wish granted."

"Your time will be upon you soon."

"When it passes, eternity will be given to make your choice."

"Beware, for what you wish and ask for must be paid for in its equivalency."

"Once bartered and agreed upon, there is no turning back."

For a person to be visited by this agent of Deals, an eldritch bargain has the potential to change your life forever.

And beyond it.

Be cautious, however, for a deal to be made and the wish to be granted, you must give payment for services rendered. It is never said what it is that they take in payment.

Some say they take your soul.

Your very being.

Your Memories.

Even, your Origin.

Or perhaps, it is the actions of those they granted the wish that amuse their master so that is considered payment.

Be wary, you poor unfortunate soul.