Lying beneath him Kait felt as if she couldnt get close enough...pulling him onto her tighter. She could sense his emotions. She felt what he Oh my...he loves me. He really loves me she thought. His mind wrapped itself around hers, embracing her thoughts as his arms did her body. Kait's mind was spinning, swrling out of controlgrasping at him...her dark angel. Did she just think that? ..Yes, yours she heard Gabriel respond in the web as his hand slid down her side to trace her hip causing her to moan out loud as the electricity found its way from his fingertips to her very soul.

"So, this is where you been sneaking off to night after night huh?" a familiar voice came from over head. Kaitlyn almost didn't hear it. She was to caught up in Gabriel. But she felt him as he pulled away mentally, a stabbing pain shot through her as soon as he retreated Gabriel only slightly lifted his head from Kait's still trying to keep her identity hidden. Both were breathing hard as Gabriel and Kait's eyes locked as reality returned to Kait's muddled mind and she recognized the voice. It was Joyce...

"Don't worry kid...I couldn't care less what or who you do outside of the institute. Just as long as it doesn't interfere with our plans anyway." Joyce said as she lit a cigerette. Kait's eye sfilled with fear at first but Gabriel gave her a cautious look and rubbed her arm, his touch instantly relieveing her fears. "But you could try using the shed out back ya know. Somebody gonna see you out here and get curious. And we don't want that to happen now do we? Or you know what Mr. Z will do." Joyce added and walked off toward the garage.

Kait and Gabriel lay there, staring at one another for a moment as they listened for Joyce's car to pull away. Then Gabriel rolled over to sit on his bottom pulling Kait up beside him.

"She's right ya know. Mr.Z doesn't trust you." Gabe said rubbing his hand thru his hair.

"And you don't really belong with Mr.Z. " Kait said back, regretting it instantly. She knew that comment just blew her plan of infiltrating the group to pieces. Letting him know the truth wasn't part of the plan. But then neither was ...kissing him...and responding to him in that way. Kait shivered lightly as she remembered how Gabriel had touched her...kissed her...wanted her. And her want for him began to grow again. Gabriel felt it instantly in the web and leaned into her...looking into her eyes. His desire for her and passion reignited by her feelings of want for him. Looking into his eyes she gasp as his head lowered onto hers. Instantly the fires roared , burining her every where his skin touched hers, his fingers trailing heat across her cheek, down her neck...followed by his lips and tongue. Kait had never felt like this before...nor had Gabriel. And neither wanted it to stop.